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A Worthwhile Surprise Expense by DerricLesters2009

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So this is from a different author and it’s quite good. Two furry lesbians from the army fucking as their machine stretch their gaping pussies.

A Worthwhile Surprise Expense By Derrick Lesters [2,403 words] The blue female canine, Sasha Laflure, began to wake from a sound sleep. Her eyes tracked the room to the left as she searched for the scarlet numbers that pierced the darkness where she lie. She sighed heavily as she notes that she slept till noon. The room was nearly pitch black, so she used the keypad on the nightstand to draw the blinds mechanically She arches her toned body backwards, stretching her tense muscles. She put a fist to her chin and pressed lightly. A trio of loud cracks accompanied a sigh of relief as her stiff neck was relieved of pressure. The morning had come and gone in her slumber but it still felt like it was too early to be awake. The bed felt like a large boulder under her. Air filled mattresses did have their advantages though. Sasha, an anthropomorphic gelert, reaches down to her side and pulls up the remote to change the firmness. Adjustability and control, she thought to herself. She desired to rest on a cloud while her lover was on the base. Sasha’s partner be stiff from her vigorous daily PT, but she knew that SlyVixsky would have enough strength to make them both lunch when she got home. Sly knew just how to spoil a girl. The Husky-Vixen mix was strong, athletic, toned and beautiful. She had the qualities of a princess and the credentials of a sergeant. She could fight like one too. Sly was an independent woman that could kick most men’s asses. That might have been Sasha’s favorite quality of SlyVixsky, but the fiery red canine could fuck like it was an Olympic sport; she would probably have more medals than Michael Phelps if it was. Sly was a bringer of certain death and tactical destruction on the battlefield and a deadly sex machine in the bedroom. Sasha gently touched the pink “down” arrow on the screen of the comfort control and it flashed to acknowledge the user’s manipulation. The pressure of the mattress dropped from a rock hard 100 units to a therapeutic and soothing 10. She smiled as she felt the air escape and she sunk into the pillows, blankets and comforters. Warmth ran over her as she turned the quilted wires under the duvet on and felt the electricity pulsing through the thin copper, heating her backside. It was like a thousand slaves were ready to pleasure her in anyway she wanted and they were all using their chiseled sexy bodies to warm her and protect her from a mere room temperature. This image washed over her mind sparking a mental projector with an x-rated film starring herself. Her generously large breasts swelled as the cool air above her in contrast to the warm bed licked at her nipples causing them to erect. I can’t wait until Sly get’s home, she thought. Sasha ran her hand over her blue fur on her belly upwards cupping her hands around her huge knockers. She toyed with them, feeling her own soft fur and squeezing her magnificent bulbous flesh. She closed her eyes as she imagined Sly walking through the door, ripping off her clothes and jumping into an immediate cunnilingus. The warmth ran up and down the insides of her legs triggering a sensation of moist bliss. She pulled the blankets over her chest, locking in the amazing warmth, while she ran her other hand down to her damp vagina. The soft and groomed fur on her genitalia was soaked with her own secretions. Her messy puss leaked as she rubbed lightly on the top of her cunt, teasing herself by not shoving all of her fingers into her pulsing clit. She shuddered at the feeling of her shockingly cold hands but somewhat was pleased by the temperature difference as it felt like some kind stranger was accompanying her on this warm cloud of horny joy. Sly was vicariously licking Sasha’s wet lips, teasing her when all she wanted was for her lover to shoved her large tongue inside her. Sly sat up quickly to take a deep breath before diving into the ocean of oral sex. Sasha admired how gracefully the mix breed held her six massive and full breasts. She loved how magnificently sized they were while they still were firm. Her DD-cup set was rising and falling with each desirable breath. The full-C cup and b-cups below her largest boobs were shaking lightly as the vixen mix shifted her weight. She brought her head down and readied her large, broad, and experienced tongue for insertion. A sudden clap of wood and brass of the door opening pulled her from her fantasy as her head flicked over to meet eyes with SlyVixsky coming into the bedroom. The husky mix, looked over the surprised Gelert. She could see the sheets saturated below the waist and knew what was going on. The blue fantasy canine had a certain amorous need about her presence. Sly was very receptive of others horniness. “I was just thinking about you.” Sasha stated playfully. The vixen husky mix noted her excited nipples and trembling paws, “I can tell.” she said coyly. She put down her bag and rifle then strutted to her partner. She giggled breathily as she toyed with her reddish pink hair while it bounced in each step. Sasha could feel the sexy atmosphere the hung about sly. Sasha knew that this wasn’t play; this was pure courtship and randy desire. This was a fucking dream come true. The azure canine loved SlyVixsky’s deep black tank top and camouflage pants that she wore to the base. It made her look like a total hard-ass in uniform which made her hopelessly ardent. Uniforms in general for some reason somehow get her going every time. Especially when the wearer was as slender and beautiful as SlyVixsky. The cobalt gelert didn’t sit up; she just watched the wine colored loveliness bounce across the bedroom. She felt privileged just to watch her lover’s six enormous breasts jiggle and sway with her movements. Her pussy dripped with enthusiasm at the thought of being able to touch them in just a few moments. Her hands trembled as she waited to run her hands over Sly’s erect nipples and firm fur. SlyVixsky climbed over the side of the bed and swiftly brought her head down, licking her mistress’s nipples, wetting it making the sensation of air more noticeable to Sasha. The midnight blue canine gasped in joy as the feeling of her partner’s warmth ran over her body. The burgundy anthro slid down her lovers body, smiling to her. Sly’s curled tail swayed from side to side with excitement as she came down on Sasha, licking heavily. Sasha felt her partner’s warm wet tongue slid in and out of her throbbing lips. She penetrated her lover’s pussy deep with her tongue, nibbling lightly on her furry outer lips. She brought her head back slowly while sucking lightly on Sasha’s flesh. She allowed it to slip from her mouth and noted her lover’s approval as Sasha yelped in pleasure. Sly sat up quickly, much like in Sasha’s daydream, and raised a enticing brow. This mixed breed had something up her sleeve, and Sasha had no idea. The military cadet flipped the wall switch above their heads and a slight hum sounded from below the bad and inside the ceiling. Sasha wanted to ask what it was, but somehow knew it would be better if she let it surprise her. She just stared into The vixsky’s eyes trying to ask what it was without having to say it. “I had this installed yesterday while you were at the store.” SlyVixsky chuckled provocatively. Sasha waited and it seemed like forever. Sly idled Sasha by slipping a finger into the young hottie and gently massaging her from the inside. Curiosity and wonder filled the blue dog and it made it difficult to pay attention to the soft fingering that her lover was giving her. Suddenly, Sly shoved all four of her fingers inside her pulsating pussy and Sasha gasped with surprise and pleasure. “Focus on my hand and don’t think about that.” Sly instructed. “What is it?” Sasha wondered. “You’ll see.” The husky mix teased. Sasha noticed a large pink robotic arm extending from the ceiling. The pneumatic end to the arm was tipped with a rather large pink, transparent silicone penis. It had simulated veins and a jar attached behind the action winch that was filled with what looks like a large amount of fake male cum. A second arm rose from under the bed. “One for me, and one for you.” SlyVixsky flirted. Sasha wasn’t sure about this idea of robots involved, but was definitely intrigued. It was a fantasy that has repeated in her mind but, like many things she fantasizes about, she isn’t sure about actually doing something it. Slightly scared but also excited, she pushed the blankets down, revealing her saturated cunt and succulent buttocks. Sasha gave SlyVixsky a good smack on her ass. “You naughty bitch. I thought you didn’t need sex toys to get me off.” Sasha teased. “I don’t, “Sly giggled, “but when I saw this, I couldn’t resist.” The mechanical dicks scanned the exposed butts of the two canine females and analyzed where to penetrate. SlyVixsky clutched onto Sasha to share the warmth and sneaked her hand down to the touch pad at the side of the bed frame. “Where do you want yours?” SlyVixsky asked with an alluring smirk. “Shit… I don’t know…” Sasha responded nervously. “Shit?” SlyVixsky laughed, “I think I have my answer.” She flipped her lover’s motorized dildo to anal and her own to vaginal. This is going to be fun. The two girls braced themselves for the wet down as it was called in the manual, where the areas of insertion are lubricated so that the massive fake phalluses may enter their bodies with the most soothing, warming, and tingling sensation. Both arms sprayed lubricant on the undersides of the women, the pre warmed lube ran across Sasha’s tailhole sparking an explosion of pleasure coursing through her body. The blue gelert swiftly put her hands to the vixen mix’s puss and pulled the heavily lubed lips apart exposing her hole of horniness for the machine. The vixen’s vagina dripped heavily making small splashing sounds on her lover’s crotch below. Their bed has become soaked with female secretions, and it may almost be called a water bed. A soft whirring sound buzzed as the arm slipped into the vixen’s pussy. Her own discharges dropped from the penetrated vulva onto the gelert below at a higher rate. It almost was like running tap water it was so wet with desire. Sasha pulled her legs up from under SlyVixsky and spun herself into a 69 position, the mechanical dick followed her butt as she turned to face oppositely from Sly. The naughty blue canine opened her mouth and allowed the water fall of horniness to fall into her throat. As she gulped, worked her way up to the vagina of her partner. She stuck her tongue out and licked slowly on the bean of her lover’s pussy. The pink cock began sliding in and out of SlyVixsky as the hydraulic mechanism began pulling and pushing the dildo foreword and backward. She enjoyed herself so much that Sasha practically had to drink the juices flowing from the six breasted beauty. She began rubbing Sly’s smallest breasts near her belly button and nibbling on the lips of her vagina while she slid her tongue in and out of her girlfriend’s cunt. “Oh my god, Sasha!” SlyVixsky gasped, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She dropped her head onto her indigo paramour’s crotch with her eyes closed, moaning in ultimate enjoyment. The robot phallus slid into Sasha’s ass. She panted sharply as the large penis entered her anus. Strangely, it felt wonderful as if she had a second pussy. Sly felt for her sea colored courtesan’s vulva and intended to finger her with her index and middle, but discovered that her lover was so wet, her entire fist slipped into the gaping vagina. “Sly! Sly!… OH MY GOD SLYVIX-… I’m going to cum!” Sasha shouted. She began rhythmically yelping in pleasure as SlyVixsky pushed and pulled her fist in and out of her lover’s pulsating womb in time with the mechanical cock fucking her in the ass. The sensors on the phallus picked up her orgasm and pulled out of her asshole. The jar emptied suddenly as it began shooting cum onto SlyVixsky’s face. A stream of cum exploded on contact with her nose, a second javelin of jizz caught the young husky mix right on her lower lip dripping down her chin, and a final spurt of semen landed directly on her tongue as she took a breath. It dribbled hot sticky fluid down SlyVixsky’s muzzle like an erotic fountain of sex. She closed her mouth and swallowed the salty and oozing fluid while just a little bit flowed from the corner of her mouth. Finger licking good, she thought. The warm wetness running down her face and on her breasts sent a sharp sensation down her spine into her pussy, causing her to explode with the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. A river of clear liquid flowed from her vagina onto Sasha, soaking her F cup breasts in the remnants of SlyVixsky’s violent orgasm. The pink robot slowly removed itself as it had already released it’s load into Sly’s womb. It slipped from Sly’s pussy and the excess amounts of fake semen couldn’t be contained inside of her; thus, it streamed from her clit onto Sasha’s sexually stunned body. The cum dripped onto her face and covered her breasts. She brought up her paws and wipe the white fluid all over her body and loved the feeling as it soaked into her fur and skin. They lie frozen in blissful shock as their simultaneous orgasms still resonated between them. The two righted themselves and cuddled for a moment just staring into each other’s eyes. “Holy. Fucking. Christ.” Sasha stated in between her heavy breaths. Sly took Sasha and kissed her deeply then hugged her tightly. “Wait…” Sasha paused, “How much is that thing costing us?” Sly avoided answering then responded, “About 6,000 bucks.” “Holy shit!” Sasha exclaimed. “At least I got it on sale, right?” SlyVixsky reasoned. “We would have gotten it anyway had it not been on sale, I promise you that.”

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