A mistake with my mom

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I didn’t something I should’ve with my mom

This happened about 2 weeks 5 days before I turned 18 I was letting my little sister sit on my leg moving it up in the living room with my mom on the other side of the couch when suddenly my sister got off my leg when run to her room I was about to get and go to my room when my mom said wait. I looked at her what she said that she wanted to try. (She’s 36 be the way with probably d cup tits and a great ass) I looked at her confused not knowing what she meant when she suddenly got up and sat on my leg. I never thought of her in a sexual way but I ended up having a boner when sat on my leg. At first she was just on my knee but the more I bounced my leg the more she fell closer to me eventually she was on top of me. And I felt my dick go against her left ass cheek ( she was wearing yoga pants so I knew she felt it). I thought for sure I was gonna get trouble but she started to rub my thigh slowly going down to my dick. Then she started to rub my dick through my pants and I have no idea what to do just started rubbing her tits. She didn’t say anything so I put one hand on her pussy and I could feel was a little wet though her yoga pants. She then looked at me then got up and pulled her pants down and at the same time I pulled my pants down. She then aligned my dick to her pussy and sat on my dick it felt amazing I just lost my self in her. She was so warm and wet I never wanted it to end. I was rubbing her tit and thighs While she was ride me. I even heard her moaning a little and that just got me even harder. She started to go faster and I was in heaven but we heard my sister coming back so she quickly fixed her self and so did i. My sister wanted to show my mom something so they left and I want straight to my room to jack off. But for the past 2 weeks it’s been weird between me and my mom. Any suggestions on what to do now because I really want to fuck her again.

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  • Reply DaddyMoe6t9r

    Catch her getting out of the shower.

  • Reply Chandler Hurt

    If u wanna role play hmu on snap now @chandlerhurt

  • Reply AP

    Incest in and of itself is not wrong but it can lead to bad things. It also complicates things. The relationship dynamics radically change and most people can’t cope with the secrecy required by social pressure and law.
    As you are both adults you need to have a very candid and frank discussion with her so she knows you are agreeable. You are going to have to think with your big head as much as your small one.

    • Psiberzerker

      Incest is wrong. In and of itself, that’s why it’s on the top 5 of taboos along with Rape, Pedo, Necro, and Bestiality. It’s best just to keep these fantasies fantasies.

      The rest of it is pretty good advice, because not talking about it is not going to help their relationship, but it shouldn’t continue sexually. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but it did (If it did) and it has to be dealt with maturely.

      There’s no way to make it right, though. There’s no way to make Incest anything but wrong.

  • Reply F.B.G.M.

    have sex with her she wants it too

  • Reply Jack D

    She obviously wants to have sex with you. Just go up to her and start at is again

    • Psiberzerker

      Don’t commit incest. Even if you listen to the guy that’s telling you that your sister (Who he doesn’t know) is willing, that’s not an excuse.

      Incest is wrong, under any circumstances. Don’t do it. Fantasy is one thing, and that thing isn’t a crime against someone you care about.