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Gloryhole surprise pt3

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You fucked bonnie I blurted out a bit to loud, shhhhh shut up dad snarled back at me, when why how, my mouth couldn’t keep up with my head, shes fucking 10 how is that even possible I whispered angrly you can only just fit into me, we have been……then my mum walked in cutting him mid sentence, whats going on here she asks, nothing just asking daddy who he loves more, me you or bonnie, giving him a sarcastic look, ahhh mum says he loves us all the same now get to bed as me and your dad are having a early night, yuk I shout out and walk off before stopping at dad’s ear saying guess she’s right you do love us all the same in a bit of a nasty tone,  and which one of us you gonna be thinking of tonight then and walked off.

Lying in bed a hr passes and my head is none the clearer, trying to picture it and it seemed impossible and they are always happy laughy and jokey with each other all the time, then all of a sudden my phone beeps its a message from dad, why the hell is he texting me, i open it and it reads offer to come shopping with me tomorrow we need to talk.

I just send back OK,

Beeps again this time says it will be you im thinking about tonight x.

Just like that I hear mum breath out loudly, knowing how it took my breath when he goes inside me, i knew exactly how she was feeling. I lay there replaying the message that he is thinking about me as i hear them fucking and feel my self get a little wet, I reach for my hairbrush and pull my now damp panties off, i push the hairbrush inside me, trying to match the pace I can hear from next door I close my eyes realising how much bigger my dad was compared to my brush but still imagin he is fucking me, im sure he is being extra loud tonight so i can hear him, with that he groans so loud announcing he is cumming, me remembering the feeling when he was filling me with his hot sticky cum sends me over the edge and I cum so hard, trying to catch my breath i was like wow all 3 of us cum at the same time i giggled to myself and ahhh poor bonnie, why did I even think that and drifted off you a satisfied sleep.

Its 8am when I head down stairs mums cleaning the kitchen and bonnie is sitting on dads lap while they watch somthing on his phone, oh your up he says im going shopping in a bit is there anything you need, oh can I come i say loud enough for everyone to hear, yeah if you want he says back, with that bonnie starts bouncing up and down on dads lap and wiggling her butt on him saying can I come to please daddy, he lifts her off his lap visible boner and says no baby you can come next time, i tell him im gonna shower quick then ill be ready and as i walk out he lifts his fingers to his nose, has he been fingering bonnie with mum and myself in the same room I start thinking, no surely not im being paranoid, but I wasnt.

We are barely away from the house in the car when I start,  looking back I know now it was jealousy, so when did you fuck i say, its not like that he says to me, we love each other, well obviously your our dad i say, no he says we are lovers we are in a relationship together, what the fuck i shout, lovers her favourite food changes daily she dont even know what love is she is ten.

When did it start i ask quietly now, its never really started he explains just kinda always been there, oral and fingers amd touching each other as far back as I can remember, sex tho the first time was about a year ago, no fucking way I shout, thats impossible,  its not, he thought it would never work as well but lots of oral and gentle it finally happend, remember that day I took her to work with me and when we came home that evening she had a tummy ach and slept in with me and mum, yeah i say i do remeber that day for some odd reason,  he explains it was a day off work he got a hotel room for them for the day they had planned it for a few weeks, and thats the first time we made love properly and have been ever since.

I sat there in silence and disbelief, does mum know I ask, NO he snaps,

When did you last have sex, yesterday morning while everyone was asleep, like I said its a relationship, we arrive at the store i feel weirdly damp and confused, angry, upset, annoyed, and jealous,  I hated the feeling. The shopping went as normal had a few laughs together and it was the drive home I was kinda getting used to the idea, so who’s better i said? Me mum or bonnie, well your both  better then your mum but you and bonnie its so different, he goes on with bonnie is quite used to it now wheres you are still new to it.

You going to fuck her today I ask, we are going to have sex today yes he responded, we do virtully everyday, what about me i ask softly, babe its hard enough keeping your mum happy when I’ve been with bonnie let alone all 3 of you, well thats not fair i say if they get you today I want to aswell, if we carry on I can help keep mum out the way for you both when you do it, I ask him if he is going to tell bonnie that I know he says not straight away but will do in time, mums at aunti Tina’s tonight right its Saturday I pipe up, yep thats right he says, in that case after bonnie i want you, I tell him.

I kept watching dad and bonnie together through the day and it was soo obvious now,  how did I not see it before, the occasional grope when they thought no ones looking, im sure I see her sucking him as I walked down the stairs from my room and im pretty certain that while they were cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket that he was doing things to her, mums sitting a few meters away how she not seeing what I am, she keeps licking her lips and its obvious he has his fingers down there on her, then a little movement and see her eyes clench shut before opening wide, my god he has put his cock inside her while me and mum are right here, I storm to my room dad notices I know but carries on.

A little while later I get called to dinner, up the table eating is dad and bonnie and myself, mum kisses us all goodbuy and tells us to be good for daddy, i see him smirk.

Bonnie finished her dinner first and asks dad if he can help her with her home work in her room, he says yeah and to go up and he will be up in a bit Ellie just wants to talk to me. As she leaves I say to him is this were your gonna go have sex, we are he replys, in that case leave the door slightly open i want proof and to see it for my self and you are to come in my room straight after, ok I will he said heading up stairs, i follow him up and hide at the door peering in, as soon as he sits on her bed they start passionately kissing, they lay down on her bed side by side when i see she is already totally naked, from where she is laying i have a perfect view of her little body from where im crouched, seeing her tiny pussy between her legs as she opens them slightly i can’t help but think there us no way they have sex properly., she is laying on her back legs slightly open and my dad next to her on his side, there still deeply kissing as he softly runs his all over her flat chest, i was surprised how much her little nipples poked out, he moved his head down to start sucking and licking her little nipples as his hand then slid between her legs, she opened them more and i can now see it clear as ever, wow she even gets wet i think as im watching her, she is definitely enjoying her self as the little noises she is making is soo sweet.

He moves to kneel on the bed by her face and pulls his bottoms down, and there it is his massive cock hanging there infront of my baby sisters face, it looks even bigger as she instinctively wraps both her tiny hands round it and guides it to her mouth licking and kissing his big round purple helmet, she stops and asks where Ellie is, thats me, he told her I’d gone to the shop so have to be quick, she sighed and said she can’t wait for next week when they get to spend the whole day and night in bed togther.

I sit and think, next week, then realised dad has to go away for work for the night next week and I remeber him telling my mum he can take bonnie with him. Work was obviously a lie to have a night away together.

Sitting with my legs crossed staring at her little pussy being played with while she is enjoying dads cock like its the best ice cream she has ever had, he pulls his cock from her mouth, bends over kisses her on the lips then makes his way down her tight body untill his face dissappears between her legs, she let out a satisfying moan as he starts to use his tongue and mouth all over her pussy, i hear her murmer daddy I love you so much, between her moans of pleasure, he climbs off her and lays in his back on the bed, bonnie quickly clinbed ontop of him and u see her reach between her legs and start to rub his cock up and down her slit making it nice and wet, she then sits up lines it up with her hole and slowly eases her self down onto it. omg its actually going in, i can’t belve it, she is sitting on it fully inside her, i hear her exhale a breath as she reaches his ball, he pulls her chest to chest and started to hammer fast and hard into her pussy, i see her little body stiffen and shake, she let’s out a loud cry, christ he just made her cum, i noticed my fingers working them self over and in my soaking wet pussy nearly cumming my self but I stop myself thinking I want that cock to make me cum not my fingers, just as he let’s out a moan, i see his cock fully inside and his balls twitching pumping load after load inside her, he seemed to cum for ages.

I run down stairs open and slam the front door as I remember dad saying I’d gone to the shop, I head straight up stairs looking for them and went to bonnies room  there they both are sitting there chatting and obviously sweating, whats going on here i ask them, nothing dad says we were just playfighting, bonnies going to jump in the shower now before bed he says to me, as she gets up i see a obvious wet patch from where she was sitting, she see it as well and looks at me seeing that i had seen it and quickly covered it up and walks to the bathroom not saying anything.

I walk towards dad sitting on his lap facing him and say to him my turn wiggling my wet pussy and ass on to his soft but bulging cock.

I cant right now babe I’ve just cum he says, later i promise, you’ve got till mum comes home so only a few hours left, i want it tonight and I mean it, i head down stairs to the front room as dad follows sitting there looking well satisfied and smiling.

Didn’t you already have sex earlier i ask him, when you was at the table and watching tv,

She likes to sit on my lap and have me play with her in the mornings, but mum was right there i say to him, she likes it that way more exciting he says, and on the sofa I ask, it wasn’t proper sex he said, she likes to lay there watching a film with me inside her, because of my size it just stays deep wedged inside, even when it goes soft so thats all really.

I just watched you cum what looked like bucket loads into her, what about pregnancy i ask worried, she hasn’t started her period yet so we ok at the moment, you could get her pregnant before she even starts i tell him, i know and I do worry sometimes he admits but the feeling as I cum inside her is amazing, I squirm pushing my pussy in to the sofa loving the wetness and pressure, this is my baby sister and dad im fantasizing over i think to my self, its not right.

Bonnie comes down and snuggles with dad on the sofa i notice under her long nighty that she has no panties on and catch a glimpse now and again of her pussy, it looks red and slightly swollen and im sure i see some more of dads cum leaking from her, everytime i pretend to go to the toilet or get a drink i sneakily see them making out with each other. Right im going to bed bonnie says out of nowhere, can I have a hug first daddy she says and climbs onto his lap covering herself with a blanket, she moves around slightly before wrapping her arms tight around him and her eyes clench and roll back slightly, fuck sake I think, its my turn and she’s got his cock inside her with me right here, she sits on him for a few minutes then jumps off covering him back up kisses him on the cheek and says night daddy I love you, i stare at her as she walks off her giving me a dirty look back, bitch I think.

We got about 1 to 2 hrs before mum gets home i say to him…………….

Shall i carry on??

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  • Reply Panda ID:371puhd9k

    Part 4 please

  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6ia

    Your dad is lying he loves your little sister most he loves stuffing his huge adult cock all the way up her tiny hairless child pussy all day long he probably first fucked her when she was 9 her still being so tiny and young he stuffed his huge adult cock all the way up her tiny hairless child pussy stretching it beyond all decencey and her saying how much she loved him and asking if he loved her most

    • Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

      I agree. Mine was 7. I was told it wasn’t possible but with enough time and patience we proved them wrong. She loves the attention.

  • Reply Mark87 ID:1dxmrli499

    Nice stories
    Can we talk on kik

  • Reply Sean ID:vuf1mlhl

    This is some really fucked up shit! When did porn become so incest obsessed? Five years ago it wasn’t like this at all but nowadays you can’t even avoid it because it is so prevalent. I guess the inbreeding would explain how hopelessly stupid the average human seems to be nowadays. It is just sick and you people are gross.

    • MOS8541 ID:vuf1ml8i

      so you like reading it too i see,

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      @Sean, porn didn’t become so incest obsessed, all of a sudden. I mean, I’ve been watching “Stepsister/stepdaughter” videos on freesites since the Dirty Daughter days. Just to give you some idea, we’re talking Angelfire, AoL, and Myspace. Before Facebook was a thing. It’s always been a taboo, and taboos have always spiced up regular sex fantasies. Also, incest is easy to write. You don’t have to go out, and meet a boy, or get to know him, if you grew up with him. That saves a lot of long walks on the beach, and dialog.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7ita6zl

      The average human has A lower IQ but it is NOT due to inner breeding. IT’S fucking The British Empire, Multinational Corporations, Corporate America and Our Lovely Government’s sorry ass influence on people being so fucking gullible and ignorant. they buy into their Corporate control being obsessed with everything they dish out convincing these morons they need these crappy products in there dull boring pathetic lives.
      Sex is Sex and is a natural biological function that is hard wired into every human being. Just because “YOU” find it revolting doesn’t mean everyone else does. it is natural breeding whether you like it or not. Family bonds are strong and the love is already their so why not go with it if both parties agree to it.

      Just because some sick Government official that rapes boys behind closed doors passed a law saying it is illegal to completely self serving and controlling. I fucked my neighbors Daughter and fucking loved it and even though her mother is but ugly, I fucked her two.
      Human’s love sex, WHY?, because we were programed through DNA to love it.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:c35f4mzl

    Yes! Continue! Does your dad want a real relationship with Bonnie?

    • Anonymous ID:c35f4mzl

      And not with you? (I didn’t finish my last comment)

  • Reply Anonymous ID:43yhenu8j

    I’ve been following this story from the beginning and can’t stop re reading them. You have such an amazing story. I would really appreciate you if you continued to write.

  • Reply Wwldfsskw ID:74ur282b0j

    Wtf…. This is paedophilia……………

    • MOS8541 ID:vuf1ml8i

      i see you like reading it too! i mean you FOUND this porn site..rite!?

    • Gonzo ID:fx7ita6zl

      NO dude it is sex. Stupid people in charge called it Pedophilia to make it sound horrible.
      Sex is Sex that’s it. WHY in hell did you read it then run your mouth. JUST DON”T READ IT AND GO TO THE CHRISTIAN SITE it’s that simple dude.

  • Reply STRIKER ID:mzge5is8

    This is actually pretty cool, I’m really enjoying this so far. And you’re an exceptionally good writer 🙂

  • Reply Squirt ID:4cl6a3yim9d

    Sweet little Bonnie taking daddys cock like a good girl too bad he doesn’t fuck you both at the same time I would

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:8k4dces6i9

    Yes continue please. It may sound sick you but I use to think the same. When a man slides into a young willing pussy it is one of the best feelings in the world. I found out after the time I awakened with my 9year old great granddaughter had her lips wrapped around my dick sucking for dear life.

    Snapchat Cumgulper 1.

  • Reply AP ID:h811dke42

    Please continue & don’t spare the details. You are a great writer and many want to hear not only what happened and what you thought but how it felt, too.
    It would be interesting if your sister wanted to write & share her story and experience from her perspective, too.
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I hope it’s as much fun for you to share this it is for us to read.

  • Reply Mr.die ID:1b3zm2a520i

    Yea continue

  • Reply user8383 ID:pvnbttv9k

    Can u tell us any more experiences u had in the glory hole or things you’ve seen?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:21z0zywthk

    Have you and your little sister, fucked your dad together?

    • Crystal ID:55x32dm9k

      Once together and once on our own

  • Reply anonymous ID:pvnbttv9k

    have u ever gone back to the glory hole?

    • Crystal ID:55x32dm9k

      It’s gone now