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Meeting my family Chapter 1

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This is a story of meeting my sexy sister and her daughter/my new niece and the wonderful life we all began together.

I never knew my father, he left when my mother was still pregnant with me. Never even knew his last name, my mom didn’t tell me and by the time I was old enough to demand answers, I just didn’t care anymore.
I was already a thirty year old man when I received a call from a lawyer informing me that my father was dead and to attend the reading of his will. I thought he must have the wrong person.
But no, apparently my father had located me sometime ago, just hadn’t tried to contact me.
I honestly thought seriously about skipping the reading, not really wanting anything to do with the man, but I’d fallen on hard times and what I’d gathered from what the lawyer said, there might be something worthwhile he left me.
So, upon attending the reading, when entering the office of the lawyer, my eyes immediately fell on the well dressed man seated behind the desk but also found a lone young woman seated in one of the chairs across from him.
The man stood up and introduced himself and the young woman, which I couldn’t help noticing was highly attractive in a petite pixie way.
Her name was Mina and, I found out, my half-sister.
She had dark brunette hair (opposite to my golden blond), a pixie like small cute face (not like my long one) and stood up to reveal her head barely reached my chest (though I am reasonably tall). Her blue eyes were exactly like mine though.
During the meeting, I learned a lot of things about my father, namely that he was a world class asshole. I wasn’t the only child he’d abandoned, he’d left Mina too, only for her it’d been worse as she was five years old at the time.
So instead of not knowing what having a father was like, she’d grown up believing her father just didn’t care for her.
Anyway, back to the reading, we learned that our sire had fallen sick with an incurable affliction (Cancer) which had made him re-evaluate his life and so he’d hired a private investigator to locate the children he’d sired to make amends.
He died before building the courage to approach either of us but he’d made us the beneficiaries of his estate of which he’d accumulated quite a large fortune and a large private section of land out in the country.
The lawyer gave us the documents to sign for the turnover of the accounts and directions to the new home we now co-owned.
Finishing the meeting, Mina and I left the office and went to a nearby restaurant to talk.
Finding a quiet booth, we sat down and got to know each other. And bashing our deadbeat dad whenever we got the chance.
I told her about my life, my struggles and my current boring job in an office administration position.
She told me about her life. Growing up and the troubles she’d faced and how she’d dealt with them. I learned she’d finished medical school early and was currently interning at a hospital, working towards a position as a paediatrician. She also has a ten year old daughter, having fallen pregnant as a teenager.
We talked long and discussed how best to proceed with dividing our inheritance. The money and shares were easy as we simply cut it fifty-fifty but the land was another case.
The section of property we’d inherited was another matter as neither of us had ever owed any before. We both rented and had never had to deal with the details of owning your own place required.
In the end, we decided we’d make a decision on the land once we’d had a proper look at it and made plans for a trip to stay at the place for a few days, to evaluate it.
A few weeks later we were there and neither of us could believe what we’d inherited.
Saying nothing of the massive plot of land we were on, the house itself was a huge three story ranch style with seven bedrooms, each with their own in-suite bathrooms, a massive kitchen and dining room. Theatre room, lounge, entry room, library, drawing room, gym and a garage suitable for at least four cars.
Outdoors was a pool, tennis court, Jacuzzi, greenhouse, and flower garden.
I just stood there in the courtyard, staring in wonder at the size of the place when I heard a voice squeal and looking at the front door saw a little girl come running down the stared shouting.
“Mommy, mommy, he’s here. Uncle Ryan is here.” The girl ran up to me smiling wide. I could easily tell she was Mina’s daughter as she looked like a miniature version of her mother.
“You’re Ryan, right? My new uncle? I’m Rosie, nice to meet ya. Do ya wanna come see my new room? Will ya play with me? Hey, will ya?”
The little girl, Rosie, bounced around, firing questions with barely taking a breath.
Before I could answer any of her questions, her mother came out and ran down the stairs to meet me.
“Can you believe the size of this place?” Mina asked me, breathlessly.
I just shook my head.
“Enough Rosie.” She told her daughter, who was busy at that moment stretching up to look inside my car window. “Lets go and give your uncle a tour around the place.”
“Okay,” little Rosie replied and grabbing my hand, led me inside while babbling on about how amazing this place was and what rooms she was going to be using for what.
Mina followed.
The three of us spent the next few days exploring the property, from the top of the roof garden, to the edge of the fences.
I got to know a lot more about my sister and her daughter and they got to know more about me. Mina and I spent each night just talking for hours. I even confessed that I was still a virgin at my age.
We swam in the pool, where I got a wonderful view of my sister and niece in their bikinis and had to hide an erection by diving into the pool.
Even though I knew they were my family, I couldn’t help but ogle them both. There was no denying that they were sexy, even little Rosie, splashing around in her skimpy swimsuit.
As a teenager I’d learned I had a highly perverse sense of attraction, namely that I enjoyed many taboo kinks, including incest and young.
I’ve kept these kinks to myself all my adult life and as a result of these desires, coupled with the troubles I’d faced early on in my life, I avoided pursuing any kind of relationship and was still a virgin at thirty.
I resolved to keep these desires a secret from my new sibling and her daughter but did catch little Rosie’s eyes glance at my crotch a few times and wondered if I was able to hide my arousal in time.
Mina just lay sunbathing the whole time. Her beautiful body tan and smooth. She did ask me to apply sunscreen lotion to her back which required me to crouch in a rather awkward position to hide the tent in my swim trunks.
She and her daughter were so sexy that they left me with a rock hard erection every night and as a result, I spent each evening masturbating while watching some of my hidden porn videos on my phone.
I should have kept the videos and my phone better hidden, though I am glad I didn’t.
You see, not really dating had left me with no experience with living with a woman and so I didn’t realize just how nosy they can be.
For coming out from my shower, with a towel wrapped around my waist, upon returning to my room, I found Mina sitting on my bed, my phone in her hand and, from the moaning sounds I could hear coming from my phone, she was watching one of the taboo videos on my phone.
I froze, staring at as she looked up at me, our eyes locking.
It’s all over, I thought. My life ends here. I stood there, like a deer in headlights, unable to think of anything to say.
Mina broke the silence.
“Ryan,” she began but I interrupted her before she could continue.
“I’m sorry,” were the first words out.
“Sorry?” she asked, her expression showing confusion.
“Yeah,” I continued. “I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.”
“Leave? Why?” she asked.
Now it was my turn to be confused.
“You don’t want me to leave?” I asked her, glancing to my phone in her hands.
She glanced down too, the sounds of the video still audible throughout the room. I could tell which video it was too, by the sounds, one of my favourites of a mother showing her young daughter how to suck a cock.
Mina watched the video for a moment, then did something completely unexpected.
She switched the video off, put the phone down, got up, walked up to me and kissed me.
I stood shocked and dazedly returned the kiss.
She unwrapped the towel around my waist, which dropped to the floor, and took my quickly hardening cock into her hands.
Breaking from the kiss, Mina smiled up at me, slowly pumping her one hand along my shaft while reaching the other into the waistband of pants, to finger herself.
“That video made me so wet!” she pulled her hand from her pants and reaching for my face, pushed her wet fingers into my mouth.
I’ve never tasted a woman’s wetness before and the taste of my new sister’s pussy juices made my cock swell so much, I thought it may break!
I moaned.
With a smile turned wicked on her face, Mina crouched down, bringing her face down to eye level with my cock and waiting just a second to admire my phallus she quickly engulfed my organ in her mouth.
The sudden feeling of her soft lips and warm wet mouth sliding down my shaft made me moan again and as I felt her tongue massage my glands as the tip passed over it moving deeper into her mouth until, with a slight gagging sound from her, I felt myself enter her throat.
Mina moaned on my cock and moved her mouth back, the vibration reverberated along my shaft. She slid my cock back out her mouth until just the tip was touching her lips before plunging her face down again hard, fucking her own mouth with my cock.
I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t.
Mina was busy bobbing her head up and down on my cock when I noticed she wasn’t using her hands at all. Looking down, I realized she had them buried in her pants, furiously masturbating as she sucked my cock.
This was too much for me.
“I’m cumming,” I moaned but either she didn’t hear me or didn’t care for she just continued bobbing her head.
The first spurt was huge, shot right down her throat, with some I think going up her nose which made her pull back, coughing, my cockhead slipping out her mouth.
She was still coughing as the second one shot off, covering her face from her chin to her forehead.
Mina opened her mouth for the third as I grabbed my cock and aimed it, my cum covering her lips and cheeks.
I continued to spurt, shooting load after load onto my sister’s face and into her mouth. She took it all, her hands still in her pants, moaning and masturbating as I painted her face with my seed.
Looking down at her, seeing her convulse, I realized she was having an orgasm of her own. Her gasps and moans were pure music.
Once over, both of us breathing hard, we herd a little voice speak.
“What’s that, Mommy?”
Both of us turned to see little Rosie in the doorway, a spectator to our little escapade in her little shorts and sleeveless top.
Mina recovered first, quickly standing up and walking to her daughter. The sight of her wiping my cum from her eyes as she did so made my cock stand to attention.
“We’re just playing sweetie,” Mina told her daughter. “Uncle Ryan and I were just having some fun.”
“Oh… What’s that on ‘ur face?” Rosie asked, watching her mother wipe some more of my cum off her cheek.
“Oh. Um. This? This is cum. It’s fun sauce that we play with.” Her explanation was making me grin.
“Play with?” Rosie asked.
“Yes,” Mina replied. “Would you like to try?”
I stood shocked. Not believing what Mina had just asked her daughter.
“Really?” Little Rosie asked. “Can I?”
“Yes,” Mina told her and wiping some more off her face, held her hands out for her daughter to inspect.
Putting her hands in her mothers, Rosie giggled. “Eww, it’s slimy!” she exclaimed. Poking her hands in the cum, she lifted them up to her face, sniffing her hands.
“What do you do with it?” she asked her mother.
Mina smiled. “Lots of things. You can play with it in your hands, make them slimy and sticky. You can put it on your body, like your boobs or butt. You can even eat it.”
“Eat it?” Rosie asked. Mina nodded so Rosie brought her hands to her face and gave them a lick.
She pulled a sour face.
Mina laughed. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it,” she told her daughter.
“I will?” Rosie asked, staring at her hands. “What else can it do?”
“Oh, well. The best thing about it, is it can make babies.” Mina’s voice sounded excited.
Rosie looked down sceptically at the cum coating her fingers. “Really?” she asked. “How?”
“A man will but it inside a woman and a baby will then grow in her belly,” Mina explained, smiling.
“How will a man put it inside?” Rosie asked.
“Oh, he’ll take his penis and put inside woman’s vagina.” Mina spoke manufactory.
Rosie then glanced at me and down at my hard cock, a questioning expression covering her face.
“Is that where?…” her question trailing off.
Turning to look at me, still standing there stark naked, Mina smiled then turned back to her daughter.
“Do you want to see?” she asked her daughter holding out her hand.
Rosie bit her lip and nodded, grasping her mothers hand with her own.
Taking her by the hand, Mina lead her daughter over to me and both crouched down, eye level with my cock.
“This is where it comes from,” Mina explained to her daughter, grabbing hold of my shaft with her free hand, slowly pumping it.
I was a good thing I’d already cum, because the sight of this mother and daughter kneeling at my feet, as Mina showed Rosie my cock, would have made me shoot off if I hadn’t.
“A man makes cum here,” she said, cupping my balls in her soft palm. “and to make it shoot out you have to play with this and stroke it.” Mina wrapped her hand around my shaft and stroked.
Little Rosie nodded, her attention fixed on her mothers hand, slowly pumping my cock.
“Do you want to try?” Mina asked her. “Mmm?”
Rosie bit her lip and shyly nodded. Mina took hold of her daughter’s hands and guided them to my cock, having her use both hands to stroke my shaft.
What a sight!!! Was the thought going through my mind and even though I had just cum, I could feel another orgasm fast approaching. The situation was just too erotic.
“Mina,” I gasped. “I’m going to cum again.”
Mina nodded her head and stopped Rosie. “Hold on, sweetie,” she told her daughter. “Lets slow down a bit.”
Rosie nodded her head albeit reluctantly. “I wanted to see it shoot.”
“You will honey, sometime, but don’t you want to see how babies are made?” Mina asked.
Rosie took her eyes off my cock then for the first time and nodded at her mother.
“Well then, we’ll have to take our clothes off for that.” Mina stood up and directed her daughter to do the same and started removing her clothes.
Rosie hesitated a moment then followed suite, and began stripping.
Quickly Mina took her top off, then pants and unhooked her bra, letting her B cup breasts free. She then turned her back to me and bent over, giving me a lovely view of her tight ass, before slowly pulling her panties down and off and turning back to face me.
Rosie followed more slowly but soon had her shorts, shirt and panties off and piled with her mothers clothes.
I will never forget the sight of the two of them, mother and daughter, standing side by side before me, completely naked.
Mina’s petite body was beautiful, with it’s shapely curves and slight stature. She had pierced her nipples and bellybutton and between her breast had a pyramid like tattoo. She had no hair between her legs either, having shaved her pussy bald.
Rosie was a miniature version of her mother, just without the tattoos and piercings and her chest was completely flat.
This was the best day of my entire life up to that point and I was showing it, grinning like an idiot at the wonder before me.
Mina took charge and directed me to sit back on the bed. I sat back, my cock standing erect, ready and waiting.
Taking Rosie by the hand again, Mina approached me but turned her back to me, facing her daughter.
Mina let go of Rosie’s hand to reach behind her and grasp my cock and spreading her legs in front of her daughter, gave Rosie a clear view of my cock sliding into her sopping wet pussy hole as she sat down in my lap.
“A man will stick his cock into a woman’s vagina,” she explained to Rosie, pointing at our joined body parts. “See, our bodies are made to fit together. And next we will then move it in and out, like this.”
Slowly Mina began to move her hips up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her hole. For a woman who’d already birthed a baby, her pussy was still incredibly tight. Not that I could compare though. I could feel the muscles inside her massaging my shaft as my cock moved in and out of her.
“The goal now, is to make him cum. To shoot his baby making sauce into my vagina so I can get pregnant,” Minas voice was a bit breathless now as she was more concerned with fucking me then explaining things to her daughter.
The thought of impregnating my new sister really got to me though and I knew I was going to shoot off very soon but struggled to hold off, I wanted Mina to get off too.
Mina seemed to be thinking along the same thought for she spoke to Rosie.
“Would you like to help mommy?” she asked. Before Rosie could respond though, she continued. “Give mommy your hand, touch mommy’s pussy.”
Rosie hesitated but nodded after a moment. “Yes mommy.” She said, giving her mother her hand.
Mina took hold of Rosie’s little hand and pressed it to her pussy as she rode me. “Rub mommy, baby. Rub mommy’s pussy for her.”
I could feel Rosie’s little fingers brush my cock as she tried to comply with her mothers demands and it drove me wild. I began to thrust myself into Mina, meeting her passion with my own.
Before I could help it, I felt my balls contract and the first spurt of another powerful orgasm start up my shaft.
Mina must’ve felt me shoot inside her, and it pushed her over the edge too. She convulsed on top of me, drawing me deep inside her so I was shooting directly into her womb.
She held little Rosie’s hand against our sexes as we both moaned and shook through our orgasms.
Once it was finally over we both looked down to see Rosie staring up at us, her eyes wide.
“Are you okay mommy?” she asked, looking a little scared.
“Yes, yes. I’m fine baby. That was just us having an orgasm. Cumming,” she explained seeing Rosie’s confusion at the word orgasm.
Rosie nodded, her eyes locked on her mothers pussy with my cock still inside it. I could feel our combined juices leaking out of Mina, down my shaft.
“Could you do something for us Rosie?” Mina suddenly asked.
“Yes mommy,” Rosie responded, more energetic now that she knew we were alright. “What?”
“Could you clean us up?” Mina asked, pointing at her crotch.
“Okay, should I get a towel?” Rosie asked confused.
Mina shook her head. “No Rosie, I want you to use your mouth.”
My cock lurched inside Mina and I caught the grin on her face as she spoke to her daughter.
“My mouth?” Rosie asked. “There?” she pointed at our sexes.
Mina nodded. “Yes.”
“Ew mommy,” Rosie shook her head. “That’s gross.”
“It’s not gross honey,” Mina told her. “Look.” Mina reached between her legs and caught some of the cum dripping out her pussy on her finger. Bringing the finger to her lips, she licked the cum off and smiled down at Rosie. “See?”
Rosie hesitated, then moved forward, bringing her face close to our combined sexes. I could feel her warm breath on my cock and balls.
“Go ahead sweetie,” Mina encouraged and hesitantly Rosie stuck out her tongue and licked some juices off my cock. If I’d been able to, I would’ve blown another load right then.
“That’s it, good girl Rosie, you’re doing well.” Mina continued to encourage her daughter.
I don’t know if Rosie liked the taste or if it was just because of her mother’s encouragement but she was soon brushing her tongue all over.
I felt her lick my shaft and balls and looked over her mothers shoulders to see her lick Mina’s pussy. My cock was soon rock hard again.
Mina only stopped Rosie once during her administrations, to lift herself of me and slid my cock out for Rosie to suck clean. A ton of goo leaked out her pussy when she did this too, covering my cock and waist in cum.
Mina directed Rosie to clean that too, hovering with her pussy over her daughters face and having her catch it all in her mouth then checking to make sure Rosie swallowed everything. Every time she did, Rosie got more complements from her mother and me, making her smile and giggle.
Soon, both Mina and I were clean and ready for another round.
Looking Mina in the eyes, I asked: “So, what now?”
As answer Mina glanced to her naked little girl, still licking her lips and shot me a wicked smile.

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