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Gloryhole surprise pt2

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I woke about 1am to the sounds of mum and dad having sex, but the sounds they were both making it was good, I slid my hand into my panites and held my still sensitive pussy that was still slightly sticky from the remains of my dads cum, I remembered the feeling of him inside me so knew exactly how mum my was feeling and wounderd if my dad was thinking about me, i heard them both cum as I drifted back off to sleep.

Midday I wake up and notice a little box posted under my bedroom door with a note round it, it said take one now and the other in 4hrs, thats all it said.

I went and made a glass of water and see a note on the side from mum saying she has gone with my sister to my auntie’s for the day and will be back about 10pm tonight but dad will be home about 1pm but there’s food to sort our own dinner out.

Its now 12:30 so dad will be home soon i thought. I felt really nervous as to how he will be around me.

I jumped in the shower surprised to see how messy my panties were, i thought I’d got rid of most of the cum when I showerd yesterday, he must have cum loads and deep as they were a state.

I dried off wrapped a towel round me and headed to the kitchen to make some food, dad came walking in to the kitchen and i jumped, sorry didn’t mean to scare you dad said, its OK I didn’t hear you come in I said, he didn’t look at me but while making a coffee he said did you take the pills I just said yeah gotta take the other one in a few hours as not been up long, thats good he said, he then says he is going to jump in the shower quick then we need to have a chat sure dad i say chirpy as we walks out the his room.

I went and put on a long t-shirt, no underwear and no that wasn’t because I wanted to start anything off again just felt uncomfortable wearing them after yesterday, little sensitive still.

Dad came through to the front room in his pj bottoms and tshirt sat down, was quiet for a minute then said why was you at the toilets yesterday when I’ve told you there not a nice place and to never go there. I just said I’d herd loads about that place and was curious so checked it out, was yesterday your first time in there he asked, no I replied I went the day before and yesterday that was it, what happend the day before he asked awkwardly, only oral I replied, he looked shocked and said I really shouldn’t go there its not right for a girl.

I switched it round on him and said so how long you been cheating on mum, i dont cheat on your mum he said, erm dad we had sex yesterday and that’s cheating, dont say that he said it was wrong and shouldn’t of happened, I just shrugged and said well i enjoyed it plus I’m old enough and you got me the pill so no harm done, plus I heard you and mum last night and you both sounded like you were enjoying yourselves i laughed, stop it he said looking a little embarrassed with a slight smile.

So I ask him how long you been going there, about once every couple of weeks for the past couple of years he tells me, he explains he dont like cheating and feels bad after as he really loves my mum but can’t help the thrill of uncomplicated sex.

I get that as after my 2 visits im hooked and cant wait to go back.

After a few moments silence  I asked him if it was good for him, he confidently said other then my mum I was the best he ever had and thats why he gave me his buisness card and thats somthing he never done before, he asked when I realised it was him and I said not till he gave me his business card after we finnished.

I break the silence again as say so was you thinking about me whilst with mum last night, im not aswering that he said thats a yes then I say with a giggle.

Oh my god he says, i just remembered I went down on you yesterday as well, that was my first time having that done I tell him and it fealt really good, yeah you mum likes it when i do that to her he said squirming uncomfortably seeing a bulge start to appear in his pj’s.

I get up and walk past him saying I’m gonna lay down for a bit, you can join me if you like and walk off.

15 minutes pass amd there is a knock and my door opens, did you mean that he says standing in my door way, mean what I ask? Don’t play games he said you kniw what, oh round 2 I say,  why not we done it once already I giggled.

We can’t its wrong he said, well I enjoyed it you said you enjoyed it, ive taken one of the pills and have one more to take so I’m safe, mum and sister aren’t home for hours so why not, i can always go back to the toilets if you don’t want to.

Please promise me you will nver go back there it can be dangerous he said, I say I promise if you promise not to go again and show me what you was doing with mum last night that had her making that much noise.

He closes the door and sits on my bed, are you sure you want to do this? Again why not no one will know and looking at your pj’s sticking up you want to, i close my eyes and lay back on my bed.

After a moment I feel the cool air as he pulls my cover off me as i lay there, im laying there eyes still closed as he starts rubbing my leg slowly up until is fingers brush against my uncoverd vagina, i shiver a little and tell him to go easy as yesterday was my second ever time and first time with somthing that big and im still a little tender down there, he just murmers ok, i open my eyes slightly to see just as his head goes down and starts to lick me, the feeling of his tounge all over my pussy and poking inside it felt like heaven and it wasn’t long before my legs started shaking and he kissed his way up my body until his mouth was buried into my neck and felt his hard lump pushing against my vagina,

I opened my legs wider amd felt my vagina open and his cock found my entrance, he held my face and looked into my eyes as he pushed him self inside me,we spent a good hour if not longer having passionate sex, I came twice and my dad filled me with his cum again.

The rest of the day was like normal, we didn’t talk about it just had dinner and chatted as normal till mum and my sister got home.

I woke the next morning with the worst tummy ache and had stsrted bleeding I went to my dad and told him we are safe as I’ve come on, he just said thats good and kissed me on my head.

3 weeks pass and dad tells us all he has a early start at work so will be leaving early again, i had my suspicions so after he left I told my I was going running and ran to the road by the toilest and yep there was dads car but no one in sight, after about 10 mins I see him walk out and back to the car then another man followed out behind him, i was shocked is my dad gay I was thinking.

Fuck it I thought he is still going there so so am I and tomorrow morning im going back there.

After dinner I said to dad i saw him this morning and was pissed off as we both promised to stop going and asked why there was a man there, he said he is bi and sex for him is sex not fussed who it is, i tell him I’m going tomorrow, he begged me not, i said he had to fuck me tonight then if he don’t want me to, he said he would but can’t as mum and my sister are home amd its 8pm already, with that mum called out asking if anyone needs the toilet as she is about to give my sister a bath, i say nows your chance.

With that he spins me round pulls my leggings and panties down bends me over the table and furiously fucks me,  didnt take long before he was pumping me full of his cum again, we heard the door open up stairs and as i bent to pull my panties up some of his cum leaked out of me onto the floor, mum came over to the table noticing the floor was a little wet, sorry dear dad said I spilt my coffee, felt weird watching my mum cleaning dads cum off the floor that had come out of me.

4 weeks later inwas in terrible stomach pain, mum had taken me to the doctors, i tested positive for chlamydia, i told mum about the one time with the boy in the park, she wasn’t happy about it but we talked, she said she won’t tell dad as its private,  my head was spinning i explaind to dad later that day that I’ve got chlamydia, he stated going mental and i told him he was the only guy ive slept with 3 times now so its him I caught it from, he said if i have it then he has it and also mum will have it.

Now mum isn’t the brightest woman so made a story up and a fake web page explaining it is highly contagious and can be spread through bath towels, she brough it unbelievably and we all came back positve for it, we all took our pills and thought thats it we promised not to do anything with each other again and if we go to the glory hole to use condoms.

The next few days dad still seemed really nervous and worried, I sat with him that night and said whats wrong he said its just this chlamydia thing, i tell him we are OK we have all taken medication and mum brough the fake story so let’s just forget about it,

He then says bonnie my little sister could have it. My mouth hit the floor. My 10yo sister….

Part 3 anyone?

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    Part 3 started, should be up tonight. Do you want it from my sisters perspective or my dads?

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