Never thought walking my dog this could happen!

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OMG! It was only a fleeting glimpse but shit! That can’t be real can it! It must be he’s peeing through it!

I used to live in Hetton Le hole but I don’t anymore, I was single but not anymore! cause I met someone in the most unusual circumstances, I walked my dog everyday round the park there, usually around the two lakes for a couple of hours a day, then one day there this man, very good looking and well dressed and built doing the same as me, we said hello as we passed and commented on what a lovely day it was, I usually did this walk the same time everyday unless it was raining or something.

Anyway to cut a long story a little bit shorter, we met quite regularly at the same time so decided to walk the dogs together as they seemed to get with each other, we chatted and talked and became very friendly, it got that I used to look forward to going
round there as we enjoyed each others company, as we talked we started telling each other a little more about ourselves getting to know each other, he was married but I was single and it got to the point where a mutual trust had developed over time with us, and as we talked we delved a little more into each others lives, for instance he asked why I didn’t have a boyfriend!
I was quite honest with and said I did but it didn’t work out for a number of reasons (too many to go into here!) so 24 and single again!

He said he was married but not happily but he did love his wife so he wouldn’t leave her, and as he talked it became apparent the reason he was not happy was that he was still very much sexually active but his wife wasn’t, I asked him if this was the reason he did this every day and he said yes, sometime twice a day he would come out but down at the other park near the shops there.

I couldn’t help think to myself that this guy, obviously well groomed and spoken was literally going through his own private hell, it didn’t matter how old he was, albeit he was 50 and certainly didn’t look it, he had been driven into celibacy by someone he loved, maybe unintentionally and it was hurting him, and to honest I didn’t know how to help.
The one thing I could do though was too join him on his second walk, I suggested it to him and he said it would be great if I could do that, I also gave him my email address so he could let me know when he was going out, being careful to tell him to delete them after sending (we wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea) and so started something special.

We would meet up, and when no one was looking we would hold hands while our dogs ran and played around, pretty soon we would be linking each other as we walked in one of the parks, but there was always a time limit when he had to be back, usually a couple of hours, then one day we were down where the burn was, it’s a lovely place especially in the summer, plenty of shade and all, we had been doing this for 4 months I think, walking, holding hands and linking each other, behaving like a couple really, we sat down on one of the benches, he just came out with it, I’m extremely fond of you he said and apologized straight afterwards! I was a little taken back by it but not totally surprised, oh no please don’t apologise I said, I like being with you too I replied, with that we got up and walked again coming to the turn which would take us back up to the road, he turned to me and said same time tomorrow and I just looked at him, I took a few steps back behind the bushes motioning him to follow me so we couldn’t be seen from the road, I took hold of both his hands and just looked up at him, I lied back there I said, I’m becoming extremely fond of you too, we just looked at each other for a couple of seconds and he bent down to kiss me, I never moved and let him and pleased I did cause it was wonderful, powerful and gentle at the same time, I’ll see you at the same time tomorrow then at the entrance then, yes I want that and we parted.

Walking back along where I had just come I felt like I was walking on air! That kiss had got me damp too! My god if nothing else he knew how to kiss! I couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive.

The next day beautiful, the sun was out and I went to the shops and waited for my company to arrive, he arrived right on the button, he gave me a peck on the lips and off we went, A little way in I realised I needed to pee badly! I asked him to watch for me while I went behind a bush cause I couldn’t wait! Of course I will but I may peek myself, what I said then I still can’t believe even now, well you can if you want too I replied!!!! I better watch out in case anyone comes by he said, finishing off we carried on but a few minutes later he said needed to go too! Well it’s a lot easier for you I said all you need is a tree! Come on down this way I’ll keep watch for you, I don’t know what it was, intentional or what but I couldn’t resist, I looked back and OMG! It was only a fleeting glimpse but shit! That can’t be real can it! It must be he’s peeing through it! It looked like he had hold of a fence post!  I have been with a couple of boys in the past, but they never had that that, I thought he must be 6 or 7 inches and he’s still soft!!!!!!!!!!!
He zipped up and came back, well that’s one you owe me, pardon I said, I saw you peeking round! I did yes I’m sorry, I was so taken back I didn’t even say I didn’t see anything! But I think it was obvious even to Ray Charles I did!

We parted that evening and as usual it was with a wonderful kiss, he looked back and said remember you owe me one! I smiled and Ok tomorrow then, that night was awful! I couldn’t forget what I saw and he knew I saw him, but I was pleased I didn’t deny it like a frightened little girl! And to be honest I masturbated silly that night, I thought I would make a point of deliberately wanting the loo, I mean not pretending either, so the next day I emptied my bladder and drank a ton of water just before I left! In other words I was setting myself up, I wanted to know if he really would look at me or would be the gentleman he always was, I liked that though cause unlike other boys I had known, he was a gentleman.
I was so eager I got there well before him and thought if he doesn’t hurry up I’ll have to use those disgusting toilets at the shops! But as always he turned up on time and off we went, down the bank and around the bowling green, it was perfect, lovely and warm too, we were about ten minutes in when it struck, I apologised and said I needed the loo, Ok he said I’ll keep watch for you, I wandered in the bushes and pulled down my knickers, making sure there was a gap where he could see me if he wanted!
I was a little disappointed when he didn’t though! I finished and took off my knickers putting them in my bag beside the doggy bags!
I thought you said I owed you a peek I said, you wouldn’t have minded if I’d looked looking surprised! That’s why I went there so there was a gap for you I said, Ah Ok he replied, Come on lets go down this way and we turned left onto the trail through the woods with our arms around each others waist.

We got to a place where the tree’s sort of formed an arch over the path, I stopped and thought Ok it’s now or never, I took a few steps back from him and said close your eyes for me, he did and I pulled up my dress exposing my neatly trimmed pussy for the first time, ok you can open them, he just stood there staring at me almost with his mouth open! Like what you see I said, very much so he said, good as he walked up to me, it a good job there was no one on the path as he kissed me with my dress still up around my waist! His hand glided over my pubic hair as he touched me for the first time, come on this way I said, a little further down the path the trail splits onto some grass away from the path and away from prying eyes!

As we sat down the dogs just lay there, we were on a slight slope downwards and no one knew we were there! We sat down on the grass and started kissing, I couldn’t resist anymore as my hand reached down to the front of his pants and OMG what I felt surprised me, What I had saw was very real, he layed me back and reached down between my legs, he went a little further this time with my help as I parted them slightly, his fingers danced over my pussy lips, I unzipped his pants and over 9 inches of the thickest prettiest cock I had ever seen sprung out, The head was perfect and had precum coming out already, I started slowly wanking him as his fingers went inside me a little more, it was like handling a lump of two by four, so big and hard, it was only a matter of time though before the inevitable happened, he climbed down between my legs to feast on my already wet pussy. After he gave me two very fine orgasms he stood up and removed his pants.

He climbed between my legs gently parting them, He took his time, he rubbed that enormous cock on my pussy making it wet with my juice, he slowly slipped the head in and waited. he asked if I was OK and I said yes, he took his time and eased it in more and more, my pussy gripped onto his cock like a vice! It had no choice in the matter!
I don’t know if it was the size or the way it was curved but it hit my G-spot just right and after just a few minutes I felt the orgasm building. I let out a load moan and had a gushing squirt. now I have good orgasms but never like that one! He picked up the pace and started for number 2 and my god he got it! I was moaning as his balls slapped into me! He asked me if I was ok and wasn’t hunting me, I just nodded no! Another orgasm was building, I squealed this time and he could hear the gush of my juices as they shot out,  kept pumping me and within a few seconds another gush just as powerful, but this time that I felt that huge cock began to swell and I knew what was about to happen. I was not sure if I was ready but he let out a moan and I felt the gush of his cum very deep inside my now very wet pussy, it felt like he cum for 5 minutes and I could feel it run out as he pumped me more until my final orgasm hit me, between the amount of his cum in me and my squirt I once again flooded.

Afterwards we got dressed, neither of us was prepared for had happened! I was soaked and so was he with my cum! I saw no sense in letting him go home like that so I brought him back to mine so he could clean up, he could put his clothes in the wash when he got home, we made love nearly every time after that but eventually I suggested he come to mine so we could be more comfortable, he agreed and we made love in my bed from then on, it went on for months like that, then one day I got a message saying his said his wife passed away in the night, I was just as shocked as he was and thought well that’s it, he’ll be too preoccupied now to bother with me, he called me a couple of days later though and asked if he could come over, I didn’t go mad over sex, instead I listened to him and tried to comfort him and told him I was here if he needed me, yes of course I need you, I’m in love with you but at the moment I can’t, it wasn’t until months later I learned that he was in a very toxic relationship and what happened was probably for the best, I didn’t care he was twice my age, I loved him and it was all that mattered.
We moved out of Hetton shortly afterwards and set up home somewhere else together.
If anyone is reading this from Hetton le Hole you’ll know the area’s I’m talking about!

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    i am sooo happy for the both of you,make me remeber sadly ythr many time tahtstuff like that could have happeneed to me but before i had soo low self estemm that pepol thoug it was a carpet.

  • Reply Adam

    I do the area your talking about and it is as you say, lots of places where you could engage in that!
    I thought this was yet another dog story too and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn`t, not that I have anything against it I reckon live and let live, nice story when a great ending & hope the two of you are very happy together.

  • Reply KM4

    Amazing story. Horny girls go add kalebt04 on snap and you won’t regret it 😉

  • Reply Ws

    I thought this was going to be another dog sex thing, pleased it wasn’t though.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Roger

    Good story enjoyed reading it, sometimes it’s not just the blacks who have big cocks!