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Softball team fuck

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The time i fucked 2 girls from my softball team

My name is emily, i’m 14 and i’m a freshman at my high school. I’ve always been a pretty horny person but i was a virgin. This happened right before everything shut down cuz of covid.

So, my school’s softball team isn’t that good so it’s pretty easy to get on varsity as a freshman so I got on and it was a lot of upperclassmen and a bunch of lower class men. I wasn’t rlly friends with any of the people in my grade so I started becoming friends with the upperclassmen. They started out being super nice to me. As we got closer they would ask me sexual questions. “are you a virgin” Which i was “have you ever given a blowjob”, “would you fuck a girl”, etc. These were just questions friends ask each other so i didn’t rlly think about it. But one day I went into the shower stall in the lockeroom to change (we’re not allowed to turn on the showers so most girls just change in them) i heard footsteps and curtains opening as my friends checked every shower stall looking for me. They finally got to my stall and as they opened the curtain i was in my underwear. It wasn’t a super big deal but I was confused as to why they were looking for me while changing. The next day the same thing happened but this time they asked me if they could see my tits. I asked why and they didn’t give an answer. One of the seniors named Caitlyn said “if you show us your tits then i’ll show you mine”. I said no but they kept peer pressuring me until I said yes. I heard a click and i saw that one of them had their phone out pointed at me. I covered myself quickly and they just laughed and walked away. I tried to avoid them but they cornered me in the locker room and blackmailed me into showing them my pussy. A couple days later they came up to me and apologised they said that they were just kidding and weren’t actually gonna do anything so i forgave them and we became friends again. The next day 2 of them cornered me in the shower stall again. It was the senior Caitlyn and a junior Izzy. They peer pressured me into undressing completely and Izzy started to finger me. I was in shock and I didn’t move. Caitlyn started to undress and she slowly took off izzys clothes for her. I just stared at them as they started to kiss in front of me. Then Caitlyn broke the kiss and started groping my tits and ass. Izzy started kissing me with tounge. i wasn’t sure what to do and I didn’t wanna lose my friends so I went along with it. Caitlyn pushed me on my knees and made me lick her pussy as izzy kissed her. When caitlyn came on my face they switched places. Izzy came and they both put they’re clothes back on and walked out. before they left they patted me on the head and said “good little freshman”

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    so you got raped but you do not want to loose your rapist friend? so if u had a 65 years old friedn and he would rape you liek those piece of shit did, you would sai nothing? i do not know if i should feel sorry for you, be disgust by your attitue because of yoy your letting 2 piece of shit rapist go free and let them have a chance of raping other girls, or should i be angry at you for your stupidity on saying you do not want to loose your rapist friend. Too bad i do not know them because i would have call the cops or beath the shit out of them and sadly becasue of pepol like you and the society being sexist toward man by always portraing the man as rapist and nver the woman, i meet and read lots of sotry of woman getting raped by woman and girsl being raped by girl but afraid to go to the cops because no 1 would believe them but some of them went and sadly many of them had no justice.

  • Reply Cumgulper

    Sorry about your situation and I hope that you didn’t become traumatized by it. Did you enjoy eating her pussy and tasting her cum. Do you continue to eat their pussy.
    I loved the story and hope that we can hear more of it. Cumgulper 1 Snapchat

  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Hi Emily. I’m also 14. If you want, we can chat on Instagram. I have a separate meme page 😂 that we can chat in. It’s my username. Add me

  • Reply Daeveed

    Hot story can we chat on Kik???