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Girls’ Night (Out)

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I told Barry, “I’m going to check on the girls.” #CfNm #Femdom #Homophobia

My daughter, Marcie. She had some friends over, but I didn’t know who the boy was. I didn’t even know he was there, until I opened the door, and heard her say: “Lick my ass, yeah. Lick it out real good. Stick your tongue in it, and everything. Deeper.”

Barry got up as soon as he heard that, but I peeked over the railing, where they had the Ottoman pulled out. A boy lay down on it, and Marcie was sitting on his face. Turned around, so I could see his tongue flick out, and touch her tight butthole.

The girls on the sectional giggled, and whispered to each other, while Barry came up behind me, and asked ‘what should we do?’ in a low whisper.

I shook my head, and shrugged. What can we do? Her mother probably wouldn’t like her playing sex games, but I noticed the TV was on, and paused. I recognized a scene from The Boys, with PopClaw, and her landlord.

“Now sit on his dick.” Already popping a tent in his pants.

“Yeah, we dare you.”

“Huh,” Marcy stood up, and let her skirt fall back down. Shaking her head, she turned around. “It’s your turn,” she points, “Why don’t you put it in your mouth?”

“Okay,” Gwen got up, and held her hands up, holding back giggles, she shook her head, but looked around. “I can do this.” She looked around, and got down. Started unbuttoning his pants, but when I said that they let a boy into the loft, I mean I could tell, he was enjoying it.

He pulled his head up with both arms, and I backed up. Barry’s shorts bumped into my buttock, but he backed away too.

‘I think she saw us,’ he whispered. ‘your daughter. She smiled, and nodded up at me.’ Honestly, he looked a little afraid when he said that, in hushed whispers. I could see it in his eyes.

‘Huh,’ I felt back, ‘You enjoying the show?’ I just sucked him off.

“You really like that butt stuff,” her friend, Lucy tried to keep her voice down.

Then Gwen sat up, and looked back. Said “There,” over her shoulder.

“It doesn’t count if it isn’t hard.”

“Well” the boy said, “Why don’t you get it hard again for me, Lucy?”

“Shut up,” they all said “Boys should be seen, and not heard.” In unison.

‘What’s his name?’ I turned back to Barry, but he felt around my hip. I had seen him around the condos, going in and out of, ‘The Johnson’s, son.’ That sounded silly.

“Rick, I think.” He felt my boner through my short. “Maybe Dick? You’re enjoying the show, too.” He kissed me, before I got a chance to shush him, but he’d just sucked me off too. I just had a great orgasm, not 5 minutes ago, and already, I felt it throbbing in his strong, rough fingers again.

“You really like the butt stuff, huh?” Gwen didn’t bother lowering her voice, repeating Lucy’s question.

“Yeah, like my dads.”

“Uh!” Barry rolled his eyes, and shook his head. He hates that, and I can just hear him in my head. That’s so cliche’! Yeah, we’re gay. We met in a support group for LGBT divorcees, and really connected, but we’re both. Well neither one of us is really into, “The butt stuff,” as her friends put it.

We both tried it, with previous lovers. Even my ex wife, Marcy’s mother tried convince me that if she was gentle, and did it right. She liked anal, a lot, and we had our threesomes. Trying to make it work, for the kids, but that was honestly one of the things that drove us apart. That, and I was gay. 100% homosexual, but I wanted to be a father, and she knew that, before we’re even married. I told her before we even got engaged.

She even enjoyed double penetration, and mostly tried to satisfy herself with her sex toys, but good luck with that. She was insatiable, but now she expected our eldest to be a good girl, chaste, and asexual?

It’s just uncomfortable. When it’s not downright painful, and disgusting. Being gay, and even having a nice ass doesn’t mean you have to stick things that don’t belong there, and pretend to be the girl, but I didn’t always know that. I tried it, I tried to like it too, but I tried being a husband, for a sex starved nymphomaniac too, but it didn’t work out.

That’s something that we had in common. Barry and I agreed on, before we remarried. In the most childish of terms: No butt stuff. Well, no Anal Penetration, to be more specific. I don’t mind his hand rubbing the back of my shorts, or the other rubbing the front, even hugging me from behind, until he gets hard again.

“Uhfuck.” The boy let his head fall back. “Ohhh, Cindy, Huh!” He hunched, and pushed her head off. “Stop, stop.” He called Lucinda Cindy, instead of Lucy, huh?

She wiped her mouth, grinning, and got back up. “Too bad.” She looked up, “Your dads are so gay, or we’d have some real dicks to suck.”

“Huh!” Barry rolled his eyes, and stepped out to the railing. “All right girls, that’s enough. Untie him, and let him go. Say good night, Rick.”

“Good night, dad.” He zipped his pants up, as soon as they unhooked the bungies around his arms.

He looked back at me, and I mouthed, ‘dad?’ silently. He nodded, and for the first time I regretted him being so closed about his life. His first marriage before me, the ex wife, and kids, but I knew that he had children with her too. A son, just not how old, or where he lived.

He waited until we got back in our room, and the erections went right away, but he shut the door. “He took it badly, when my wife outed me, to get back at me for cheating on her. Huh, he went through this.” He rolled his eyes, “Homophobic phase, and he didn’t want to see me.”

He rolls his eyes a lot, and it used to annoy me, until I realized it was just Barry. How he expressed himself, and even what it ment, emotionally when he did it. It’s just so frustrating, especially before we found each other, he wasn’t very happy. Living a lie, mostly for his father, uncles, and brothers, who never outgrew their homophobic phase. So, he must have been so worried that he’d take after them, instead of him.

“Huh, I’m probably going to have to have a talk to him, about CFNM Femdom.”

“Which is?”

“Porn, probably. Straight porn.”

“Uh!” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Wait, Dick Johnson?” That’s a porn name if I ever heard one.

He grinned, “She took her maiden name back, along with the kids.”

I never really got into straight porn, he knows that. I told him my wife found my Playgirls, and that’s how she found out, when we’re dating. I loved her, just not for her body, you understand. “Clothed Female, Nude Male, and Femdom is.”

“Female domination.” I guessed. That’s what my wife was trying to do, why her eyes lit up when I admitted that I was gay. Before I proposed to her, she thought that ment that she could sodomize me. I just didn’t know it at the time, but I married a Top, and 2 Tops just don’t work.
In a long term relationship, you just fight over the Top until it breaks down, but being homo certainly didn’t help. Her bisexual lovers wanting to sodomize me too, certainly didn’t help.

“Huh, I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea, when they moved into the condos across from us. Technically, they’re step brother, and step sister.”

“You think that’s part of the, fetish?” I’d read more than enough step-brother, or step-dad stories to know, that’s a fetish. Not to mention all the guys that just straight up call their lovers Daddy. Of course, the bondage, and dressing up like Popclaw, without the claws, or the underpants was a dead giveaway.

“Who knows? We’ll probably have to have a talk with both of them.” He hugged me, “Together.” Kissed me. “As a family.”


Girls Talk (fff Anonymous)

“Uh, you guys are so gay.” As soon as he put Little Ricky away, and left. The girls got all PDA, because they didn’t have to try to hide it any more.

Well, they didn’t hide it very well, but I couldn’t help giggling. “You sure didn’t suck Dick like a Lezzy.”

“Marcia? Stop.”

“Well, that’s the whole point of Sex Dare. To expand your horizons, and see if you might like something you never tried before.” I nodded.

“I know, I told You that!”

“Yeah, just to get in my pants.” But then, I set them up with each other. Because they both tried to make me bi-curious, instead of focusing on each other, and what is it about me that attracts all the closeted lesbos at school, anyways? Is there a sign on my back? Well, now I’m glad that’s out of the way, so we can all be friends again.

“Well, you sure seemed to enjoy it.”

“You didn’t.”

She shook her head, and made a face. “Huh, it was kinda hot to watch, though.”

“Well, I kinda just wanted to get it over with, but.” She shrugged. “I kinda/sorta wanted to know what it tasted like, too. You know, his sperm?”

“So, what’s it taste like?” They kissed, and I crossed my arms. “Smooch, I still can’t taste it.”

“Well, try again, only a little deeper.”

“Guys? Gross.”

They giggled. “Oh, that’s funny, coming from you, butt kisser.”

“Yeah, what is with you and butts, anyway?”

“Well, he doesn’t like it. So, I made him, until he started to like it.”

“Yeah right, like you didn’t like sticking your tongue up our butts.”

“Huh!” Chin to chin, with their legs between us. So, I didn’t have to worry about bras bumping together, or anything. I could pretend one or the other was a boy, their legs were certainly hairy enough.

“Huh, well everyone’s got one.” I shrugged, “So, they’re like opinions, or cliche’s.”

“So what is it with you and your brother?”

“Step-brother, and technically, we barely even know each other. So, it’s not even incest, or even about that. Just because our fathers happen to be married to each other.”

“Uh huh.” They totally believe me.

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Well, it kinda started out like,” I shrugged, “A support group, for children of divorced gay dads. Kinda sort of a tight niche, only he didn’t want to talk about it. My brothers tried to get him to open up, but it turns out that he just didn’t want to talk about it, in front of them.”

“Boys,” they rolled their eyes, in unison.

“Exactly, he didn’t even know how to talk about his feelings. He didn’t even want to think about being heart broken, because his dad was gay, and admitting to himself that he loved him might make him feel gay. So, he thought that if he ignored his feelings, that would just make them go away.”

“Well, he sure isn’t gay.” Not even a little bi-curious.

“Yeah, and I think he likes you.” Gently teasing, “Cocksucker.”

“Well, you liked it too.”

“Nu uh.”

“Well, you liked watching me suck Dick, you just said. It sure got you all hot, and moist.”

“Guys!” Before it got gross again.

“Oh sorry. You’re saying?”

“Yeah, what’s he like in bed?”

“Well, I don’t know really. I’m still kinda getting to know him though. He’s really a bottom, but just for girls.” The more girls the better, but also into bondage porn, especially reverse gangbangs. I only really knew 2 girls that would really be into it, because they’re gay, but as long as they keep their clothes on… “Huh, I can’t believe you got to suck him off before me. I hadn’t even gotten to see his dick out before.” Yeah, hard, but he kept it in his pants, until now.

“Well, you say that he doesn’t like eating ass, but he sure seemed to get into it.”

“Well, he’s homophobic, and I’m helping him get passed that, I guess.”

“Yeah, and you really like eating ass, butt kisser.”

“Huh, yeah. I really love eating ass.” I don’t know why, it’s disgusting, but somehow, it’s the gross I like. As opposed to pussy eating, which is just gross. I don’t even like kissing a girl, after she’s been. Down there, but a boy? Maybe, I didn’t get a chance to try it.

“Well, he could probably smell your cunt, rubbing his nose all in it like that.”

“Ew! Honestly, that sounds like something Miggs would say.” You know, Multiple Miggs, from the Silence of the Lambs? Yeah, she’s a big fan, the book, and the movie. She even does that thing, where she touches the tip of her tongue to the middle of her lip, grinning? Yeah, she got that from Hannibal Lechter, but he only does that in the books. Twice, I think.

“Well, maybe I can dare him to dress up as the girl, next time.” Only without starving fat chicks, and skinning them, to get the perfect size 16. I bet he’d look great with the tuck, though. So only his pubes stick out, I bet that would look hot. For them in the front, and me in back, so I can see his ass, balls, and bone clenched tight between his hairy thighs.

“You think there’ll be a next time?” I shook that out of my head, and straightened my face, but maybe we can surprise them next time.

“Oh yeah, if both of you’re there. You bet he’d do it for another reverse gangbang.” He loves the bungie chords, especially. He tried tape, and other stuff. He didn’t like handcuffs, they just remind him of all the times he got arrested, for vandalism, breaking and entering…

He was just acting out. I’m sure, he’s not really a psychopath. Well, pretty sure, he just didn’t know how to acknowledge his feelings, but I know that’s cliche’. Something a co-dependent victim would think: I know he can change, believing that they can change him. When you can’t fix a psychopath, but he never hit me. He never even wanted to hit me, we don’t even fight.

Besides, if he does turn violent again, I can just leave him. I’d never turn him in, to go to jail.
I’d never hate him enough to want to see him in prison. He wouldn’t do well in prison, you know. The way he is, with his issues. The bull queens would eat him alive, but he’s only ever even gotten violent against guys. Gay guys, or boys he thought were hitting on him, and his cousins put him up to it. To prove he’s not a homo.

No need to get a divorce, if we never get married in the first place. “Guys, get uh. Go to my room, or something.” It’s only a 2 bedroom, 2 bath loft. So, there’s no other spare room for them to stink up, but I can still smell them, all the way over there, and it’s disgusting. “Huh! If you’re going to stay the night.” I yawned, “I’m kinda worn out, so I think I’ll just crash here.” I hit the remote, to turn the TV, and Cable Box off. “Alexa, Living Room, Off.”

It’s really a lot of work, and they were too busy being gay for each other to pull their weight, but it was worth it. So worth it, but I hope I remember what I dream. Everything I can dream up to do to him, next time…

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