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Raping patty

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My friend and I went to his brother’s house to find patty babysitting

My friend and I got to his brother’s house patty answered the door we went in she informed us she was babysitting until 10 it was 6:30 we hung out for a while patty gave the kids a bath and put them to bed we were talking and my friend said we should fuck patty being a horny teenager I agreed she came out of the kids room and we grabbed her dragging her into his brother’s room she was fighting him as he got her blouse and bra off she had smooth breasts with smaller nipples I started feeling them they were firm and so soft and smooth he told me to get her pants and panties off she really found hard as I unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down along with her panties her shaved little vagina right in front of my face it smelled heavenly as I got her out of her pants we threw her on the bed I forced her legs apart and buried my face between her thighs her sweet scent was intoxicating as I hungrily lapped her nectar fingering her tight little pussy all of a sudden she started to orgasm my friend already had his 7.5 in cock in her mouth he pulled it out and got on top of her ramming his 14 year old cock into her 13 year old virgin pussy and relentlessly raped her shoving his cock balls deep into her tiny tight pussy I got undressed as he fucked her hard fast and deep until he grunted and tensed up he pulled out and shot his sperm all over her breasts and belly as her got up I got on top of her pulling her legs over my shoulders I started rubbing my thick in 14 year old cock up and down her slit she pleaded for me to stop as I stretched her opening pushing harder and harder until I popped inside shoving my cock to the hilt she was so tight like a velvet vice around my cock I pistoned in and out of her hole she started bucking and trying to get me off all of a sudden her tunnel tightened up and released milking my cock I shoved deep as her vaginal canal rippled up my cock I deposited a huge load inside her I started sucking her nipples squeezing her breasts my friend went into the other room as I kept raping her again I pounded her tiny tight wet hole as hard and deep as I could she kept sobbing as I pumped 2 more loads deep inside her I got dressed and we left I found out she was babysitting again for the next 4 days I snuck back and raped her repeatedly dumping my seed deep into her tiny womb she never told anyone about it and I found out she was pregnant she had our baby a few weeks later I went to see her.. to be continued

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    Yes beat the fuck outa this boi

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    Totally colonel! these people are horrible

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    i will hunt you down and kill you for sure. Be ready! I am a man of my words. I have disabled many guys in my prime. I will break every bone in your body and leave you dead on the spot.

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      Bring it bitch

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      i truly hope u do it. if you do you become 1 ofmy hero.

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    Your timing is off