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Naughty Nurse

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The doctor had a problem, with a patient. He thought she might feel more comfortable talking to me about. #Gaping

“So, what seems to be the problem,” I checked her sheet again, “Blaire?” I took her vitals, the usual height, weight, and started a file for her, but she was barely 11.

“Uh, I didn’t get a. Whatchamacallit, the cherry?” She held her knees together, demurely in the hospital gown. Put on backwards like a painting smock.

“Hymen.” I pulled the stool over, and adjusted the height.

“Yeah, that’s the one. I tried breaking it with my fingers, but I couldn’t find it.” She leaned back, against the propped up side of the examination table, and put her feet up. The stirrups were already turned around, as close together as possible, and set low.

“Huh, well.” She looked a little reddened, and inflamed. Then, her fingers felt around her buttocks, and pulled. Inching closer, and finally reaching her labia, to pull them apart.

“Snh?” There was a distinctive odor. Not at all unpleasant, just unexpected for an 11 year old.

“Well, you appear to have an annular one, would you like to see?” I turned to the monitor, but it came up with the blank grey pie wedge of the ultrasound. I Unplugged that, and switched to the endoscope.

“What’s that mean?”

“Annular? It means a ring, like an annular eclipse means that the moon isn’t close enough to completely cover the sun. So, it leaves a bright ring around it.”

“Oh,” she turned to look at the monitor, but I didn’t need the endoscope. I didn’t need to lube it up, either. She was already moist, and glistening, in full bloom.

I’d never seen a girl that young, and undeveloped, so visibly aroused before. “So, it’s those red bumps around the sides.”

“You satisfied?” I sat up, and tried not to breathe through my nose, but it was already in there.

“Well,” she giggled, and sat up, but brought her knees together. “Not really, I’m.” She leaned over and cupped her hands up around her mouth, to lower her voice. “Feeling really horny.”

“Yes,” I nodded, blinked, and shook my head.

“You’re not a doctor.”

“I’m a nurse, and surgical aide, but no. I’m not a doctor.” It’s a little hard to be offended, when it’s said so innocently.

“Well,” she looked around, “Does that mean you have to tell my mom, anything I tell you?”

“I can keep a secret.” I can’t share confidential medical information, but no. I’m not a child psychologist, specializing in precocious sexualization. So, technically she’s not covered by that, as far as I’m aware, but honestly? I’m dying of curiosity here, and it’s also blatantly clear that she needs someone to talk to.

She kept her voice down, but sat back. “Huh, I have a boyfriend, and he’s. Older.”

“How much older?”

“Fifteen?” She winced. Probably covering the fact that he’s older than that, and rounding it off to the nearest 5 years is also a clue that he’s probably a little older. Not to mention the minimum age of consent, even if he’s only 5 years older is at least 13 in this state.

“My mom, is a single mom, and I’m an only child, so she always got me a babysitter, and went out, on dates. Or, she got me to stay with friends, so she could have dates come over to our house, but.” She bit her lip. “Something came up. Spur of the moment, and I had to camp out in the back yard. So then, this couple came over with a strapon, for a threesome?”

I nodded, “Well, that’s. Not as odd as you might think, especially for a young divorcee.”

“Oh, she’s not that young. I bet she told you she’s only 28, but.” She leaned over to whisper. ‘she’s bisexual.’ Nodding.

I gathered that, so I nodded. “Hm.”

“The other 2 were younger.” She looked up at my face, “About your age, I guess.” Then back down at the front of my scrubs.

“Huh!” So I sat up, “Well, I.” Surprisingly flattered, “I’m sure you’ll find this hard to believe, but I am, actually 28.”

“Hm,” she nodded, “I guess lots of people are.” She shook her head, “But anyway, she found this young couple, and they were both so attracted to her. She just couldn’t pass up the chance. Have you ever done anything like that, before?”

“Well, I. Went to college.”

“With an older woman, with big fat 40 Ds.” She held her hands up, juggling the air in front of her chest, and broke down in giggles. “She can lick her nipples!”

“Well, no. Not exactly.”

“Oh, you like younger girls.”

“Well, I.” Never, before. Even when I was that young, yeah maybe when the other girls were starting to show, I had a little anatomical curiosity, but this is starting to feel very inappropriate. “Suppose, women a little closer to my age.”

“Oh, maybe I can get their number. I bet she’s got it somewhere. She had so much fun, she’s gonna want to do it again.”

“No, that’s quite all right, honestly. Huh!” I don’t have anyone to talk to about this, either. “It just didn’t work out, the way he wanted it to. Why don’t you tell me a little about this boyfriend of your’s?”

“Well,” she thought, and smiled. “He’s tall, and really gentle. Super mature, and most of all. In a word?” She looked down, so I nodded. “Patient, he’s incredibly patient, and that’s what I love the most about him, because I know we’re going to be together for years.” She nodded.

“Well, that kind of, hm. Man.” Using the term loosely here.

“Oh, I know. Trust me, my mom told me all about them, but he’s not like that.”

Right, “Like what?” He’s not like the other teenage child molesters.

“Well,” she thought, “You know, they act all nice, until they get what you want.” She looked down, “In your pants. Then you never hear from them again, but he still lives at home, and I know his sister. So, even if he does move away, I can find out where he lives.”

“Well, let’s just discuss what he’s done to you.” He’s probably facing some criminal charges, and jail time, a spot on the sex offender registry…

“Not enough? He does what he can, but you have to tell him to do everything, and.” She thought, “Is there anything I can take to make my bones loser?”

“Beg your pardon?” She assumed the position again, only this time she pointed down between her legs.

“My pelvis, it’s still just a little too tight, and I can stretch all I want, but he’s still just a little too big, but this is a baby doctor clinic, right?”

OB/GYN, I nodded. “Yes, but I’m not qualified to prescribe any medication,” and the way doctor Müller looked, when he came to get me. White as a sheet, as if he’d seen a ghost, and thought that might be a good look on him. “But as far as I know, there isn’t a pill for that.”

“Oh,” at least she put her legs back down, and stopped playing with herself, right in front of me. “So, how did it go differently, then he thought it would, in college?”

“Oh, my boyfriend at the time,” I waved it off, “He was one of those guys.”

She nodded, “Well, haven’t you ever felt even a little bi-curious? How do you know you won’t like it, unless you try it?” She giggled, “Like he’s trying to get you to eat broccoli.” Instead of pussy.

“How many boyfriends have you had all ready?”

“None, not counting this one. He’s my first, but he’s not like that at all.”

“I’m sure.”

“My mom just warned me about boys like that.”

“Well, I wish my mom had, but then when I finally gave in, huh!” I rolled my eyes, “I think it was just an excuse to go out with her, with my permission. ‘It’s not cheating if we share,’ he said.” She nodded, a remarkably good listener for her age. I’m a little less surprised that her mother confided in her. “Well, the math doesn’t add up with 2 girls, and a guy, because girls are multi-orgasmic.”

“Well, I’m not getting orgasms yet, but go on.” She nodded.

“So basically, at some point, far too soon he had to take a break. Which just left us to talk about him until he got back.”

She nodded, and sighed. “Yeah, that’s what the strapon is for.”

“Hm!” I shook my head. “Okay, now it’s your turn. So, what did you, and this, boy do?”

“Well, I really like oral. On him too, at least until my teeth get in the way, but.” She thought, back. “Oh! That’s what C sections are for!”

Among other things. One of the few surgeries I’m qualified to perform, in an emergency situation. I’m also a Nurse-Paramedic, or I was. I interned as a Nurse Paramedic, but it has to be so life threatening you won’t be able to get her, and the baby to a hospital. Or under a situation you wouldn’t be able to, like the ambulance getting in an accident.

I shook my head, “You said he was too big?”

“Oh yeah, like this big!” About 6″ but her eyes went wide, and she grinned, too. “And maybe this big around.”

So, about average, or the kind of teenager that likes little girls, because they make his dick look bigger.

“But I really like oral sex on me.” She assumed the position, and my lips felt so dry, I. Lets be honest, looked for an excuse for licking my lips, but I could only resist her seduction so long, and then there was the challenge.

It wasn’t the guys, that asked that. Haven’t you ever felt even a little bi-curious? No, it isn’t about that, so when I did have a boyfriend try that, I didn’t really bother trying to explain it to him for that long. I decided to show him, and it backfired. Sortof.

Now that I’ve had a little time to reflect, I’m going to file it under G for Good Riddance. I don’t need to go out with douchebags like that, and maybe having a truly bisexual girlfriend made it last a few more months, but his problem was he was a hedonist, and he just didn’t care about anything else. It was all just sex sex sex sex with him, and it was fun for a while. He was extremely good in bed, and he wanted to try all the positions, but at some point, you just run out of positions you haven’t tried yet, and he didn’t want another man in the picture.

That would be gay. It’s not gay if the swords don’t cross, or it’s not gay if you don’t look at the other man’s dick. Whatever, he used rationales like that, it’s not cheating if we share, but that doesn’t make me bisexual.

Doesn’t mean that I can’t perform cunnilingus, and I’m good at it, because I know the secret: It depends on her, I don’t know her all that well, but with my nose almost right in it, “SNHHHHHH!”

I just have to look up. Take an educated guess, from what I know about her, and what I know about girls that age. I highly doubt that she can get this aroused, and stink up the office this much, yet she’s physically incapable of orgasm? More likely, the boy that’s molesting her hasn’t figured it out yet, but there’s no magic button.

I avoided the clitoral area, because it’s microscopically tiny, basically a crumb of hood, which means that if you can find it, the nerve endings are so tightly packed that it’s probably uncomfortable to painful for direct contact. I felt down, further, and hardened the tip to a point, to penetrate her.

“Huh!” She just left her mouth hanging open, and let her cracked eyes shut, but I kept looking up at her face. “Huh!” She started hunching, reflexively, so I had to follow it, and wiggle my tongue deeper. It’s not like picking a lock, because you can feel the tumblers, through the picks. That’s more like using a dildo, but she pushed my button.

Just the right button, I guess the first girl that I heard that from, I can’t orgasm from oral was. Well, I forget her name, but we got into the dirty pictures, on the internet. Shortly before you could get anything more than just teaser videos, without paying for a subscription to a premium site, but at first it was just window shopping.

Girls wearing sexy clothes, and taking them off. Barely legal girls, but we weren’t even close to that age, maybe 12, or 13? Then, they got their clothes off, and got started on fingers, toys, and/or other girls, but there weren’t any boys in the picture, and we’re already down to our underwear. Hands inside our own panties, so those came down, and we just kind of watched each other for a while, but she was the first one I saw, right in front of me, stick her fingers in.

“Hhuhuh! You do that so good.” Blaire licked her lips, grinned, and then slowly let her jaw drop open, to breathe. Quietly, but she’s a fucker. I bet, just like what’s her name, on vacation in the Appalachians. Oh yeah, we drove out to see the leaves change, and mom was right, it was beautiful, but then we stayed at this rinky dink little lodge. On the blue ridge parkway, and I obviously wasn’t the first girl that little lesbo seduced, with dirty pictures on the internet.

Blue Ridge parkway, between Tennessee, and North Carolina. So she had one of those hillbilly names, and not the part of the country where you walked around with short hair, nails, and a checked shirt with the sleeves ripped off. There wasn’t a softball team, there wasn’t even a town, with a park, with a softball field, to cruise for gay girls, cause thereain’t no gays round hear. They ain’t welcome.

So, she was a girly girl, an almost over-the-top skirt, a notch below Drag Queen on the scale of female caricatures. The very buckle of the bible belt, and yeah. They had tomboys, lots of tomboys around, because there was nothing to do out there besides climb trees, stomp around in the woods, swim in the creek, and fish, but not her.

She didn’t own a pair of overalls, she couldn’t put her hair up in a pony tail, she bleached her hair blonde, rolled the bangs up in a coke can to hide her sexuality, and I fell for it.

Oh, well you know what I never got is, how girls likeat can even get off on nothing but’cher mouth.

Oh yeah? Just like a combination lock, you just have to know what buttons to press.

“Oh hu uhm!” She had to cover her mouth. “Snh! MH! RHIE!”

Yup, she’s a fucker. Just had to fuck her with my tongue. Long enough without stopping to try and stick a dick in it.

He’s patient you say?

Not patient enough.

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