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Uncle Mike

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Uncle Mike has to take care of his niece Sara until lock downs over.

Sara stood at 5’4 nice perky tits that were b cup with a bubble but and nice wavy hair, she hadn’t seen her uncle in years she still remembers him being a perv touching her when she was 12. It made her nervous seeing him it wasn’t like she didn’t like it she loved it.

She hugged her uncle when he opened the door smiling he picked her up his bulge rubbing against her.

She work knee high socks with a white skirt a d white crop top, she wore a thin thing so she felt him, ‘youve gotten so good looking princess’ he closed the door grabbing her bags.

She smiled and looked down ‘thank you uncle mikey’ he smiled and showed her too his room. ‘your mom told me on a such a short notice so you’ll have to sleep with you old uncle it’ll be like good times’ yeah the time we’re he rubbed her pussy and made her do things.

After dinner Sara got dressed in an oversized t shirt and cotton hello kitty panties she climbed in bed her uncle walked in his muscular chest on show and his member showing proudly in his boxers.

He got in bed and she turned facing the other way he got closer pulling her to the middle of the bed. His cock pulled through the hole resting on her covered cunt.

He spoke in a gruff voice ‘remember our little game’ her voice was little ‘y-yes’ he pulled his boxers off and her panties.

‘did you like when I’d come in your room and play with your young cunt’ she nodded moaning at his cock pushing in slowly.

He pounded into her her moans and whimpers with his grunts, she didn’t see the cameras recording ever angle.

He played her on her back while she screamed and moaned ‘,breed my cunt u-uncle mikeyyy’ he grunted speeding up.

‘im gonna use you slut like a worthless slut’ all night she was filled with his seed and throughout lock down.

She had wounded up pregnant, after she had her uncle’s son her dad came and breed her.

Her mom explained it was a tradition and she enjoyed it.

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