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paid to rape my sister on film

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I had met these older guys when I was 12 they showed me my first porn

I was hanging out with my older friends and we were watching this guy around my age forcing a little girls pussy to accept his cock she was screaming and thrashing around as he forced his 4.5 inch cock all the way inside her..
The guys kept asking if I had any sisters I told them yes I watched intently as the boy raped her shoving all his cock into her again and again..
After they asked me if I’d like to rape a girl like that I said yeah they told me if I’d bring one of my sisters they would pay me to watch me fuck her I’d never had sex before and just started jacking my dick recently so I agreed..
I got my sister pam who was 10 to come with me the next morning promising her something really special as we got to the rundown farmhouse we went in she was hanging on to me saying she was scared and wanted to go home we got into the bedroom and I immediately recognized it as the room in the porn we watched the day before..
They older man told me how to make her suck my cock and to use plenty of lube when I penetrated her there was 8 guys in all that had video cameras the older guy looked at me and said action o grabbed pam and took all her clothes off her she was crying as I got undressed my 7.5 in cock standing out in front of me I pinched her nose and when she opened her mouth I shoved my cock into her mouth pushing as far into her mouth as far as I could and pulled back doing it over and over again it felt amazing the guy had told me earlier to try and push my cock into her throat so I got as far in as I could she started making a choking noise and I grabbed the back of her head and pushed in hard it popped into her throat I could see the outline of it and the guys with the cameras zoomed in as I face fucked my little sister I felt my balls starting to tighten as my seed flowed out with more force than I ever had before I kept it in her little throat and kept pumping seed down her throat I pulled out of her throat and cum shot out around my cock and out her nose I never had such an orgasm as I softened and pulled out she was coughing and puking up my sperm I felt another mouth on my cock and looked down to see the little girl from the movie sucking me hard again..
I lubed my cock liberally and squeezed it into Pam’s tiny opening she was coming around when I started pushing myself against her opening pushing harder and harder watching her start to stretch out and around my cock she started crying as she was stretching beyond her limbs the head and 3 inches finally got past her lip6and inside her vaginal canal I bottomed out and still had 4.5 inches to go I kept shifting around as I pumped in and out pushing hard every time I got in as far as I could little by little stretching her deeper and deeper her blood coated my cock it took over 45 minutes to finally get balls deep inside her she was crying and shaking really hard I held deep for 5 minutes then started pulling back until just the tip was at the entrance shoving back in I started going faster and faster harder and harder until I blasted my cum deep inside of her it pushed around my cock and flowed out around it along with her blood I started pumping in and out with hard jabbing motion until I went soft as I pulled out and backed off another one of the guys replaced me raping her with blind fury until he emptied inside her all 8 guys raped her abused sex when everyone was done her hole was gaping open and she was covered with sperm I cleaned her up as best as I could her hole stayed gapped open I collected my $1000 and carried her home telling her she couldn’t tell anyone I went into her room that night with my flashlight and checked her little pussy it was still gaped and black and blue I made sure nobody saw it and after 3 days it finally looked almost normal I fuck her every week and made plans to take my other 3 sisters soon ..

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  • Reply Kinda horny lol

    1 6 yo guy Here, girls hmu @varunsodh2 (snap)

  • Reply sandra

    i need someone rape me like you did in your sister

    • KM4

      Add kalebt04 on snap, I might be able to help with that 😉

    • buck naked

      That could happen

    • Sandra I can

      I can let me know were u live at

    • Marshy

      Drop Your Snapchat ID.

    • Varunsodh2

      My snap I’d is varunsodh2

  • Reply Smd

    12 with a 7.5 inch dick.. come on, can you try to make it at least somewhat believable

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  • Reply 14 yr old

    You should make three more stories then