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younger niece as i can see has also a nice ass and better

i was with my brother karl in our uncle house for summer holidays then i was 10 and karl 13 we two are with black hair but i with glasses.It was july hot night when i get up to drink water but karl bed was empty he will go also for water i say and because of hot i was wearing only a underpant.
while i was going to kitchen i hear moans from uncles room i wonder what he was doing because our aunt we lose her before 3years of breast cancer but also with uncle moans i could hear and some moans of pain but different voise so i go near to see uncle nude to fuck in doggystyle a boy his cock slide in and out boy ass so wild that uncle balls hit boy asscheeks doing some screams of pain and enjoy suddenly i hear uncle aske boy with his name which finaly was my brother if he like his big cock inside his virgin ass karl aswere yes uncle you tear apart my ass and i like it i stay there enough minutes to say truth with a erected cock watching all this until i cum where uncle still fuck my big brother then i return to my bed forgoting water i laying down with stomach the vision of uncle cock fuck my brother doing me want also his cock inside me and i start rub my cock again.
Sundenly i hear door open my brother return i think and i stop rub my cock but whoever was come in my bed and sit down aside me and i start feel fingers rubing my ass above underpant and a voise say my younger niece as i can see has also a nice ass and better i must say you are so unlucky that i put all my energy to fuck your brother otherwise your ass will be mine now then the fingers go inside unserpant and realy now rub my ass entance he try to put them inside me but i was very tight and he stop try say me soon i will tear apart your ass like your brother and you two will be my bitches she kiss me in my neck back and ass and he left.Yes he fuck me and do threesome with my brother and him in other stories if you like it and want other stories left comments.

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    Hi baby girl I sure wish you’d contact me so we could talk… [email protected]

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    more stories yes but damnm better English please