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My mother being fucked – 1

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In this part I see my mom being fucked by servant and his freinds. I being a 16 yr girl did not understand what to do.

I am Shanta and now I am 37 year old married lady. But this is a story when I was 16 year old.

I had come back from school at 2:15 pm instead od usual 4:30 because the manager of our school had passed away. I entered the house with my spare key and went straight to my room. I c changed and came down to drink water and at that time I heard sounds coming from the guest room. My mother should be working in her office add the house should be empty. Fearing thieves I took a knife and went near the room but it was locked. Using the company entrance of the adjoining bathroom having opening in this room I entered. But before I entered the room I saw my mom lying on the bed with half of body outside and three guys around her. All naked. Moms hand were tied with a saree and arched back. Both her legs were spread apart and she was on Her massive 40 DD boobs were jutting out. One guy was standing infront and slapping his 7″ dick on her boobs occasionally breast fucking. Second guy was sitting down on the floor and sucking the pussy which was hanging outside the bed. Third guy was trying to put his dick inside her ass while pulling the saree keeping her arched. Firat I thought they were hurting her. But when my mom kept on saying do do.moew and she is enjoying I got stunned. I stayed in the bathroom looking at them from the door gap.

They later changed positions and starting beating her boobs and butting it, when one guy was butting her pussy. One guy then came with a candle and poured melting wax on her pussy and immediately took an ice shapped liked a cucumber and started fucking with it. All the time mom was enjoying it a lot. The three men had cum atleast 2-3 timea each. My mother would have cummed atleast 5 times.. her pussy was still leaking juices.

Full time they were abusing and using dirty works. But mom was enjoying. Then the alarm started ringing. It was 4:00 pm. Mom told them that it was time for me to come and hence finish the sessions n. The all stood in a circle and mom.kneeled infront of them. They then gave her a bukkake. And told.her to come to bathroom for a piss shower. I ran from there and went inside my room. After few minutes all of them including mom left the house.

This is how I had seen a real sex. Though earlier to this I had seen porn in one of my freinds elder sisters computer. It was a very nice experience. I had learned earlier how to finger my pissy and after they left fingured myself to satisfaction.
I never told my mom.that it would be holiday for me for the next two days and I saw many things on those days.. but on the third day I get caught.

This will tell in the next episodes.

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Your 16 year old ass is about to get used

  • Reply David

    Fuck her

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Maybe it’s translating to English, but there’s problems with the first position when you saw her. Was she face up, or face down? If she were face up, then the man could beat about her breasts with his penis, without her head getting in the way. However, then the other 2 couldn’t simultaneously sodomize her, and eat her out sitting on the floor. It’s just difficult to visualize their respective positions, without their heads (And legs) getting in the way, if all 3 are happening at once. Which is distracting, but other than that, a good story. 3 stars.

    • Santha Kumari

      Thank you for your reply…well I understand that it’s difficult to explain the position in words easily…

    • Psiberzerker

      That’s fine, just something to keep in mind the next time. Keep writing…

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