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Bad Samaritans

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Speling erors are intentional, because she didn’t pay attention in English, let alone Sunday School. #JOI #CFNM #FemDom #SubbyHubby

It finally started raining again, so the dried up grass started growing again, and Mr. Gantz went out front, with his mower.

I giggled, and ran around to the park, before he finished up with the front yard. Then, I saw Joey up on the playground, but I had a minute or 2 to sneak up the ladder, behind him.

We’re both a little too old to be playing on the playground, but I was disappointed, when I looked over his shoulder, and he was just Texting. Not even sexting, so I giggled, loud behind him.

“Oh, hey Sarah. I didn’t hear you come up.”

“You want to see a dick? I real one.”

“Wh?” He shook his head, “Why would you even ask that, I’m not gay.”

“I know, but I just figure you look at dick pics on your phone to get a sneak peak at what you might get, when you’re a little older?” I guessed, “You know, we do that too.”


“Yeah, you know there’s also lots of naked pictures of women on there.”


“So, it’s just like window shopping for clothes, only instead of bras, and undies, we get to pick out the kinds of tits we might like.”

“Yeah, so what about this dick you want to show me?”

“Well,” while we’re talking, the mower stopped. Probably so he could roll it around the side, through the gate, and start it up again to mow the back. “Come on.” I helped him up, and took the slide first. Flipped my dress back down, and ran off, looking back to see if he’d follow me.

He looked around again, but i controlled my giggles, so he wouldn’t hear me. At least until the mores started up again, but I had to hold them back with both hands. Ducked down behind his fence.

Sure enough, he started it, and started rolling it around before Joey showed up. He muttered something too low to hear. “What?” he raised his voice enough to hear over the mower. “Mr. Gents?”

“I think it’s Gantz,” but the a on his mailbox is cursive, and kinda looks like an e. Also, I heard my parents call him Gantz.

“Well, how big is it?”

“I don’t know, not real big, maybe.” I held up my hands, one over the other. “I never seen it hard before.”

“But he’s circumcised, though.”

“Yeah, Jewish?” Pretty sure that’s what the 2 triangles his wife hangs out on the door means. On holiday break, they put one of those candelabras up in the window to light a candle on each night, for Hanukka, I think. “Kinda fat, and bald in the back.” He felt the cowlick, on the back of his head. Which might turn into a bald spot to cover up with one of those beanies Jewish guys wear.

“You go to Jewish church with him, right?”

“We’re not Jewish, we’re Samaritan, but yeah. We see each other at the synagog every once in a while?”

“What’s the difference?” He opened his mouth, but then the motor started winding down, so I covered it up, and ‘shush’ed him, quietly.

Then, I peeked up, slowly over the fence, before he pulled his shorts up. I looked over at Joey, but he just shook his head, and ducked back down. Mr. Gantz tied them up again, then pulled the handle, so he could start the mower, again. So, I ducked back down.

“I only got to see his butt.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to wait for him to do it again.”

“How did you know that would happen?”

“Because he does this every time he goes out to mow. He wears those same cutoff shorts, with the button missing, and some sort of elastic tied through the belt loops. Just the first two in front, to hold his pants up, but only so they fall back down.”

Right on queue, the motor started running down, and he started back up the outside of the fence. Even before me, I peeked up when he didn’t have to duck back down, but this is the riskiest part. Because he might spot us, but instead he was turned back to look over his shoulder. I giggled, before I could cover it up, and sat back down. Holding it in with both hands.

Then, he started the mower back up, and Joey sat down next to me again.

“Why do you think he does that?” He got a good look at his dick, and balls hanging down under the hem of his shirt, though.

“I don’t know, isn’t it obvious?” I waved at the playground. “I’m sure he just happened to get a yard, with a good view of the playground. Just like he just happens to let his pants fall down mowing the back yard, but not out front?”

“Yeah, that is pretty suspicious. So, you think he likes flashing kids. Like little kids?” He shook his head, “I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it yet, and he’s done this before, how many times?”

“I don’t know, I just spotted him last year. I mean last school year, uh. This spring?”

“You think you know someone, but he never even tried anything, improper at the synagog.”

“So what’s the difference between Jews, and Samaratins?”

“Well, what’s the difference between Catholics, and Orthodox?”

I shrugged, “I’m agnostic.”

“Well, it’s not one difference, but many.” The mower wound down again, but I grabbed his arm before he got up, and shook my head. Holding a finger up, so he’d keep quiet while Mr. Gantz pushed the mower back around front.

“Sorry, huh!” I took a deep breath, from holding it. “Show’s over, but help me up.” I looked over the fence, then “No help me climb up, over the fence.”

“What’re you going to do?”

“Come on.” I turned around, to climb down the boards on the other side. 3 boards, like a ladder, but real far apart. He scrambled over, and just jumped down, while I unbuttoned my dress, and took it off.

The back door opened. “What are you kids doing out there?”

I took a deep breath, of fresh mowed grass, and turned around. “Getting naked.” Dead serious, I didn’t even feel a giggle starting. “Can we come in?”

“Yeah,” he looked around, over the fences, “You better come in, and explain yourselves.”

“Hi, uh. Mr Gentz.” Joey was nervous, understandably so, after peeping at his dick, and ass out in the yard, but if he he wanted privacy, he wouldn’t be flashing them out in the yard every time it rains.

“Antha, you better put some clothes on.”

‘that’s his wife,’ Joey whispered, ‘Anthousa.’

She came out, with a robe on, her big bare boobs, and belly tucked in, but without any underwear on, and I threw my dress over the back of a chair, at the kitchen table.

“You phrim?” I shook my head, but Joey looked up, and nodded. His hands folded in front of him, he looked so obedient, and ashamed. “Who’s this?” she turned to me, “And what are you doing in your underwear, in my kitchen?”

“Uh, I’m sorry.” I picked up my dress, but she had one of those looks. Like a nun, or a grandmother who’s very disappointed in you. I never had one, I mean yeah. I had grandmothers, but not like that. They’re sweet old ladies, that don’t tell you what to do, and judge you when you don’t, because they were hippies, in the sixties. I had friends though, Christian ones, and saw how their grandmas looked at them, when they caught them cursing, smoking, or dressing.

Well, like teenage girls, in summer especially. It’s hot, buttoning all the way up to he collar, in knee high socks, and long skirts or dresses is hot. So, no boy ever even gets to see your knees, how are you supposed to get boy’s attention if they never even get to see your knees?

So, they start dressing Kogal, because Anime girls are all the rage now, and that’s why they do it in Japan. Pull their skirts up high, and their socks down around their ankles, to show a little leg. It doesn’t make them harlots, it means they’re teenage girls, that like a little attention from the boys, and on summer, it’s probably hot with their socks pulled up all the way under their skirts.

“I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding.” Mr Gentz touched her shoulder, and while I wanted to stand up to her, every rebellious bone in my body still had to look at how big she was, and probably how capable she was, of breaking every rebellious bone in my body. He chuckled, “They must have seen our little show.”

“Oh!” Duh, “You like to do that to turn your wife on. Now it all makes sense.”

“No, I do it to feel sexy.” My jaw dropped, to hear a dirty old man say that out loud, but looking the way he does, I can empathize. I don’t have to do much to look sexy, so I feel sexy all the time, but you never even wonder what a fat old balding man has to do, to feel sexy?

“He can’t get it up, and keep it up anymore. Without playing his dirty little games, but if I’m going to get any action around here.” She slapped his ass, and they both grinned, turned to each other, and she kissed his cheek. Over his shoulder, he turned, and grabbed a hand full of breast. Braless breast, in case you’re wondering how I knew she wasn’t wearing anything, under that satin robe, I found out later, but not much later.

Even if she never really took it off, but I can understand her having modesty issues, after letting herself go like that.

“Uh, you look sexy, too.” See? Joey came up, shyly, but he looked up. From my body still in my underwear. He sure took the scenic route, and he held his hands together. Tight in his crotch.

“Smooch, huh!” Mr. Gantz shook his head, with a big tent post sticking out of his pants. So, Mrs. Gants rubbed it up, and it must have scraped on the inside of his zipper. Since he didn’t have any underwear on either.

“You two don’t mind if we stay and watch? I’m 16.”

“Uh, that doesn’t mean.” Mrs. Gantz started, but softened when Mr. Gantz touched her cheek. Gently turned it, and kissed her right on the lips.

“Smooch, it means she’s old enough to consent, to sex.”

“Yeah,” I took Joey’s hand, or one of them from covering his dick, so I can hold it, “And I don’t have anywhere we can do it. Me, and my boyfriend.” I pulled it over, and turned his hand around, so I could push his fingers between my legs. “Huh!”

He blinked, and shook his head, but then he thought quick enough to say. “Yeah, she likes to watch.”

“I’m a total voyeur, and your husband’s such a big time exhibitionist, it’s okay if we watch?”

“Oh honey.” She pulled his arm, “Take me in the bedroom, now.”

His pants fell down, Oops! But this time, he didn’t bother pulling them back up, he kicked them off, barefoot. I guess we interrupted him before he got on their bed, but in the bedroom. They had a nice view out the back yard through their bedroom window. Where Mrs. Anthou, something. I tried to remember what she call him.

“You phrim?”

“Juphram.” He nodded, “But you can keep calling me Joey.”

“Take off your pants.”

“Okay.” I slipped my bra straps off, so I could pull them around, and unhook my bra.

“Oh, huh!” From the bed, i just glanced over, but she didn’t take any underpants off. She didn’t put any on, but, they’re both heavy, enough to shake the bed, and I kinda lied. I’m not really a voyeur, any more than the next girl. I mean, yeah. Anyone likes to see 2 people fucking, but not them.

I shook my head, but Joey took his shirt off, and reached out for my chest, so I slapped his hands. “You know what to do,” I pointed, “With that thing?” Twirled my finger around at it.

“Huh, yeah.”

“Jack it, jack it slow, slow down. You in a hurry to get it over with?”

“No, sorry.”

“Oh God! Huh, give it to me. Give it to me.”

Joey looked over, so I slapped him. “Don’t look at them, look at me.”

“Pound me, pound it in me yes! Ah yes!”

“Turn around.” I got a slap, and squeeze on both cheeks, then reached around. Felt down his arm, he moved his hand before I got to slap it out of the way, but “I like this.”

“Yeah, it’s nice. Uh!” I slapped his cheek again.

“No it’s not, you dirty boy. It’s dirty.”

“Yeah, uh!”

“Sh!” I spanked it, but he grunted. “Don’t cum. Don’t you dare cum, hold it. Hold it back as long as you can.”

“MHN I can’t ah! Ah fuck uh I’m cumming!”

“Huh!” I kissed his shoulder, feeling out to the end. “Huh, it’s okay.” The jizz dribbing out, wet my fingers, and slicked it on the bare head.

“Uh!” He hunched his bare back off my tits, pressing his butt into my hand and the front of my panties. When I pinched it, and it slipped between my sticky fingers.

“You did good. You’re a good boy, and you earned it.”

“Huh!” His hands slipped on the dresser, but he caught himself on his elbows, and looked back.

In the mirror, I looked back, and saw the couple, I’d forgotten.

Spooning, they’d gone quiet, and I guess finished, but I was so caught up in lust, I didn’t even notice.

Anthou had her robe tied on, and her husbands hand in the front, just holding her breast. Cradling the other one, he turned, and looked down. Ran his nose through her hair, and took a deep breath to smell it, then kissed her ear. Licked up her earlobe, and sucked it in to nibble it.

“Uh, we better go, get dressed.”

“Uh, I’ll get a washcloth or something to clean up the floor.”

“Hall closet.” Anthou said, but then her husband, I didn’t get his name besides Gantz. He got up, “No, I’ll clean it up.”

“What’s your name, hun?” Anthou fixed her robe.

“Uh, Sarah. And you’re Anthou?”

“Anthousa.” She nodded. “A little word of advice?”


“There’s nothing sexier than a man scrubbing the floor. Or the windows, my man looks particularly sexy in an apron, doing the dishes.”

“Good idea, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it, but I have to tell you that nothing leaves this room.”

“Of course not.” She doesn’t have to tell me that, “But we can come back?”

“Of course, as long as you’re discreet. Try to use the front door next time, and dress a little more modestly, like you would for church?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I have to think about the neighbors, and if they think you’re coming over to read the Torah.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I just don’t go to Church, or Synagog?”

She nodded, “Well, you’re going to have to go with Euphrim, if you want to keep dating him?”

“You’re Samaratins, so do you have to cook Koshur, or could you teach me?”

She laughed, “Well, we’re not very good Samaratins.”


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