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Summer of fun

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The summer before high school begins, I went to a bar to find some men to play with!

After Matt having been caught, by the police. I was once again on my own in finding a nice cock. To suck and fuck I missed the days that Matt used my hole and that he let me suck on him, his buddies, and the other kids. That were lured into his apartment complex.

My summer started off as usual alone, bored, and jacking off and fingering myself to those memories. However, an idea hatched into my mind that I could find men at bars or a tavern and that I could use the city bus to get there. I immediately got rock hard again and jacked off to the thought of it! Cummed again and again, at evening I told my parents that I was gonna hang out with some friends.

My dad offered me a lift to get there, I declined and told him I was gonna go take the city bus to get there. He said that he was proud that I was coming out of my shell and that I was becoming more grown up. I took some money and immediately set out to the bus stop, and began taking the city bus to downtown. I had no idea where to find a bar or tavern and as a kid I couldn’t ask an adult where there were. They would get suspicious about it.

Fortunately, for me though I found a bar and of course I could never get in because I was a kid still. I waited for any men to come out and I would go up to them and flirt with them and all. Some of them were too drunk that they couldn’t tell which planet they were on. Others were slurring their words that I could barely understand. Until, finally a man who appeared to be in his early 50’s latino and had a beer belly, still was charming. I flirted with him, he then spoke in Spanish which I curse myself that I didn’t learn any Spanish.

Wishing I could understand him, I gave up and was about to leave him he grabbed my wrist and he said something in Spanish. I tried to get free but he pulled on me I was now in a panic I kept struggling to get his hand off my wrist. He was just to strong, and he pulled me into an ally way, and pushed me against a wall covered my mouth with his left hand. Using his right hand he pulled off my pants, and proceeded to rip my underwear off!

I was crying at this point; I felt his hard cock go straight into my ass all the way to my prostate! It was huge and I felt like he was gonna rip my ass apart, but I stopped struggling and I started moaning as he pounded my ass to oblivion, and I was in complete bless! I was getting my wish come true having a stranger fucking me in the ass, he was so good with it too! I just couldn’t hold out any longer and shot my first load on to the wall! He laughed, as I shot my load and he kept pounding my ass with no sign of letting up!

I began to love every single second that this old man’s cock was in me! He fired his load deep into my ass filling me up nice and full, and he turned me around to face him, and he forced me to suck his cock clean! I loved to and began to suck on his cock licking up every drop of cum coming out of him! He then used both hands and forced his whole length into my throat and fired another shot into me! He kept me there for 12 seconds. He then released me and puts his pants on and left me in the ally way. I was a wreck but I loved it, as his cum leaked out of my ass I used my hand to get some on my fingers and licked it up just delicious!

I left got the last bus home, which was very late at night. Parents were worried but I was able to calm them down. Told them I never paid attention to how long I was there, for and just barely got the last bus home. I took a shower pushed out the old man’s cum but still got some and licked it off my fingers!

I of course went back to that bar, and was lucky to get two drunk men to suck on! They let me swallow their loads and were satisfied and left, I went back there about a week later to have this wealthy man take me to his hotel to fuck me! I loved his cock and how he continued to dump load after load in my ass, and he payed me $700! I of course kept it and used it to buy video games. I also lied about how I got it by saying I mowing my friend’s lawn!

I truly say that was the best summer fun I had!

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