A Vampire’s Debaucheries Chapter 3

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The third instalment of my tale of being turned into a vampire by a little vampire girl.

Anniska smiled up at me, her face glowing.
“Are you close?” She asked.
I nodded. “Yes.”
Anniska’s smile widened.
She was laying back, her head on a pillow looking up at me as I hovered over her on my knees, which were either side of her head.
I had my cock in my hand and was plumbing it up and down over her little face.
Anniska shifted her head down and stuck out her tongue, catching my balls and sucking them into her mouth as I continued to jerk my cock.
The sight of her little girl face looking up at me, her cheeks hollowed from sucking and the feeling of her tongue moving over my scrotum was too much and I felt the vibration of another orgasm starting.
Quickly, I pulled my balls out from her mouth and directed the tip of my penis at her face, aiming for her open mouth with her tongue stretching out.
The first shot of my cum fired hard, missing her mouth completely and hitting her on the forehead and over her hair. The second shot hit over the bridge of her nose and cheeks as she squinted her eyes shut while giggling. The third went over her lips with some going into her mouth. The fourth and fifth ropes of cum I shot went straight into her mouth, covering her outstretched tongue.
I continued to pump my cock with my hand, shooting rope after rope of cum all over her face until, finally after I stopped, I couldn’t identify the face beneath me, so obscured by my white glaze it was.
Anniska leaned her head forward and covered the tip of my cock with her gentle lips, softly suckling as the last dribbles of my orgasm left me.
I stared down at this devilish vampire with an angel face, grinning up at me with only one eye staring through the slime, the other glued shut, with my cock head brushing her lips.
“Well, that was fun,” she told me, her voice cracking with laughter. “Could you get me something to clean up with?”
Nodding, I moved off of her and went to the kitchen to get some paper towel for her to wipe her face clean. Grabbing the roll, I thought about how drastically my life had changed in one night. Shacking my head at the impossibility of this situation, headed back to her.
Back at the bed, after handing her the roll of paper towel, I watched as she wiped as much of the cum off her face with a sheet of the towel as she could, crumbling it up and throwing it into the bin next my bed.
Staring at her, reminiscences about the night before ran through my mind. Starting in the shower and moving to the bed. I couldn’t quite believe all the things that had happened with, to and on her.
I doubt there was anything we hadn’t done. We’d tried multiple positions, using our hands, mouths, tongues and even feet to bring each other pleasure. I’d filled all her holes with my cock, ejaculated into her mouth, cunt, and anus, so many times though the night, I lost count the number of times I came.
Vampires seemed to have an incredible level of stamina and an unending libido.
Honestly, giving her a facial this morning seemed almost tame in comparison to the night before.
This little vampire had completely transformed me. I couldn’t believe how such a small girl could so posses me but there was no denying that I was overwhelmingly infatuated with her.
Her dark eyes captivated me, her full lips seduced me, her little child’s body with its flat chest, skinny legs, lithe arms and hairless pussy stoked a fiery desire inside of me that I had never felt before.
Even now, watching her dainty hands tear off pieces of paper towel to wipe off the goo on her face as she sat naked on my bed with her legs spread, giving me an unobstructed view of her beautiful little slit, made me so hard with passion that all I wanted was to flip her over onto her stomach and drive my cock into her holes from behind until I had her screaming in pleasure once again.
But before I could attempt to do that, she spoke, distracting me from my wicked thoughts.
“I think we should talk,” she said, wiping the last of the cum off her face.
“Sorry, what?” I replied. My eyes were still glued to her tiny slit and my hard cock was itching to penetrate her folds once more.
“Talk,” Anniska repeated, tossing the crumbled paper towel into the bin. “We need to discuss some things.”
“Oh, right,” was all I could think to say. “What things?”
“Well, for starters, we need to get our story straight now that I am going to be living with you,” she said matter-of-factly.
I nodded, still not really concentrating on her words so much as the movement of her lips and thinking about how much I wanted to kiss them.
“I’ve already spoken to your neighbour, CeCe, told her I was your daughter and I’d be living with you now.”
“Right, right,” I replied. It took me a moment to process what she said. “Wait….What! When did you see CeCe?” I exclaimed once understanding of what she’d said hit me.
“A couple days ago, while you were sleeping,” Anniska answered, nonchalantly.
“Sleeping? Wait. What?” My mind was flooded with confusion. Didn’t I just get turned into a vampire last night? Wasn’t yesterday the day I’d met Anniska? Looking at her and shaking my head to clear my thoughts I finally thought of the appropriate query. “What day is it?” I asked.
“Wednesday,” Anniska replied, simply.
“What!” I shouted, standing up and started scurrying around, looking for my phone.
“Wednesday,” Anniska repeated, sounding a little unsure as she watched me dig through draws and cabinets. “What are you looking for?” she asked.
“My phone,” I answered, still digging.
“Kitchen table,” Anniska told me and watched as went to get it.
Having found my phone, I quickly switched it on and looked at the date and time on the lock screen.
I groaned.
Four days! Four days I’d lost.
I sat down on of the stools in the kitchen, staring at my phone, stunned to disbelief and trying to figure out how I could lose four days.
Thinking back how I got home on Friday to find Anniska on my doorstep, to inviting her in and her biting me, I worked out that three days had passed with me sleeping, or whatever it was, while my body changed to become one of the undead.
Three days asleep and then waking up with her sweet little mouth on my cock last night.
Immediately, as that thought crossed my mind, my cock sprang up, demanding attention but I needed to think and work out the situation at the moment.
So, with effort, I refocused.
Four days had passed and I needed to know what that meant.
For a start, I needed to work tomorrow. So I had to figure out what to do about that.
Second, I needed to know what had happened while I was out.
And finally, I had to figure out the plan for the future.
All of this required a discussion with Anniska.

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