Reading a story on here made me want to tell mine for the first time

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I got quite nervous then, even she said I looked quite sheepish at that point and if I wanted to call it off I could

After reading “I wanted a reckless and wild experience” on here I thought I could tell of my moment of infamy! I had a friend who did some crazy things and one of them was letting a pub full of people literary have sex with her during a lock in! I asked her what it was like but all she would say was you’ll have to try it for yourself with a glint in her eye!
She even showed me some pics that were taken that night and they were an eye opener but she said it was the most liberating time she’s ever had.
I’ve done some mad things in my life but nothing like this, but as time went by I began to wonder, is it really like she said,
liberating! the more I thought about it the more I found myself drifting into the possibility that I could do it, them one day during one of my visits I asked her if it would be possible, she almost passed out in pure shock! Then she said yes if she went along with me so she could start things off for me! Adding that hers wasn’t planned it just happened! Asking if I was really sure I wanted to do it I answered with a firm affirmative and got myself used to the idea, it was going to be the craziest things I have ever done in my life.

We arranged a weekend and a day, just the thought of it made me tingle all over, I didn’t live in the same place as her so it made it easier for me I think, the day arrived and she told me to wear something really nice so I decided on a short tartan skirt, stockings and a white blouse that tied in the front and of course nice make up! and off I went for my date with infamy!
Getting there a couple of hours before she said I looked perfect and should attract a lot of attention! She asked if I had everything which I did, or thought I did until she produced a morning after pill! You’ll need this unless you want to get pregnant she said! Put it in your purse safe, and off we went.
It was a really nice place too, sort of plush with red velvet chairs and seats, one bit of advice she gave me was not to drink if I could help it! One or two but that’s it so I had a clear head of what may happen! Some people came in she knew and she went and had a quick word with them, coming back she said it was on!

I got quite nervous then, even she said I looked quite sheepish at that point and if I wanted to call it off I could, no, I came this far so I’m not going to lose my nerve now, a couple of the same guys came over that was talking to her earlier and sat beside me, before I knew it they had their hands on my thighs under the table working up my legs, I felt fingers on my crotch as they felt my pussy through my panties, then they stopped and said they would be back later.
I asked if the landlords wife really let things like this happen but she explained that’s why it had to be arranged for a night when she was away, well that sort of made sense! While the cats away!
Time seemed to pass really quickly and it was 11.30 almost in an instant! after the landlord called time with a bell those who wanted to leave did and a lot stayed, all men, the two that was touching me earlier came over again and started doing the same thing as before, only this time parting my legs and putting their hands down my panties, their fingers explored my pussy as it made squelching noises!
One of them said why don’t you take them off love, why don’t you do it for me, I lifted my bum off the seat and they removed my panties exposing my bald pussy which by now was soaking!
After some more fingering which made me cum, I hadn’t noticed that a red bench had been produced! Same as the rest red velvet, I was picked literally picked up and carried over to it!

I had more than one pair of hands touching me now! One of the loosened my blouse exposing my breasts, they took it in turns to lick and touch my pussy for a few minutes, then it got serious, my legs were lifted up and parted, the first guy had his cock out between my legs, rubbing it up and down he slid in to me, I was so wet he went right in up to his balls, I noticed a few of them had their cocks out too, one of them presented his to my mouth, I licked the end of it before he slid the end in, I felt him get really hard in my mouth, the first one inside pushed and groaned as his cock unloaded inside me as I felt it pumping and twitching, as soon as he left another one went straight up in me, he felt bigger than they first and was able to make me cum in seconds as my pussy closed around him in orgasm, he didn’t last too long after that pumping his cum inside me as I sucked on another cock, I felt the third guy position himself rubbing his cock on my slippery pussy before he pushed inside me, this guy was quicker than the first two! after a few seconds I felt him unload his cum in me,.

I was expecting the next guy almost immediately but instead I felt something else, like I was being licked, I looked down expecting to see my friend licking me but she wasn’t, it was one of these men!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t believe it! A man was licking my pussy after three other guys had cum inside me!! I’m not complaining but it was something I never expected to see! after he was done he got up, god he was a sight for sore eyes! His nose and mouth were covered in other men’s cum and he didn’t care! He quickly shoved his cock in me and fucked like me crazy! Only stopping to cum inside me.
After that I had a steady stream of cocks going through me I lost count! A few of them got themselves hard again comming in my mouth which I swallowed and a few of cum in me twice.
It was three in the morning when we walked out of there and by that time I certainly had my wild experience! We drove back to my friends house, I had a shower getting as much of the cum out of me as possible, the night would not be quite over yet though, she asked me how I felt but I was still pumped up and a bit sore! finish your coffee and lets go to bed she said, I’ll rub some baby oil on your back, it felt wonderful when she massaged it in, working her way down and between my legs, after that night I was really sensitive there and she knew it, asking me to turn over on my front, I was about to be surprised again! She finished of rubbing what was left on her hands into my thighs, it felt like heaven and when she asked me to raise my legs up I just obeyed her, I had my head back on the pillow, I never really felt my legs part but they did, the next thing I knew was I jumped! All she said was Shhhhhhhhh just lay back and enjoy it, she kissed licked and caressed my pussy like no one had before, I was having my first ever lesbian experience too! I never did anything to stop her, I lay there with my legs wide open while her tongue gently probed my pussy and she gently licked and sucked my clit making me dribble cum! I must have fallen asleep or something cause the next thing I knew it was 2 in the afternoon! She had washed and dried my clothes that morning too as they got covered in cum!
I spent the next night with her too, I let her make love to me and I had sex with my first girl! A double first for me and totally enjoyed it, I lost count of how many of them had their cocks in me, she said there was 27 in the pub that night and all but a coupe of them went through me! some of them twice! no wonder I was a bit sore!
Oh yes I remembered to take that little pill too and it worked, or god knows who’s kid I might of had!

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    I can’t wait to see these photos [email protected]

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    Give me your email address and I’ll consider showing you a couple of pics

    • The Pussy Gaper

      I don’t normally do this but at least it’s not my main account. [email protected] is my email. I hope you would like to join my class.

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    I don’t know! If you could have put pics on here I may have but you can’t! And I can’t put up my email or I’ll have God knows who bothering me and I certainly don’t want that.

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      Well would messenger work?

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    Is it something you will do again?

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    Wow Karen. Amazing story! I’m not sure of your age, would have been an amazing detail to add. I’m 30 and would most definitely have been one to partake in your liberating experience.

    I’m guessing from the fact that they called you love that this all happened in London/UK?

    • karen

      No not exactly but in the UK yes, and yes I was old enough!
      Got some wonderful pics of that night as as reminder! 😂

    • W

      Don’t tease unless you’re going to share haha.

  • Reply Thijs

    Hi I’m from the Netherlands, Great story and I’ve read of a few girls who have done the same thing as this and they all seem to enjoy it, I expect with the morning after pill if give a great sense of liberation! 10 out of 10 love.

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      Perverted class of sexual enlightenment? what does that mean? sounds a a bit like Cynthia Payne to me!
      So what’s it all about then? could be a bit too Miami vice for me!

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      It’s about stretching and gaping your pussy to where it would help expand your sexual horizon and gain a new appreciation for your vagina.

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      Also what’s Miami Vice?

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      I already have an appreciation for that!