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My rape story

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I was 15 the place was a public bathroom. I thought I was safe I thought I locked there door but the door must’ve been faulty. I went into the bathroom to clean up something I spilt on my skirt fumbling to get the lock shut on my way to the mirror. A minute later I heard foot steps going past but it stopped and I heard the door handle open. “I’m in here” I called out. This older man opened the door. “I know I saw you come in” he said. I was so scared it was a tiny bathroom no where to run I was trapped. He looked me up and down and smiled. He was blocking the door walkway and started walking towards me cornering me. “Please I just want to go, i won’t tell anyone ” I cried. “Its okay i just want to have some fun” he replied ” He was now right in front of me smiling again. I pushed him and tried to run but he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me back. He started touching me squeezing my breasts hard in one hand the other running down my body under my skirt and gripping my ass. I felt a bulge grow against me I was scared of what he was going to do scared to believe it I thought it was a dream. He slipped his hand under my panties “dont do this” I cried softly giving up hope he smiled. He moved his hand towards my pussy starting to play with my clit for a while and I moaned softly ashamed. He then took off my top and cupped my breasts hard before ripping off my bra and my 12c breasts fells out. “Mmm I cant wait for this” the man said. He pulled up my skirt above my pierced belly button and ripped off my panties. He then undid his pants and his big cock fell out. He lifted me on the sink I felt the coldness first and the
rounded corner second I cried and tried to squirm away but he held me in place. He started rubbing my wet pussy while stroking his cock. Another lot of fear came over me my first time and this is how it’s going to be? He came closer to me between my legs and angled his cock towards my pussy while looking in my eyes smiling he shoved his cock inside me. I winched and cried out with it stretching me. He then did it faster thrusting forcing himself on me more and more. It was mostly pain but there was a little pleasure besides being pushed against the sink. I started to feel tingly and let out a a soft moan “I knew you were a little slut” he said. It went on for what felt like ages. Then I felt something warm fill me up. And I panicked there was no protection. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me down from the sink and I fell on my hands and knees. From there he pulled my hair up again so I was on my knees I gasped from the pain he then thrust his cock in my mouth suddenly gagging me. “Little sluts deserved to be gagged” he laughed. He let me gag for a few seconds and forced my head back and forth “just like this keep sucking ” he said moving his hands away behind his head” I kept in rhythm sucking his cock it tasted kinda salty and i gagged myself on it just like he wanted I was hoping itd be over soon. It went on for a few minutes I tried different things with my tongue hoping he’d finish faster. After that my mouth started to hurt I was going slower and deeper for a while then I felt it twitch and it filled my mouth of hot cum. “Swallow it bitch ” he demanded but I was hesitant. He then used his cock to slap my face “NOW!” He yelled and in fright I swallowed the load. “Good now you know what to do for next time” he smiled, did up his pants unlocked the door and left. I got dressed with the remains of my clothing and walked out shocked of what happened. From that day on I always took a longer path to avoid passing the bathroom. I tried to forget that day hoping for my next period.

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  • Reply Kimfslut

    I was raped at 12 as well. Had a baby girl out of it. I dream of that day

    • Jesse

      Lets talk… crazyforgirls @Wickr

  • Reply Not alone!

    i wish i was there to stop him and save you, i was 9 when it happened to me and never reported to the police becasuse i wanted to scream for someone to help me but i was educated by media, society and parents that a man( i was a boy but still) can not cry, a mna do not complain, a man just dust it off and keep going, so i did and regret it because i can not stop and woner if becuase of me keeping my mouth shut he did not rape other boys too, i truly hope i was hes last victim. i do not know yourage but i truly hope u are doing better then me and are stronger then me

  • Reply Babygirl2002

    I wish I could get raped again…

    [email protected]

    • Varun

      Hey check you mail in 5 minutes

    • Big lckjack

      I would luv to give u some of this black cock

  • Reply chiguy

    daz so bad

  • Reply Anonymous

    Rape stories are not a fucking turn on. Maybe to the fucking sickos they are.

    • Anonymous

      But yet you are here 🤔

  • Reply That one guy

    Mmmmm… I would love to do that to you❤

  • Reply 14 yr old

    Well I hope your fine

    • That response tho