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My brother and my dog

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My brother and my dog and me sleeping after a long day of work

Now what I look like is I have long black hair, I have a slim waist and CC cup breasts and I’m 18 oh ya and my parents were going to a friend’s house for the week.

My dog’s breed is a German Shepherd and he’s never had sex since birth.

One night I was sleeping and I was completely out from doing a day’s worth of doing chores and work so I was just dead on my bed face in my pillow by butt was in the air cause I was comfortable like that and my brother walked in the room and saw me there, he called our dog in and carefully took my shorts and panties off and got the dog to fuck me I woke up to a massive dick sliding in me extremely fast and not going to lie I was enjoying it but it felt like I was getting split apart but then I felt something big enter my pussy it was his knot. I felt his penis enter my womb and sprayed his cum all in me and it felt awesome then after his knot got deflated my brother turned me around and started fucking me and I was trying to stop but I couldn’t and his dick enters my womb as well and started to cum in me and I was afraid of getting pregnant and well he got a butt plug for this moment apparently and shoved it in me and got it stuck in me then after a couple of nights later he removed it and a lot of cum come out of me a mix of hi and my dogs then a few weeks passed and I missed my period so I figured he did get me pregnant. A few more months past I started to throw up more and my I looked like I was 4 months pregnant and 5 more months and I gave birth to a baby boy and well his father is my brother.

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  • Reply 058 ID:5u0zm6yzra

    Sounds fun !!!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:14s76le8d99

    I want an update! This is sexy! Let’s talk ;D

  • Reply Bitch ID:biumk9qm

    Yes that happened to me too, I am fucking my son now too 😉

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      HOT. There’s nothing like a K9 knot and becoming pregnant by a family member

    • Ella ID:rz5vjb0c

      Seriously 😳

  • Reply NUNYA ID:3055f5ozrb

    Tomas tell us more.

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365nthj

    Awesome story… I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties..
    814 319 8624

  • Reply Tomas ID:5u100ta7qj

    The first time I had sex was with my drunk mother. She was so drunk she never woke up and the next day she didn’t say anything about me having sex with her. This is a true story about how I had sex for the first time with my totally unaware drunk mother

    • Frank ID:85e7tnqm

      I’d like to meet your mother

  • Reply a ID:4kebu0m9b

    kik scunnid