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The Horse Bride (Part 3)

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This is a Fiction. Don’t try anything mentioned here.

“Oh Alexa! My baby…my beautiful baby girl. You can’t remember anything can you? You were there for two entire days! I couldn’t even find you anywhere and contacted CJ” my was mom weeping. ” Who the fuck is CJ?” I asked as I was confused. “Umm… Well…” my mom said “He is the owner of the house we’re currently living in. He…um… How do I explain this… He has a fetish of watching women get fucked. So he let me stay there and bring in guests. He has surveillance cameras installed all around the house so he can keep an eye on us. ”

“What the fuck mom?! And you never even told me about that!” I was beyond confused. “You don’t really mind though, do you?” she asked. She was right, I didn’t mind anyway. She continued “So the old guys who sneaked you out of the house, were trying to sell you off to that club. CJ found out that you were put in the ‘Glory Hole’ to see how long you last. The Manager is a sick bastard. He needed some girl to have the experiment done and found you at the right time. There was a Digital number display board on the wall of the basement and it said 3147 when his people found you. I guess that many people have fucked you for these two days. Luckily CJ is a friend if that club’s owner and we were able to get the information that you were there and we could save you before you would die from sex and drug overdose.”

“They didn’t force me to do anything! I chose to do it myself.” I yelled. “Why would you do that honey?” my mom was confused. She was still crying. “Well, guess what, you drove me down to that path, in the first place! I had no other choice. I wanted to fuck a Dog but you wouldn’t let me! They’d let me have what I needed so I did whatever they told me to do! And you know what? I didn’t even feel anything when they kept fucking me. All I had in my mind was Dog dicks!” I was angry and yelled at her. “Oh honey! You wanted it so bad. Sorry I didn’t know. I’m a bad mom for not letting you have a dog cock inside of you! But you know that I love you right? Mom loves you so I want the best for you. I was trying to protect you from turning into a sex crazed bimbo like me. Once you get to taste the pleasure of Animal sex, you can never get over it baby, trust me. Isn’t there a saying, Once you get hooked on Bestiality, you can never get back your Sanity ? ” “I’m pretty sure you made that up” I scoffed.

After coming back home and taking a long shower, I laid my back on my queen sized bed and started to masturbate with the thickest dildo I had in my closet. It wasn’t enough so I told mom about the situation. She put her fingers into my pussy and found a wide gap at the entrance. So she brought her giant dildo ‘Stan’ she had purchased from ‘Bad Dragon’ and it still wasn’t enough. I couldn’t fill up the void that was created in my pussy and heart after fucking the dog at the club. I was probably fucked by over 3000 men after that but I could feel nothing! Maybe mom was right. I can never go back to the life I had before.

“Mom Please, Please, Please Let me Fuck your Dogs!” I pleaded. Meanwhile the old men in the house showed up in my room after they heard about my sexual adventure. They too requested mom to let me get fucked by the dogs so that they can watch me go nuts. Mom finally let me ‘Go to the dogs’ and yes I mean it literally.

The old men in house lifted me up and carried me to the ‘Pet’ Room as I was being crowd surfed. Mom accompanied me to the room and sat by me on the bed when they laid me down on my back. My pussy was dripping wet when they brought the American Bulldog. He was the ugliest and most ferocious dog we had. He was aggressive and was about to be put down when Mom and one of her guests rescued him. They gave him a new life and taught him how to pleasure himself with a human female.

I spread my thighs for him as wide as I could. He was barking loudly which scared me but at least he was muzzled with a wired mask. He was black and had a spiked collar which made him look more scary and masculine. “Mom, buy me a collar like that. I wanna match with him” I told my mom and she agreed.

I was licking my lips and pinching my nipples “Come baby! Come to mommy!” I said to the dog. The men guided his cock inside my pussy as I was squeezing my boobs and mom started rubbing my pussy lips. She stretched out the hole and the dog shoved it’s cock inside me. I gasped loudly holding onto my mom’s arms. My eyeballs rolled up from pleasure and I felt my nipples standing straight. The pleasure was out of the earth. “Hush baby! Hush now! Don’t reveal that you’re in pain or the men will find it overly pleasing and they would ejaculate quickly.”

After getting thrusted for awhile, the dog knotted inside me. I was tightening my vagina wall subconsciously but kept moaning and screaming at the same time. “Take it out…ahh..ooh…take it out of me!” I shouted. The men looked confused. One of them told others that they should just do that. My mom surprisingly liked the idea. She knew how the whole knot thing worked but she still told everyone that they should do that. I was biting and licking my lips, imagining my previous experience of pulling out the knot forcefully.

Mom grabbed the dog and two men held my waists. They started pulling us apart. Moans slipped out of mouth but they mistook it for pain. They stopped for a moment and started pulling again. I was clenching my pussy and keeping a tight grip on the knot. After awhile they realised I was actually reluctant to let it go. “This bitch is actually biting on the knot with her cunt!” one of them scoffed. The others laughed lecherously and decided to keep pulling until we are separated. It was literally a Tug of War between them and me. Even my mother took their side. She didn’t want me to have the dog to begin with.

After a few minutes, they finally managed to pull it out. I came really hard and rolled back my eyes in pain and the pleasure it gave me. The dog was whimpering. I was laying on my back with my legs wide open and dog cum running out of my pussy. The old men then flipped me on my face and made me raise my ass. My boobs were getting crushed on the pillow so one if the guys laid his head under me and took my nipple into his mouth. He sucked my breast for the entire time. They made a German Shepherd nail my ass.

After it was done, another dog was brought and this time I made it fuck my pussy from behind. It was a big Mastiff and it ruined my pussy. I was biting my nails in excitement. After the dog was done, it knotted inside me. Pain and Pleasure took over my entire body and my head felt dizzy. The dog tried to get his knot out of me when it was done flooding my pussy with cum and to make it worse, those old farts teased it with chicken drumstick. It jumped out of the bed and ran around the entire house, with my pussy stuck with it’s dick . I was screaming and crying the whole time. It dragged me around the entire house, until someone finally let him have the food. We were in the kitchen at this point.

Mom seemed annoyed and yelled “Enough with this drama. Get the dog off from the bitch, already”. One of the old men to grabbed my tiny waist and shoved his fat cock into my mouth. Others grabbed the dog and started pulling it apart from me. My mouth was full so I could only muffle. After using brutal force, the old men separated the dog from me. I tried to scream even with my mouth full. As soon as the old guy saw the dog dick pop out of me, he moaned, screamed, and his fat old cock started spilling the thick cum on my tongue. It started running down my throat and into my belly. It was too much but I gulped down as much as I could. After that I tightened my soft, pink lips around the fat, wrinkly cock, so I can milk out even the last drop. I was sucking it with all my might, so there would be a vacuum effect. Unfortunately the cock slipped out suddenly and a few drops spilled from the corner of my mouth and fell on the floor. All that dog cum that creampied my pussy started flowing out as well. Plus, the old men started jacking off watching my gapped pussy and their cum flooded the kitchen floor.

When mom came downstairs to take the dog back, she saw all that cum on the kitchen floor and got furious. “…the fuck bitch?” she yelled. Mom always reminded me how precious semen was. Be it an Ape, canine or a donkey, male cum should always be treated gently and should never be wasted. She grabbed my hair shoved my face on the floor “How dare you let the cum get spilled? Lick it clean bitch or you’re starving today!”. I looked at her with puppy eyes and started licking the cum from the floor. The dog cum and the old men cum got mixed and gave it a nice flavor. I looked at mom and she was licking her lips while fingering her pussy.

I started spending more time in the pet room and the old men loved watching me in all sorts of embarrassing situations. I was getting really serious about the dogs. Even considered getting married to one but mom warned me not to be hasty in taking important decisions like that. Then everything changed when I was introduced to a new sensation. One day, I was fighting with mom over a dog dick. She told me to fuck a rat cause that’s all I deserve. I was humiliated and threw a challenge ” I would and you’ll feel jealous watching me.” I told the old men about it and they really brought a rat. They were enthusiastic about it and assured me that they came prepared. Mom went to the strippers club where she worked part time, so there was no one to stop me!

I licked my lips with the idea of breaking another taboo and the men started laughing at me. Thet got me laid on the bed with my thighs wide apart and started filming me. They were wearing masks on their face but I was looking straight into the camera, showing my tongue and winking at it. I didn’t know where that video might end up and who might watch it. I just wanted the world to see me taking a rat into my love tunnel like a courageous woman. One of the men dressed up in a doctor’s apron and said teasingly “Open wide….” as he shoved a vaginal speculum in my pussy. Then he put in a Condom and as soon as he was done, the other men brought in the Rat. It was acting crazy so I got a little scared. “What did you do to it?” I was started getting up but one of the men pushed me down.

“Nothing! We rescued it from a lab. They have been feeding it cocaine. They did it this morning as well, just before we went there.” they said. “Awww…poor baby! Come here! Come to mommy.” I called out. The men brought it to me and I gave it a kiss. They let it on my chest and it started running all over my body, my boobs, my belly… When it came around my pelvis area, the men led it at the entrance of my love tunnel and it started running inside.

“Ooooaaaaa…” I screamed. It was going crazy inside me. I had condom in there but I could still feel it’s every single move. After awhile I started moaning and screaming violently and my eyes teared up as I came. I was going crazy.

Once, Rebecca and I was whoring out near the asian part of the town. Three old asian man bought me for the night. They lied to me and took me at a “nursing home” which was basically a whore house for asian women. They kept me locked in there for three days kept fucking me one after another. I’m assuming almost thousand men fucked me at that house.

They gave me no food or water and took away my clothes. The only source of water was the tap from the shower attached to the room I had been kept in. As, for food, I had to suck the cum from their dicks and eat it to stay alive. I was so hungry that it tasted divine to me, at that time. I did ask them for food but they pretended not to understand English. So I sucked dry, whoever came to fuck me. They were fucking me all the time and putting all sorts of things inside me, expect for the time I had to go to the toilet. Even that didn’t stop some men to fuck my mouth. It seemed like none of them had fucked a white girl before. At one point, I felt like I had been fucked by the entire Asia.

I thought that was the most intense fuck I had but this is even better. I had multiple orgasms and collapsed soon after that. The men quickly pulled it out. Later, I fed it some cheese and nuts and let it free in the garden. Guess it will never know where it entered!

When mom came back from work, I showed her the clip. She was shocked and started spanking my ass. I think she was jealous. Later, she masturbated while watching the clip and made me lick her pussy. “Oh honey… I’m sorry I hit you.” she apologised and took me in her bed that night. We were butt naked and slept holding each other. If only she knew how much crazier I’m planning to be. The little rat has opened a new door for me.

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