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After Dark Park

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I knew they weren’t there to watch the sun set, it wasn’t one of those colorful ones, and that wasn’t the best place to see the sky.

When they pulled up, it was getting dark, but my folks let me go out, early to play Flashlight Tag. It’s like Hide, and Seek, only instead of catching someone, you have to say their name, and if you don’t get it right, you’re still it.

We just showed up early to work out who was it, rock paper scissors, I didn’t win them all, but I didn’t lose neither. So, the loser took the flashlight, and waited for the sun to finish going down, while we went to find places to hide.

Easier said than done, when there’s still enough light to see which way we went, but we had a trick up our sleeves. My friend Markus switched shirts, and hats with me. That’s why we wore teeshirts with band logos on them, so when he shone the light, and saw Iron Maiden, or Megadeath, he’d guess wrong.

So, we switched behind a tree, and split up, but then before I got to my hiding place, a car drove up, and parked in the trees. The sun going down behind them, when they could’ve gone to the parking lot on the other side to watch the sun set.

So, I snuck up behind a tree, and looked out. Hoping to see a girl topless, I mean a teenage girl. Too little, and there’s be nothing to see, but I got a full moon instead. You get it? He pulled his pants down, and then got down again, so I couldn’t see it, but he didn’t sit up.

I figured him, and her were too busy, so I snuck around the back side of the tree, and ducked under the trunk. Over by the bumper, I peeked up through the back window, but all I saw was a head rest, and shoulder, and an arm.

Then, he sat up, and reached out, to pump his arm up and down, but in the other seat.

“Huh!” Oh, in the other guy’s lap. The other gay guy’s lap, but I ducked down, when he turned around, and climbed up in the other seat. Facing back, with his leg over the arm rest, and his knee up next to the door before the car started rocking.

Oh, kay. I backed away, and around to another tree before one of them saw me, but the one on top was bent over with his head sideways, turned the wrong way so all I saw was his chin, and the other man’s cheek in the door mirror.

“Huh!” I bumped right into Mark, butt first, but I just ht his hip. Thank god.

‘sh,’ he said quietly, and when I stood up, he didn’t put it away, and zip up his pants, or nothing.

‘uh, that’s gay.’

‘so what?’ He finally looked away, and I looked up, from his thumb over his boner, and his fingers sticking out from under it.

I shook my head, ‘so we better not watch it.’

‘huh, they wouldn’t have come down dog run if they didn’t want people watching. it’s okay.’ But finally, he put it away, and backed off, with me. ‘it’s almost dark anyway.’ He looked over my shoulder, so I looked back to see the flashlight.

“Stupid idiot, he doesn’t even need that yet.”

“Well, maybe he’s just warning us to look out for him, here he comes. See, he turned it off.” After swinging it around, the whole park, to make sure we saw it.

“Huh, oh yeah, but you know the last place he’s going to look is over here.”

“Why not?”

He waved back, over where the car was parked. “Because, dog run? Why do you think they call it that?”

“Because people bring their dogs out here, to run, and play fetch.”

“Not here, in the park. If they threw a ball over here, then it would just get lost. Out there, the dog can see where it goes, and chase it.”

“Well, why doesn’t the dog just sniff it out?” What do I know about dogs, we’ve got 3 cats, and a rabbit. Just imagine what throwing a dog into that mix would be like, the rabbit already kicked the crap out of the cats whenever they think she smells like prey.

“It doesn’t matter, the point is it’s called Dogg Run, because guys use it for Dogging.”

“What’s that?”

He waved back at the car.


“Yeah, gay sex, with strangers, sometimes for money, and especially so other guys come watch.”

“Ew, why would you want someone to watch you having sex?” Isn’t that embarrassing?

“Well, you know what the closet is?”

“You mean the gay closet, right?”

“Yeah, well I guess most of them have to hide it so much, it just feels good to come out and flaunt it.”

“Oh,” makes sense. “Wait, how come they don’t go to a bar, and meet men there, like regular singles?”

“Did they look 21?”

“No? I don’t know, I didn’t get a good look at either of them.” Maybe they were just clean shaven. “I was trying to stay out of sight, so they didn’t see me. I was hoping to maybe see a girl, topless.”

“Sh sh!”

He stepped back, even deeper in the shadow of the tree. I looked around the other side, but other then the bumper rocking up, and down, I also heard voices laughing. Teenagers, drinking by the look of the beer cans, and the 6 pack hanging from the empty rings.

Thunk! One of them set that down on the trunk, and they went around either side. Unzipping their pants, so that just confirmed it. Every thing that Mark said was true, and they just stood around. Dropped their pants, and drank beer, watching the first 2 have sex in their car. In their other hands, the had their dicks out, and pulled them hard, but not too fast.

I could tell they were taking time to enjoy it. “Huh.” Just like Markus, with his dick out, and holding it when I backed around the tree. So, I went around the other tree, and sure enough, he had it out again.

‘hey, mark. uh, are you?’ He shrugged, and put it back, but I saw even in the dark thay he held it the same way. As before, 2 fingers on the bottom, and one on top, but I didn’t see him move it, before he put it away, again.


‘i don’t know. we’re 12, does anybody know how gay they are when they’re 12?’

‘well, what do you look at in porn, the guy or the girl?’

‘i don’t really look at porn yet. sure, I’ve seen it, but i don’t go looking for it, on the internet.’

‘so, you don’t even beat off?’

‘of course i do, who doesn’t beat off? in middle school, boys I mean. i don’t know, maybe the girls are playing with themselves too. i just wait until i get a boner, and if i have a chance, i beat off. i don’t need to look at porn to get a boner.’

‘but you didn’t get one, even with all that going. sh.’ He ducked down, and the 2 underage drinkers got their six pack off the trunk again. Gave each other a high 5, and pulled off a couple more beers.

PCH, PCH! They walked off, laughing, and got quieter, heading back down the trail.

‘just a circle jerk,’ he shrugged. i didn’t ask, I just figured a bunch of guys, standing around in a circle. Like the smoker’s circle at school, or playing hacky sack.

‘well, how come they didn’t join in, or have sex with each other, on the hood?’

‘yeah, that would be a lot more interesting. maybe they’re straight.’

‘why would a couple straight guys want to watch 2 gay guys boning in a car?’

‘i don’t know, why did you?’

‘uh.’ Okay, he had a point, ‘well, why do you?’ I looked down, and sure enough, he still had a boner.

‘i don’t know, maybe i’m bisexual. that’s”

‘i know what that means, stacy told me.’

‘oh yeah, she told everyone.’ first day of school, in fact, I heard that’s all she talked about. You know what? I never even thought about boys being bisexual, or bi-curious, I guess. The other boys said yeah right, she’s probably just bi curious, and it’s a phase, she’ll grow out of it the first time she gets naked with a hairy smelly fat sweaty lesbian.

‘huh.’ BOING! ‘they’re lucky, girls get to tell everyone they’re bisexual, and they don’t get beat up for it.’

‘well, gay guys are really lucky, because they don’t have to deal with all the bullshit.’

‘how so?’

‘you know, girls expect you to go up, and talk to them, then if they don’t laugh right in your face, you have to take them out, get to know them, maybe buy them dinner, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to 2nd base in the movie theater.’

‘nobody goes to movie theaters any more.’

‘oh yeah? why do you think it’s still open, and there’s nothing but romantic comedies all the time.’

‘yeah, and Avengers movies, i guess.’

‘yeah, so they can get all moist looking at Thor with his top off, or Captain America, and watch Black Widow kicking ass to feel empowered.’

‘yeah, but she does kick a lot of ass,’ and i keep waiting for that zipper to fall down, even though it won’t, because it’s PG, but Thor can take his shirt off, strut around all sweaty, and muscular. Hulk is practically naked, and those purple pants pull so tight, not that i ever checked out his groin, but if it was real life.

‘hnhnhm! how come Hulk doesn’t have a big green boner all the time?’


‘sh!’ I heard something, but it was just the car starting. They put the headlights on, and the one on our side threw something out the window. It rolled back up when they’re driving off, so I guess I heard him roll it down, when I made Mark laugh so loud, and since they were done for the night, they just took off.

‘you think someone else will come, later?’

‘besides me?’ he joked, then the light came on.

“Oh, fuck you guys. Kevin, Markus. You know the rules are in the park, and hiding behind the buttfuckers is cheating.”

“Well, you said my name first, so I’ll take it.”

“Okay,” he handed it over. “1 minute,” he took off, so I tucked it back in his pocket.

“Hey, Mark. You still there?”


“How long you think he’ll hide before he realizes I’m not looking for him?”

“I don’t know, but it could be hours before anyone else shows up, if anyone else does, tonight. They don’t come every night.”

‘do you?’ i joked.

“Huh, ha. Yeah, at least once, or twice, if I’m lucky.”

“Well, you ever give another boy head before?”

“No, I’m 12. When am I going to. Wait, why do you ask?”

“Well, I could probably get a boner again, if somebody wanted to.”

“Suck it?”


I pulled mine out, and tried holding it, the way he did. I even bounced it with 2 fingers, but who doesn’t like getting his dick sucked? I know Mark, pretty well. Well enough to tell when he’s lying, or making stuff up.

Like when am I going to get a chance to suck a dick? I don’t know, but I have some idea where. He sure did know a whole lot about this dog run, and what goes on back here, like how often they come and do it.

Why a straight guy might want to watch it. “Huh, you know uh.”

“Snh?” He nodded, but didn’t spit it out.

“Huh, blowjobs are like pizza.” I heard, “Even when there bad, there pretty good.”

What was that, that I was thinking about, the last time I got a boner? Oh yeah, he said something about Stacy getting naked with a big fat hairy sweaty lesbian. “Huh, yeah.” It’s working.

“Smup!” It popped up, and stuck to my. No wait, his Megadeath shirt.

“Huh!” So I took it off.

“You want to try it?”

“Yeah,” I dropped it on the ground, so the pine needles didn’t stick me in the knees, and got down while he pulled it out.

“Huh,” I pushed his hand out of the way, and pulled it down, with 2 fingers. Held it with my thumb, and rubbed the top with the fingers. “Like this?”

“No, hold your thumb still, and rub it underneath.”

“Oh,” I tried that, “It’s up side down.”

“Huh, yeah. That feels good.” I stuck my fingers in his fly, to dig around in his underwear, and feel how hairy he was getting. I couldn’t tell, but definitely hairy. He pulled his. I mean my Iron Maiden teeshirt off.

We don’t really like them, I mean their music, that much. I like Eddie, because he looks cool, for a zombie. I forget what that Megadeath man’s name is, but either way, Mark unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down for me. his boner popped back up when he dropped his underpants, and I felt his nuts first.

Not too hair, I don’t know. How hairy is too hairy for a ball sack, but. “Snh?” He didn’t feel too sweaty, so I pulled it down again, with 2 fingers, and licked it.

“Huh, yeah.” He patted my head, so I stuck it in my mouth, and just held it there.

That’s what he did, he didn’t even hold it, the way he holds his, but with 2 fingers, i couldn’t get much more than the very end through my teeth, and lick it, with my finger under my nose, and my thumb rubbing the underside.

“Yeah yeah yeah, you’re doing great.”

“Snh! Hm.” I wonder if girls like to watch 2 boys, doing it. Maybe not, all of it. I know that Mark won’t pressure me into doing anything I don’t want to, he’s not that kind of friend.

Maybe Stacy, though. If there’s any girl, I know that wants to watch 2 boys get bisexual, thn it’s her, but this is nice.

“Snh, hm?”


I blinked, but his balls twitched first, and then I felt it bulge over my thumb, right before I tasted it splash, hot, and wet on my tongue.

“Uh huh!” So, I licked it, and another wad rolled up the bottom. I think it’s not, his balls twitching. I think there’s a muscle in there, squeezing the juice out, and up the bottom, so I can feel it on my thumb, and move my tongue, then lick it up until he twitches, grunts, and shoots another, and another, until he was done.

“Smuip!” I wiped my mouth, and felt myself smiling, with a mouth full of dick puke, and stood up. Grabbed his face, and opened my mouth to kiss him, and share it. Spoon feeding him with my tongue curled up, until he swallowed, and stepped back to catch his breath.

“Huh, Jesus. Where did you learned to do that so well?”

“I don’t know, right here, right now.”

I tucked it back in, and zipped up. “Hand me my shirt.”

“Where you going?”

I pulled out the flashlight. “I better go look, before he wonders what we’re up to.”

“Okay, yeah. Thanks.”

“Any time.”


“Yeah, I’ll do that, any time you like.” At least until I stop shooting blanks.

I don’t know, maybe even after that. He sure likes it too.

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