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Making babies

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When my father passed away when i wad just 21 years, i had to step up and be man of the house. I was now responsible for taking care my mom(42) and my two little sisters (Katie 10 and Maddie 13). Financially we were well off, I had to take care of the females in the house in others ways.

We live in the suburbs just outside the city and we also owned a huge farm out in the country that we would visit from time to time. So 3 months after my father’s passing, mom decided that it would be good for everyone to spend the summer at the farm.

The farm house was as huge as i remembered. The first night of the summer at the farm changed everything for the better.

It was around midnight and everyone was in their rooms sleeping, so i thought. I was restless and didn’t feel like sleeping. So i got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a midnight snack.

Walking to the kitchen in the hallway I heard noises coming from Maddie’s room. The noises got louder as I approached Maddie’s room I could hear clearly that she was moaning in pleasure. Instantly I got a hard on. Since I was only in my boxers there was no hiding it.

I slightly opened the door to Maddie’s room and I was greeted by the most beautiful erotic sight I have yet to see. Maddie was on her bed stark naked, legs spread apart and her pussy was facing the door.

I just stood the for what felt like eternity, buy, it was only a few minutes. Maddie had always been a little chubby, although not fat, she always had meat in yhe right places. That is to say for a thirteen year old her ass and tits were crazy big.

Finally I couldn’t help it and I started moving closer to the edge of her bed. Maddie’s pussy hadn’t started growing hair just yet. She was holding a small dildo and fucking herself with it. With her other hand she was holding her smartphone and watching porn on it.

She didn’t notice me when I was at the edge of the bed, and watching her pleasure herself. I just stood there and watched her for about a minute, then I couldn’t hold back anymore. I whipped my steel hard 11″ cock out of my boxers and slowly stroked it.

The sight of Maddie’s 13 year old baked body was so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was stroking my dick while my little sister just a few inches away from me.

A few minutes later Maddie’s noticed that I was there watching her. Our eyes meet each other in that moment. She was stunned that she didn’t scream, shout or do anything. We just started at each other in the eyes for a few moments.

Then Maddie’s eyes wondered down my body and fixed on my 11″ dick. Her mouth opened slightly, and figured she had never encountered a hude dick like her big brother’s. No one said anything, and the only noises came from Maddie’s phone.

Then Maddie’s hand started moving again and fucking herself with her dildo. Without wasting any time i got on My little sister’s bed and I buried my face in her pussy moving her dildo out of the way. I began slowly eating her out, and then got more furious in eating her out. I ate her pussy out with such furry for 15 minutes that she came 4 times. While with one hand i was playing wiyh her huge tits for a girl of 13, and with the other trying to muffle her screams, so we wouldn’t get caught.

I then moved ontop of my little sister and we started making out like crazy. I then positioned my çock at her pussy entrance. With one powerful thrust I penetrated her pussy. To my surprise she wasn’t a virgin( technically she was a virgin, but she had taked her own hymen with a dildo before), but i was not complaining at all. It made thing much easier.

I began to thrust in and out of her pussy slowly but in just a few more thrusts I took things into the high gear. I began fucking my little sister with such furry and power, it looked like I was a possessed mad man.

Maddie is a screamer (which I like), so I had to kiss her all the time, trying to reduce the sounds of her pleasure. I continued to fuck my little sister for 12 more minutes andbI felt cum building up in my balls. A few more powerful thrusts later, i was coating the insides of my little sister’s pussy with my baby making juices.

I then just collapsed ontop of her and rested for a bit, then i pulled my dick out of her pussy, and cum was flowing out of her pussy.

That night my little sister and I didn’t say anything to each other. We just spend the night fucking and sucking. We almost went the whole night fucking. We were just lost in our pleasure.

Side note: My liytle got pregnant with a girl that night, and we had two more babies in the future, twins(boy and girl).

More parts are coming of how First fucked my mom and my other little sister Katie.

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