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Kari and Tara by Angryafricanbusdriver

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Again this is from another author and it’s a short yet amazing story from Angryafricanbusdriver. I hope you enjoy this Fox’s gaping pussy.

Kari and Tara are roommates in Beck’s university; Kari is a 18 year old, 6 foot tall Vixen with dirty blonde hair. Tara is also 18 years old, she is an artic fox with jet black hair, she’s not fat but has fantastic curves. Kari is an open bisexual but lately she has noticed certain hints that Tara has been showing, such as dressing erotically to impress Kari. Kari was certain that at some boring nights, she could of defiantly lost her virginity to Tara by the signs she was showing.

Kari rushed out of Ann Summers; she was desperate to get home. She was willing to use any method of transport just to get back to her dorm and try out her new 12″ strap on, she giggled to herself “wouldn’t it be fun to use this on Tara, I bet she could take it!” her tail wagged in excitement of this fantasy. After a bus journey that seemed like an eternity Kari finally stepped up towards the door, she was in luck, today Tara was going out for a cosplay convention, Kari wasn’t really into the whole anime thing but she sometimes wondered what Tara would look like in a costume… She pressed her ear to the door, she could her Tara desperately flustering around making sure she had everything before she left, “perfect timing” Kari said to herself a broad grin came across her face. She pushed her key through the door, it clicked and the door opened, she poked her snout through, Tara wasn’t in sight, “she must be in the bathroom ” Kari once again thought. She made a dash towards her bedroom, it was successful Tara didn’t see her with her precious cargo. Horridly Kari opened up the draw underneath her bed, lifted up the various clothes in the draw and stuffed the box underneath. “Kari!? Kari was that you?” Kari whirled round, Tara was standing there, in a tight black and white corset and a black tutu, Kari was surprised Tara had even dyed her fur black, she was almost completely black with red highlights “What are you doing down there?” Tara said with a smirk “Oh nothing, just looking at the new clothes I just got from H&M” Kari replied whilst getting to her feet. “Anyway listen, im going to that cosplay event now, i don’t know what time I’ll be back so don’t hold up ok? Tara said with her hands over hips “ok yeah sure! Have fun” Kari replied eagerly. Tara walked out the room and made for the door, Kari wasn’t looking but heard the door click and then creak. Just before it closed Tara’s voice sounded once again “Oh yeah! I can’t find my phone, can you look out for it?” “Oh yeah sure!” Kari called. The door shut, Kari was now alone with this monster dildo now waiting to be used. Her ears perked up, her tail wagged and her fur was on ends, she was on heat.

Hurriedly Kari ripped open the draw, she threw the clothes over her shoulder to reveal the box, such a simple box, but inside it could hold such pleasures. Kari fumbled opening the box, she tore through it to reveal a massive 12″ bright purple dildo, her eyes light up with pure delight and her long tongue lolled out of her mouth. She stripped down to her stockings to reveal her absolutely monster breasts, constantly groped and eyed up by men (James), it always sickened her. It was as though these two melon sized tits were a curse, she had to specially order bra’s as none of the shops stocked sizes big enough and she was always having back pains because of the huge load on her chest. Kari squatted with the monster dildo beneath her, she figured that with her whole body weight on it it would go in much easier without too much force. She sat on it, dropping her weight. It wouldn’t go in, it just bent. She stared at the dildo in bewilderment, was it too big? No possibly not she wasn’t tight. She took a long look at it and thought “what’s missing?” Of course! Lube! Kari rushed out of the room and into the bathroom, she opened up the closet above the sink, there it was standing on the bottom shelf, the case of Vaseline, she grabbed it and slipped back into the room. She dug her finger into the Vaseline and took out a big lump and slowly started sliding her hand up and down the dildo, she started to use two hands ad eventually the whole dildo was covered in the substance, Kari could tell it would be easy to fit in now. For the second time she squatted over the dildo again, she looked down past her rear at it; it was begging to be sat on, just begging to be inserted in to her wet, warm cunt. She lowered herself, she felt the first of the dildo slide into her pussy, a tingle went through her body, Kari felt herself blush. She slid the dildo up further, she was no past the bell end and was sliding down further, there was now a feeling of intense pleasure going through hr body, she began to stroke her clitoris, all she could think of at this time was Tara. She then slid even further down the dildo, she began to squirt pussy juice out onto the bead sheets, she felt so dirty. Now there was only a few more inches separating her from the end of the dildo, she was determined to ram the whole twelve inches into herself. With one final push the rest of the dildo was swallowed into her now gaping cunt “AHHHHHH FUCK!” Kari wailed into the air. She rolled onto her back, she grinned at the thought that the whole twelve inches was now inside her body. But the best part hadn’t even started yet, she now had to get the dildo out of herself, which was far more enjoyable than getting in it in herself. “Ooooh I can tell im going to enjoy this” Kari thought. With an expression of scrutiny on her face Kari began to push, with a wet squelching sound and with a large amount of pussy juice released the first of the dildo slowly began to emerge, Kari had a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face. Slowly sliding out like a snake bit by bit the dildo slowly emerged and finally taking out even more juice it finally fell out with another loud squelching sound. Kari looked down at her spread out legs, her pussy was absolutely gaping, it was about five inches wide even Kari herself was a little bit shocked “Oh my” she gasped ” I never thought it would get this big! And I’m still a Virgin! But still, this just means I can fit more in.” She looked further down, there was the dildo lying there on the now soaking wet bead sheets, Kari was just about to bend down when she looked up, there was Tara standing there in the doorway with a look of astonishment on her face

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