Summer with Kim IV

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So far, the summer exceeded my expectations.

She had on a floral, silky robe. Which she shed on the way to me. God her curves, tan lines and plump lips made me forget I’d just had my ass used by my dad’s brother. “Awe hunny, let me make it better. He used you pretty good didn’t he baby.” All I could do was grunt, I was still semi erect even though I had sent my ropes flying onto my chest a few minutes earlier. When she got to the bed close to me I assumed she was getting on her knees to wrap her mouth around my cock. To my surprise, I felt her hand wrap around my member, and without warning her tongue entered my swollen and sore, cum filled hole. It was new, but it felt so good. Her breathing and moaning imediately made me rock hard again. She paused just long enough to tell me she had sucked all that juice out, now she was going to milk mine. She straddled me and inserted every inch. “God it feels like you’re in my guts baby, you’re huge!” Years of being a dance instructor showed, as she moved her body as she bounced on my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. As I grunted to let her know the end was near. She smiled a sexy devilish smile “inside me or swallow.” Surprise me” I replied. A few moments later I felt her walls tighten she leaned down and kissed me passionately. “Fill this pussy baby. I’ve always dreamt of you using my holes.” With that, I had no restraint. I violently unloaded and she wimpered with every rope. “You’re such a good fuck baby, we are going to have such a good time this year. Do you mind if I sleep in here with you?” “I would love that” as we turned and laid together she began playing with herself. “If you are still in the mood I can help.” “Oh baby no. I just love your taste” then I realized she had all of my load on her fingers. She looked into my eyes as she inserted her fingers in her mouth, and lapped every drop.

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