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My confession

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A confession I’ve been wanting to tell somebody

Between the age 10-12 me and my brother at the time stayed with my father and visited my mom sometimes

But me n my brother would get naked explore each other’s body and I’d suck him off and he’d rub his small cock against me.

When I was twelve my dad caught us in the act and told my brother rot go outside and play with friends.

I was gonna get dressed but he told me not to and he got undressed and made me suck his cock and he rubbed it against me and shot his load on my thighs and left

Me n my brother continued and I did with my dad until one day my brother took my virginity and when my dad found out I stayed in hair room and everynight he’d fuck me and nuseslt his cock deep inside me filling my womb up

Ofc I was on birth control by the time if 14 it continued and I fell in love with my father he was handsome for his age and fit his cock is a solid 9 inches erect and he fucked me like a real man not like my brother where he’s bust in 15 minutes

I spent hours doing things with my dad cuddling fucking talking kissing and sometimes my uncle Vic would come over and do it to me he was as loving and gentle as my dad but it was nice

But my dad took care of me and no I wasn’t raped cuz I I liked it I just needed to get this off my chest because I just turned 18 and yes we’re still fucking sometimes though probably not anymore bc if this covid goes away I’ll be in college this fall.

Rather not say my name

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  • Reply Anonymous

    You said your brother had a pin dick.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    Your name is not necessary love. Thanks for telling us and getting it off your chest and Owning It.

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