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my little black desire 3

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They rape him hard and i pay that very hard

I was in shock when i catch with very luck atem being rape of two big white man in a abandone house exactly the moment when atem take blowjob one of them and other rub it with his hand but of atem facei understand he really doesnt like all this.Then the one man say its time for more fun so they put atem in four nude and the man with cock that atem blow go behind him start rub his cock above atem cock and say what nice small black ass i will fuck while the other man go in frond of atem.
All this time atem beg them let him free and not doing any bad to him but the men were sure to fuck him the man put his big cock in frond of atem mounth obey him open it and start suck his cock atem with tears in his eyes say no but the man behind him say he know how to do little boys open mounhs and he start push his huge cockhead above atem ass entrance doing atem please him to stop it hurts then i see huge cockhead slide in inside atem ass doing him scream and me looking all this feel a little uncomfortable with my ass like they also fuck me with atem scream the man found chance to slide in his cock inside atem mounth and the man behind him start fuck him with violence atem then free his mounth of white man cock and scream that it is huge please stop it tears apart my ass but the man in frond of him put his hand behind atem head drive it again his mounth some meters away from cock and obey him blow it atem was negative but very soon because man was stronger atem finaly give in his orders and take the big cock again in his mounth without mercy.
With his hand behind atem head atem blow his cock in man rythm doing atem cry while big cock behind him realy tear apart his ass all this hard rape of atem doing me feel bad for him but it has give me a erection so i soon cum and left them alone and return house thinking that atem after this hard fuck he wont can sit down for a long time i go to my bedroom and i stay with underpants my parents and sister were in her friend birthday party so i lay down in my bed reading comics and after around 20minutes i see atem in my bedroom door in a bad contition and his face full of tears i understand that the two man have really fun with atem but i do that i doesnt know something and i aske him if he is ok what happen to him and he come inside walking strange.
He sit aside me in my bed but i could see he had difficulties to sit normal he then tell me i was with two white men really i say and what you doing together he aswere he first think that he will like it but when he see their big cocks he change mind but they didnt let him go he doesnt know that there are white men that want to do violent things in little boys he tell with tears i doesnt know what to tell to atem but he continue that he want fun with me i havent idea that he has power after all that he pass to fuck me but i wasnt negative so he stay nude and we start kiss all this time his cock was rubing above my underpant 2minutes later he put down my underpant and we take 69position with atem above me i could see his ass entrance to be full open so i try put a finger inside it but atem stop me with his hand tell me that this hole isnt for me now and we continue suck each other cock.
After 10minutes of 69position he ordere me to lay down with my belly and open my legs so i obey him he come above me and with his legs open my more i could feel his hungry cock rubing in my ass atem aske me if i was big man instead of little boy if i will like to fuck him i didnt know what to aswere so i think to tell yes but it was wrong move because atem without warning and with power his cock tear apart my ass doing me scream but atem continue fuck me it was like atem want to pay i for this he suffere because the way he fuck me it wasnt nice until he say i am cuming and he fell aside me i am going to bath he say and some days later it was my turn for double fun in another story.

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