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Sex with my Sleeping / Drunk mom Part.2 (True Story)

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I did it again and I think I fucked up …

I did it again and …

So I masturbated next to my sleeping Mom 3 weeks ago and tried so put my dick inside of her, but fails and came to quick. I was scared and didn´t know what to do with the way I felt. I´ve often thought about doing it again but I wasn´t bold enough to actually do it. Until this Friday. It was the birthday of her sister (she lives in the same town as we are). We were invited to the party. I was the till 8 PM an walked home. Till now it was just a normal day like everyday. I was sitting on my PC when my mom came home at 2AM. The husband of my aunt brought her home because my mom was to drunk to actually walk the way home. We talked as she got inside the house. Not much the normal drunk people talk. I helped her go the the her room. I wanted to help her undress but the was to shaky on her feets and just felt on her bed. It was an akward moment and she just fell asleep within a second. I thought about to cover her up but she was laying on the blanket. She didn´t respond as I tried to explain that she was laying on the blanket.
I said fuck it to myself and went to my room. At the very same moment I thought about the night 3 weeks ago and how I could do “it” again. It would be the perfekt opportunity. I tried to ignore the thought but it came back. 45 Minutes I sat on my bed and fantasized about it until I made up my mind. I´ll do it again and this time I´ll go the “full way”. My my heart was racing like the last time. I knew that my mom was not on the pill – never was. So I considered using a condom. Up to this point I was a virgin. Never had sex before and so I don´t have condoms. Just an old one. I searched for this thing and found it. It was the first (and only) one I got from school at the age of 12-13. So this thing is fucking old. I don´t know why but I didn´t care much. Better than nothing I guess. Yeah well no. I stealth walked inside my moms room (I could have come in a truck and she wouldn’t have woken up I guess) equiped with a washcloth a small pillow (ive learned about the high difference) and the old condom. I layed next to her and talked to her. Asked her coulple of things and even softly shaked her some times. Nothing. I was so excited!
I knew that this is more wrong than every thing else but I had to do it. I was hard already and pulled down my pants. She was laying on her right side – the same way like she dropped herself on the bed. She was wearing a thin blue summer-dress with white dots on it. I softrly pulled the hem of her skirt over her bottom and exposed her blue panties. My breath went uncontrollably as I thout about how to get off her panties. I just pulled them to the side and uncovered her vagina. Sie was slightly hairy and beautiful as the last time. I was sooo damn horny at this moment I can´t even describe it. I put the pillow under my hips and ensured the right angle. I pulled my cock close to her and stroked with him over her intimate area. Precum was already building an my penis and left damp spots on her. I quickly checked her face but i couldn´t see it. I unpacked the condom and tired to put it on my cock. It was dry and smelled wiered. I didn´t used one before so I thought it is normal.
I didn´t want to lose any more secounds and placed my cock on her vagina. I tried to put it inside but it didn´t work. I brute forced it an I heard a shot crack. My cock slipped some milimeters inside her outer labia. I looked at my cock and saw that the tip of my penis was looking outside the concom…
This old stupid thing broke. I was indigant and a little bit desperate. Than I “saw” the problem. My mom was not wet enough – well not even close to wet. I dinßt thought about it tho. Stupid Virgin I said to myself. I pulled my cock back an looked at the broken condom. I moistened my fingers with my saliva and slowly moved my fingers up to her vagina. I slowly began to finger her with my left and masturbated myself with my right. After like 2-3 Minutes of slow fingering her I pulled my fingers outside of her and once again called her name to check if she is awake.
At this moment I just wanted to FINALY have “Sex” with her. Or at least stick it in the first time. I placed my cock on her vagina again. (I removed the stupid condom). I was so excited and knew that this is the moment where i cross a line wich normaly noone shoud cross. And I pushed little by little. And suddenly i was fully inside of her! I couldn´t belive it!
I was listening to her breath but it was normal. I stayed inside of her for about a minute and started to move slowly. Just very little. Slow movments. I listened to the smacking noise. i was in heaven! I don´t know how long I “fucked” her ( I hate this word). Maybe 5 minutes. Slow moving thrusts. I felt that my orgasm was building up. With every thrust and every secound. I was hating myself for breaking the condom because I didn´t want to pull out to cum. I just wanted to be inside and cum inside. Inside the condom or inside of her. But I couldn´t cum inside of her. It was to risky in to ways. Pregancy and the white sticky mess. I closed my eyes, softly grabbed her hips, thrusted a last deep push, tensed my whole body and prepared myslef so pull out at he last second.
But I could not or didn´t want to. I don´t know. The feeling, the atmosphere, everything it was to much and to good. i relaxed .. and released all my tension … and came. I came inside of her and it felt so indescribably good. My cock twitched inside of her and I felt the warm cum around my penis inside of her. I nearly passed out. But when the reality hit me I was awake. i realised what I just did and How FUCKED I am.
I pulled my cock out of her and thick streams of my cum and her wettnes streamed out of her. I grabbed the washcloth and tried to clean the cum as good as possible. I tried to finger some cum out of her but it didn´t work. I was to scared that she coudl wake now. I pulled her panties back on and grabbed the fucking dead condom the pillow and the washcloth and dashed out of her room inside my room. I sit down on my bed. Guilty. And looked at the spunk on my coock. This time I fucked up I thought but it was totaly worth. I hope.

My mom is still laying in her bed. She has a headache an is feeling sick. I talked to her some time and she saids that she feels embarrassed for beeing so drunk infronmt of me. She said that she don´t even know how she get home and inside the bed. So told me that she had to puke in the night. And thats it I don´t know if she noticed something. Or not. Or maybe she is thinkind that she had sex with someone at my aunts house? I dont´t know. The only thing I know that I came inside my mother last night and that I´m feeling for far too little regrets. It was amazing and although I did something terrible I´m happy as fuck!

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  • Reply Tomas

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and mom was drinking a lot of Scotch and water. She would get so drunk she would black out and never remember anything that she did. Late one night I found her passed out cold sleeping on the couch and her robe had opened up and I could see her whole nude body. This is the first time I saw a grown up woman nude and I was getting excited looking at her. I tried to wake her up to go to bed but Mom didn’t move a muscle. I hated Mom when she was drunk until this night. I got up the courage and touched her boob and was amazed that her nipple got really big and long as I was feeling it. I touch her pubic hair which was really cool because I didn’t have any pubic hair yet. That’s when I discovered moms vagina and I pushed two fingers inside of her vagina. Now every single time she got drunk I would feel her up and do whatever I wanted to do. All my first sexual experiences were with my drunk mother

  • Reply Incestisbest

    Fucking hot!!

  • Reply Mac

    When I was a teenager my mother got really drunk and I was able to feel her up sucking on her nipples while fingering her vagina. About a year later she was so drunk I was able to experience sex with her for the first time in my life. She never woke up or said anything about it to me. All my first sexual experiences were with my drunk mother.
    This is absolutely the truth no BS

  • Reply dedalus

    true story

    • Sali


  • Reply Tomas

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and my mom started to get drunk a lot. I started to find her around the house half undressed or completely naked. She was the first grown up woman I ever saw nude. This was the first time I I ever got sexually excited. Once I learned that after Mom got drunk she would pass out cold sleeping and nothing would be able to wake her up. Once I got up the courage I tried feeling her up playing with her boobs and fingering her. After a few months I was able to experience sex for the first time in my life. Mom was passed out cold sleeping on her side nude so I got into the spooning position with her and easily slipped inside of her vagina from behind and within seconds I was cumming deep inside of my drunk Mom. She never woke up or said anything about it to me. This is true story about how I had sex with my mom

    • Rio

      Amazing.Did you do this more then once? Aren’t you scared of pregancy.
      MY mom took a Morning-after pill as i know today.

  • Reply Arron Kay

    Teach me how I want to fuck my cousin the same way but need advice to know how

  • Reply Arron Kay

    Teach me how I want to fuck my cousin the same way but need advice to know how

  • Reply David

    Fucking hot

  • Reply Herber

    You are German

  • Reply 16 y o horny guy

    I mean…if any older girl/women is interested in a 16 yo guy…snap me @varunsodh2…(gonna read the story now…)

    • Joanna

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    • Rich

      Joanna can i ad you on face book? Where are you from?