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We love each other

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How my daddy and I made love for the first time. This is based on a true story<3

My parents were in the middle of getting a divorce and still lived in the same house. During the court sessions when mom would see her lawyer, dad would constantly come into my room and talk with me and kissed me on the cheeks alot. I thought he was feeling guilty about the divorce so I didn’t pay any attention to it. As the divorce was coming to a close they were having a disagreement on who I should live with and decided that I’d make that decision once dad got his own place. So he finally got settled into his apartment and invited me over one weekend for some daddy daughter time. As soon as my mom dropped me off and he closed the door, he started to tell me how he missed me and loved me and was very happy to see me. I reached up to hug him and we kissed. I didn’t stop him or say anything because I wasn’t sure if it was right. “So dad, what are we going to do for my birthday this year since you and mom aren’t together?” “Sit here baby.” he patted his lap, “tell daddy what you want.” “Well, I’d like a party with my friends and a shopping spree for one.” “Can you handle a party full of 15 year olds by yourself?” he asked. “I go to school with them 5 days a week dad, it will be a piece of cake.” I got up to get a drink of water in the kitchen and he followed. Before I could sip my water, daddy picked me up and put me on the counter. “I think you’re woman enough to love daddy the way he needs to be, what do you think?” “How do you need to be loved?” “I need to be kissed and rubbed. Can you do that? I know I can.” “It doesn’t sound hard but should we even be kissing on the lips dad?” “Yes, we are ready to love each other, you’re almost 15 and I’ve seen your text messages so I know you know about sex.” I felt reluctant to kiss him some more but I did anyway. He grabbed my ass, picked me up off the counter and sat on the couch. We kissed and undressed each other. Then he laid me down and start licking and kissing my clit while squeezing my soft C cup breast and caressing my thigh. In between the french kissing he called my name and said he loved me. After about 20 mins I straddled his lap, pushing my breasts in his face as he stuffed his dick in me and sat me all the way on it. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed passionately as I slowly started to grind my clit on him “Daddy, I love you.” “I love you baby, will you come stay with me?” “You’re not fucking anyone else, this daddy’s pussy.” “Daddy will protect you, ok?” I am kissing all over him and agreeing and telling him “I love you daddy, I want to be with you.” Then he places his thumb on my ass hole and pushes me closer to him to kiss and ride him harder. I am so sticky and I love my dad so much I want him to cum in me. “Let’s record to show your mom later” he said as he pulls my phone out to start recording us kissing. “I love you so much, you make me feel so pretty.” “I love you too baby. Fuck you Leslie, she loves kissing on me and sucking me and rubbing me.” He spanked me and moved the camera behind me to show a view of his thumb on my ass hole and my bubble golden brown ass bouncing on his balls. “Don’t you baby?” he spanked. “Kiss daddy some more!” We’re kissing and I’m grabbing his face rubbing my clit so hard on him and making sure the smacking sounds are loud enough for the video. Daddy is sucking my nipples and kissing my breasts. I was so excited that he wanted to tell mom. I started imagining us doing it in front of her and my pussy started to tighten up around his dick. He immediately stopped recording to kiss me while I came on his dick “Daddy I love you so much, please show mommy everything” thumb deep in my ass and I couldn’t think of much else to say. He started cumming right after I finished and kissed me the entire time. “I’m happy we did this and I want to keep doing it. When do we tell mom?” I asked. “Well we won’t tell her about that part or the video just yet because we need to make sure you can still visit me. She will be very jealous of you and won’t allow you to come over after the divorce if she finds out how much I love you.” “Ok daddy.”

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  • Reply Lynn ID:1i2kovirk0c

    My parents got divorced when I was 11
    I slept with my dad, at first he just rubbed on me
    We started doing oral then on my 12th birthday he took my virginity. When ever we had sex he pull out. I asked why and he said he wanted to but I would become pregnant I said it was ok but he told me if I wanted to become pregnant to find another guy. I ask who he said lots of guys would like to cum in me.

    So I got my mom’s new bf to have sex with me. I kind of like the feeling of him cumming in me.
    It took about 2 months but i became pregnant.
    I told my dad and the sex was more intense.

    My mom was really pissed when she found out her bf got me pregnant.

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      Lynn to bad your dad didn’t make you pregnant. There’s nothing better than feeling the cum that helped create you, creating a new life in you. I’m on my 2nd baby with my dad. I was pregnant by him 2 days after my 13th birthday . I’m pregnant again by him again

    • You’re an idiot and talk a lot of shit ID:71ou0taghl

      Very lucky girl

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    Pictures please.

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    Hot story. Wish I could fuck my daughters tight pussy and ass. U are lucky

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    I’d love to see videos and pics of you and your daddy anytime such a good girl for loving your daddy so much