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Family Cam

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My sister had her boyfriend over, and they took the laptop in mom, and dad’s room… #Porn 18+

Then, they came out naked, and my sister laughed when he slapped her ass, on the way to the bathroom. To take a shower together, I heard the water start up on the way to mom, and dad’s room to help her clean up.

The bed was a mess, so somebody better make it before they got home from their date, but also there was a laptop on the corner by the pillows, and a cable from the computer to the headboard, where they taped up the webcam.

I knew they’d been sexting, ever since Stephanie turned 18, so she could legally do it without it legally being childporn, but I had to pull the chord back to get the laptop. My computer, there wasn’t anything but the desktop on it, but she borrowed it for some reason. So, I folded it up, and set it back on the dresser, next to the keyboard, and the big screen.

That’s why they did it in there, not only for the bigger bed, but also because they had the best computer for streaming, and there was a window up for Chrome, but Incognito, with a new tab, and nothing else open.

[You’ve gone Incognito

Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t be able to see your activity.]

Smart! [However, Downloads, and Bookmarks will be saved…]

Now, mom, and dad both work on computers, in web design, and internet security. So, they’re not like your typical boomers you have to show how to add an attachment to emails. Honestly, if dad was looking for it, I don’t know if it would be enough to go Incognito. So, I checked Bookmarks, and there wasn’t anything at the top that might make him suspicious. But then I checked [Downloads, and other activity/uploads and streaming.]

Sure enough, they were streaming, but the webcam taped to the foot of the bed told me that. I back clicked [Cache] and finally the water stopped. So, I cleared it, and went back to the bed to straighten it up.

They came out laughing, and Steph had a robe on, but her boyfriend stopped in the doorway, just holding a towel. “What’s he doing in here?”

“Uh, just making up the bed.” The sheet pulled up from the corner where they left my laptop, “And getting my computer back.”

“He’s cool, and the folks are cool too, but you didn’t see anything snooping around.”

“While you’re making porno,” I laughed, “I saw the webcam, and put it back where it belongs.”

“Huh,” she turned around, and pulled the folding chair out from beside the dresser to sit on. “You cleared the cache.” She clicked, and flopped the mouse over to point it at something, and open another window.


“Thanks, buddy.” Her boyfriend had his pants up, and was holding his shirt out. Turning it around, and right side out to put it on.

“I just have a couple things to clear.”

“I’m gonna take off.” He took his boots, with his socks hanging out of the tops with him.

“I’m just gonna finish fixing the bed, and take my computer.” To go jack off, but by the time we finished cleaning up, she had it plugged in to the computer next to it. Not where I left it, but set up on the other side, by the Ethernet hub. So, she folded down the screen, and unplugged it.

“Thanks,” I took it in my room, and she shut the door, but mom, and dad stayed out late.

“Huh!” I checked my Downloads first thing, and sure enough, there was a new video from Local Network.

An old hand me down Thinkpad my dad replaced years ago. Stephanie got it first, then I did after he replaced his computer again, and gave her his old one. So, it had to be at least 5 years old, thick and heavy.

Sure enough, Kevin taped the camera on the end of the bed, while Steph looked for porn on the laptop. Then, he came around the side, where the chord didn’t get in the way, and Stephanie rolled over in her underwear. Showed him the laptop, but he pushed it away, and got his pants open.

When she set it down, I saw mostly tan all over the screen, but way across the bed, I couldn’t make out anything except it was all skin. I figured since they’re making a porno, that’s what she was showing him, but he rolled over again, while he rubbed her butt through the back of her panties. Stuck his fingers between her legs to rub her crotch, and she typed something on the keyboard.

“Uh,” I felt a little uncomfortable watching this, because she was my sister. So, I stopped it, and started folding down the screen again. Then, I got curious, and opened up the browser again. [Firefox] because this was an old computer, and Linux to boot. So, that ran better than chrome, and the wireless was so old that she was better off loading pictures than streaming video, unless you plugged it in, and downloaded it from the LAN.

[History] “Huh,” she didn’t clear it, or use Incognito, of course. [Bisex Galleries Search] and [Dirty Bisexual Photos] I looked down from the address. [Http://www.dirtypornphotos.com/all-about-bisexual.html]

It was just a regular pics site, only with links to other sites with galleries like: [cum guys threesome: 20 awesome pics]

[Dick chick bisexual: 20 meaty pics] and [strap sexual girlfriend: 20 strapon pics]

“Huh!” She doesn’t have a strapon, does she? I didn’t see any strapon, or sex toys at all, but I didn’t check under the bed, and then I remembered.

Mom’s room, and she had a girlfriend over. Well, mom, and dad found a woman on the internet, and gave us some money to go out. My sister got the car, and took her phone, so they could call her after they were done, but I don’t think she was a hooker. She didn’t look, dress, or act like a whore, she could have been somebody’s mom, or maybe some lady at a bank.

That’s what I thought she dressed like, business. In a pantsuit, with her hair up neatly, but she let her hair down, and put on a strapon to bend mom over the coffee table, while they took turns sucking dad’s dick.

“Huh?” Stephanie knocked.

“You decent in there?”

“Halfway decent.” I got up, and unlocked the door for her, but my boner went away. Right away, when she scared me. She put some clothes on too, but night clothes. “So, you’re a pornstar now.”

“No?” She felt her hair nervously. She did that, especially when it was damp, or she was avoiding eye contact, to look at her split ends. “Huh, it was just a little amateur camming.”

“Mom and dad know?”

“Well, mom does.” She nodded, and then shook her head, “But not dad.”

“She agreed to take dad out, so you could use their room for sex videos?”

“It’s not sex videos.”

I turned the screen around, and hit Alt+Tab to switch back to VLC.

“Uh, it was just camming, once.”

“And looking at bisexual porn, to get in the mood?”

“No, Kevin.”

“Kevin didn’t even want to look at it.”

“No,” she picked up the computer, and switched back to the Dirty Bisexual Gallery. Scrolled down… Then, she took her finger off the little red pointer in the middle, and turned it around to show me.

[bi step-daddy: 11 babysitter pics]

“He’s the pornstar. He just wanted to cam with me, for a friend.”

“He’s bisexual?” I couldn’t see his face, but I could see his dick, rubbing against another dick, and the tattoo of a Owl on his hip. A girl’s face in the photo, trying to get both of them in her mouth, but i know my sister’s eyes, and they aren’t light brown. I don’t think she ever dyed her hair blond, and those weren’t her eyebrows, her nose, or chin either.

“Huh,” she sat down on my bed. “Just gay for pay. How much do you know about mainstream porn?”

“Only what I’ve seen, mostly the straight stuff.”

“Mostly, but you’ve seen the girl-girl action.”

“Of course,” but I can’t believe that Kevin’s a pornstar, and my sister’s been going out with him. For a couple years, so I’d seen him come out to get a shower, then go back to grab his clothes before. Just not in mom, and dad’s room, but one reason why I found it a little hard to believe is, he doesn’t look like a pornstar. He’s not hung like one, especially.

“Well, you know most of the bisexual, and lesbian women on there aren’t actually bisexual, or lesbians.”

“Or sisters, step daughters, or.” I looked back at the computer. “Oh.”

“Right, so when you get started in Mainstream porn, they want to make sure you’re willing to do anything.”

“So, it’s like an initiation?”

“Huh, let me see if I can show you.” She picked the computer up, and started searching on her lap. So, I sat down next to her, but she already had the address typed in.


[18yo twink first anal casting.]

“I don’t want to see that.”

“Well, you get the idea, anyway.” She [x]ed it out, so the Dirty Bisexual Photos tab came back up.

“So, let me get this straight,” I laughed, getting my little accidental joke only after I said it.

“Exactly, he only did gay for pay, once. Now, he wants to get rid of that, so he can go on with making amateur porn, because the money is better in that, and the Mainstream industry probably isn’t going to last much longer, except specialty sites like Kink.com.”

“So, mom is. Bisexual too?”

“Huh, no. It’s just the same as mainstream porn,” she held up her fingers to quote: “Bisexuals.” Unquote.

“She just did that as a favor to dad?”


“You remember when that lady came over, so we had to go out.” I thought, “Uh, we went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

“Oh yeah, the real estate agent.” To appraise the house, and re-negotiate the Mortgage. Right?

“With the strapon.” I nodded.

She giggled. “Well, I didn’t know about the strapon.”

“I thought she might have been a bank lady, because she brought a briefcase. Oh!” I just remembered, “And they went to the bank, to get a loan.”

“Oh, so let me guess, she brought the strapon, in the breifcase.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t see her get it out but by the time they started the video, she already had it on over her pantsuit.”

“No, I haven’t seen the video, but it doesn’t surprise me. Did she nail dad with it?”

“What? No, mom, and they took turns giving him head.”

“Well, I bet he didn’t tell you what she got for that.”

“No, what?”

“Huh, who do you think that was in the pictures, with Kevin?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t see her face in the thumbnail, just her eyes, and.” The dicks, in her face. “Huh!”

Somebody had to play the stepdad.

She laughed, and shook her head.

“So, that’s why, dad doesn’t mind you, going out with a pornstar.”

“No, that’s how dad knew that he was a pornstar, in the first place.”

“Who was the girl, in the photos?”

“I don’t know, just some chick. This was a couple years ago, so I wasn’t 18, and it’s not like they invited her around to meet her.” Or she’d play babysitter for dad to catch making out with. Kevin?

“Huh, that’s fucked up.”

“You have no idea. But you want to see the video?”

“They made a video?”

“Of course, those pictures on sites like that, they’re mostly just taken from videos, without their permission. That’s why I showed him that, so he could have mom take care of it, for him.”

“Why mom, instead of dad?” She’s not the expert in internet security. Wait, she knows? Of course she knows about it, she had a strapon threesome with another woman so she could get a video of dad getting gay for pay with Kevin, and some girl to play the babysitter.

“What do you think she does web design for?”

“I don’t know, porn sites?”

“Yeah, among others, but that’s how she got into porn in the first place.”

“I thought you said she’s not a porn star.”

“She isn’t, she’s just into porn.” She shrugged, “Especially bisexual MMF.”

“Oh.” She just likes it so much that she was willing to do that strapon sex video with another woman. So dad would do that babysitter stepson video with Kevin. I got up, and took my laptop down to knock on her door. “Steph?”


“What’s the site with that. Babysitter movie on it?” With dad, and Kevin, and some other girl. So, she’s not my Sister.

“Hang on a sec.” She pulled out a drawer, then unlocked the door, to crack it, and hand me a flash drive. “Don’t tell dad I showed you this stuff.”

“No, of course not.”

“I mean it, if he catches you with it, or you ask him about it, you didn’t get it from me.”

“I’ll tell him Kevin let me have it.”

She just shut the door, so I took the flash drive into the office, where they had a computer, with a USB hub.

It started pretty normal, just a teenage couple making out on the couch. She had his dick out, in her hand, then dad came in, and said. “That’s not how you jerk a dick.” The camera came around to the front of his pants, and he pulled it out of his open fly. “This is how you jerk a dick.”

Then, it switched back to the couch. “Dad,” Kevin looked nervous. “Can you show her how to suck a dick?”

I had to roll my eyes at the cheezy lines, and also, he looked young, but he had a tattoo, and she had a tongue piercing. So, there was no reason he needed a baby-sitter, except to pay her to give him hand jobs, and blowjobs.

“Yeah, why don’t you bring that big dick over here, and show me how to suck it.” A bigger dick, I just realized dad had the bigger dick, and maybe he even asked for a co-star with a little one. Oh, maybe that’s how Kevin got to be a porn star, without a pornstar cock. I guess some guys, gay guys like one of them to have a little one, so their dick looks bigger.

“Huh,” then she got down on her knees, and Kevin got up. The camera switched, to her holding them both up, and going back, and forth. During the jump cut, a lot happened, I noticed. I don’t know why I never thought about this before, but all their clothes disappeared. Both of their shirts, and her bra, but then they crossed swords, and she tried to fit them both in her mouth.

The camera panned up, and Kevin felt dad’s arms. His chest, and I heard them kissing before their mouths appeared, wide open, with their tongues rubbing together.

“Huh!” I was still hard, and I didn’t even recognize my own dad’s dick, in the thumbnail. I was mostly looking at the girl, and the Owl tattoo, but who gets an owl tattoo on his hip? Besides Kevin, I don’t guess anyone else has the exact same tattoo in the exact same place, but why an Owl?

“Huh, like this?” It switched again, and Kevin got down next to her on the couch.

“No, let me show you.” She sat back, with her legs up, and played with herself. While watching Kevin suck dad’s dick.

“Uh, huh!” I missed the next few seconds, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and I just held onto it, twitching between my fingers, and thumb. “Hhuh!”

Nope, still shooting blanks, but I want a girl like that. Not a babysitter, when I’m 18, that doesn’t know how to suck a dick, but maybe a pornstar, that’s willing to act and if she wants to watch me get sucked off by another boy?

“Huh, yeah. Suck that dick, suck it good and hard, yeah.” Okay, maybe. I might even try it, if she’ll do something for me in return. “Huh!”

I think if I keep watching, I can get hard again. Just to see how it ends, whose face get’s who’s load shot all over it. “Huh, yeah. Suck it, you whore.”


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