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It happened in a dark alley way

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Kat’s parents were asleep, and the nineteen-year-old was just about to slip out the door to their apartment when she heard a man clear his throat. She turned and saw her Uncle Grigoriy sitting in the living-room easy chair, with a book in his hand and a cup of tea steaming on the side table next to him. The man had only moved in with them a week ago, and Kat had forgotten to take him into account when she made her plan to sneak out.

“You should not go out this late, Kateryna,” the man said quietly. “There is a curfew. And there are soldiers on the streets.”

Kat knew she would never be able to convince her uncle that she was going out on some necessary errand—not when she had done up her dirty-blonde hair in ringlets, and had put on her best scarf, which matched her blue-gray eyes, and a white sweater that nicely but tastefully showed off her chest, which looked quite ample on her otherwise trim body. Her friend Natalia was going to introduce her to a boy she said Kat would surely like.

“I know, Uncle,” Kat whispered. “But I will be careful. Besides, the soldiers never give more than a warning the first time.”

Her uncle frowned. “Perhaps, but there is also a great deal of crime after dark these days.”

“There has always been crime at night.”

“Not this much. And not as bad. That boy from upstairs is still in the hospital from what those so-called robbers did to him.”

“‘So-called?’ Uncle, is this one of your conspiracy theories? Papa says they are crazy. The occupiers have been good to us; they even rebuilt the elementary school down the street.”

“It wouldn’t have needed rebuilding if their mortars hadn’t destroyed it during the invasion. And all the occupiers are trying to do is win the hearts and minds of the people. They don’t need to brutalize curfew-breakers if they can get local thugs to do it for them—and to take the blame. And I’ve heard rumors of worse things than that. Terrible things that even I am not sure I believe. Please, Kateryna, don’t go out tonight.”

“I promise to be very careful,” Kat said solemnly. “Good night, Uncle.”

She was out the door before the man could say anything more.


Kat went down the alley behind the apartment building, then turned down another such alley to keep out of sight of the soldiers patrolling the streets. She wasn’t as concerned about what they might do if they caught her as she was about how her parents would react when said soldiers woke them up after bringing her home.

She had told her uncle that she would be careful, so she kept a watchful eye out for any movement as she navigated the alleyways. Although she was fully dressed up and made up beneath the heavy jacket she wore against the autumn chill, she always wore sensible shoes, and she could run like the wind when she had to.

She entered an alley between two commercial buildings, onto which no windows looked. There were only a few metal doors—all locked up tight at this hour—and some trash bins. And then she saw something move in the shadows ahead of her.

A thrill of fear went through her. Then the source of the movement stepped into a small pool of light from a security lamp near one of the metal doors, and she relaxed.

“Hello, doggy,” she said as the shaggy St. Bernard lumbered slowly toward her. “Do you belong to someone?”

She didn’t know what sort of reaction she expected, but it wasn’t the one she got. The dog lowered its head and growled.

“It’s…it’s okay,” the girl said nervously, raising her hands. “I don’t mean you any harm.”

The dog continued to walk slowly toward her. Only now did she fully perceive how big the animal was. It had to be at least sixty kilos, which was more than Kat herself weighed.

She backed away slowly—until she was startled by another growl from behind her. Two more dogs, a German Shepherd and a fuzzy gray Malamute, were now in the entrance to the alleyway through which Kat had come. They, too, approached her slowly.

Finding herself boxed in, Kat ran to the metal door nearest her. It didn’t have a handle on the outside, so she pushed hard against it. It did not budge.

The St. Bernard in front of her was getting close, about to pass a garbage can against the wall of the alley. An idea popped into Kat’s head.

She ran for the trash can, then leapfrogged over it. The dog snapped at her ankle but missed, and then Kat was running full tilt for the far end of the alley.

Kat was fast by human standards, but she couldn’t outrun a trio of determined dogs—as became clear when the Malamute’s teeth seized the hem of her skirt, causing her to fall painfully to the pavement.

Instantly, the dogs surrounded her, growling. Fearing an imminent mauling, she curled up in a face-down fetal position and pulled her jacket up over her head to protect her face and neck.

She felt teeth all over her body. Thankfully, though, none dug into her flesh; they only bit hard enough to scratch as the dogs ripped her jacket away and savaged her skirt, sweater, and blouse. They pulled and tore at the fabric with their powerful jaws until only a few stray shreds hung from her body.

Kat’s alarm returned in full force when she felt a set of canine teeth seize her bra strap and pull on it hard; it was the shepherd dog, snarling like it was trying to rip apart some small animal. And then the two other dogs did the same with her panties, whose more delicate fabric gave way at the same time that her bra did.

“No!” Kat shouted, instinctively terrified of being stripped naked.

She tried to push the dogs away and snatch back her stolen, torn clothes, but the dogs were relentless, seizing her wrists in their jaws.

And now Kat saw three more dogs that were even bigger than the first three—two black-and-white Great Danes and an enormous mastiff with tan fur and a black face—trotting down the alley to join the others, with one of the Great Danes in the lead. Looking at the Dane, Kat noticed something besides its size: Under its body hung what Kat realized was its erect penis. As the dog joined the others that surrounded her, Kat saw that its member was almost as long as her forearm, and nearly as thick.

And then she noticed that all of the other dogs also had an erect penis hanging heavily between their hind legs. A knot of sick dread formed in her stomach as she guessed what was about to happen.

“Noooo!” she screamed, trying to get up, to get away. But the dogs, perhaps cued by her panicked outburst, lunged at her. The jaws on her wrists clamped down, drawing a little blood, and another dog—the German Shepherd—crouched down in front of her and put its jaws around her throat from below, closing them just enough to hold her in place. She would only be hurt if she tried to move.

She felt another dog leap up behind her, the front half of its body landing on her back; she couldn’t look around to see which dog it was, but from its considerable weight, she guessed that it was one of the Great Danes. Then she felt something prodding her thighs roughly and repeatedly as the big beast thrust again and again, trying to find her entrance blind. She barely had enough time to register the fact that she was about to lose her virginity to a dog when the creature’s cockhead found her opening and plunged in.

Kat stifled her scream as best she could, fearing that a sudden, loud noise might make the German Shepherd bite down on her neck in startlement. But the sensation of that too-large animal penis forcing its way into her and immediately hammering her insides at full speed was agonizing.

The big dog fucked her brutally. Her bare breasts swung violently beneath her, their brown nipples hardened by exposure to the chilly night air. She could feel the dog’s hips bashing into her ass with every thrust, but mainly she felt the animal’s inhumanly long, thick cock stretching her cunt wide open and slamming into her deepest place over and over at jackhammer speed.

Just when Kat thought the pain couldn’t get any worse, her animal rapist began to force the thick knot at the base of his cock into her. She couldn’t help screaming this time, and the jaws around her throat closed a little tighter, drawing a trickle of blood. But Kat didn’t even notice; she could not think of or feel anything but the agony of that huge ball of flesh stretching her opening wider than anything save childbirth ever could.

And then the knot was in her, and her aching cunt involuntarily clenched around it. Now she could actually feel the dog’s substantial cumload squirting into her, burning her savaged insides like molten lava.

The big dog got off of her, but its huge cock was still buried inside her, that enormous knot keeping it in place even when the animal turned to face away from her. It hurt like crazy, having that big bulb of flesh stuck inside her, but at least the beast wasn’t bashing her insides with its brutal thrusts anymore.

But now she was truly trapped. With those jaws around her throat and that knot stuck fast in her pussy, she could barely even move, let alone try to escape.

The St Bernard approached her from the front. Its erect penis was large enough that Kat could see it past the big dog’s front legs. The dog’s thick member swung heavily as the large animal came up to her.

At least it can’t rape me with that thing, Kat thought. Not while this other dog is stuck inside my-

Before Kat could finish her thought, the St Bernard leaped onto her. The front half of its body landed on her back, and suddenly that thick dog-cock was right in front of her face.

“No!” Kat screamed as the dog thrust its heavy member at her face, the pointed head jabbing her hard in the cheek and then, before Kat even finished her exclamation, forcing itself between her lips.

She thought about biting down on it, but she was too afraid of what the German Shepherd with its jaws around her throat might do if it were startled by an agonized yelp from the St Bernard. So Kat had no choice but to let the conical head of the dog’s cock force her mouth open wider as it pushed in.

Like the dog that had raped her pussy, the one violating her mouth did not take its time—it immediately began pumping hard and fast, making Kat gag every time its cockhead struck the back of her throat. Then, only seconds later, the St Bernard hunched its hips forward, and its shaft went down her throat.

She gagged continuously as the dog raped her mouth and throat, its furry balls hitting her chin with every rapid, vicious thrust. With the St Bernard’s body weight pinning her down and the German Shepherd’s jaws around her violated throat, she was helpless to do anything at all, and she could focus on nothing except struggling to breathe through her nose as the big dog fucked her face. She didn’t even feel it when the dog behind her finally pulled its softening member from her freshly deflowered, gaping pussy. Nor did she feel the cum that poured from her wide-open hole and down her thighs.

Suddenly, the St Bernard fucking her throat hunched forward violently. Kat made a muffled squeal as the dog’s knot forced her mouth as wide open as it could go and then pushed in, the dog’s knot filling her mouth completely. In her throat, she could feel the pulse of cum shooting through the dog’s cockshaft, and she felt heat in her stomach as the big dog’s cumload filled it.

The German Shepherd let go of Kat’s neck but was immediately replaced by another dog, the big Malamute. Kat, unable to turn her head at all, couldn’t see the shepherd dog jump up onto her back and roughly thrust its painfully girthy cock into her freshly raped pussy. She could only make a muffled, gurgling scream around the St. Bernard’s thick knot.

The St. Bernard soon softened and pulled out, but immediately the second Great Dane jumped up on her from the front and began violating her mouth. Unable to bear the thought of another minutes-long oral rape, Kat tried vainly to suck on its penis, having heard that this would make a man cum and hoping that the same would be true for a dog. But she couldn’t focus on the task; the thrusting of the dog raping her cunt was too rough and too painful.

It went on and on. Dog after dog fucked her cunt and mouth violently, entirely undeterred by her whimpering and crying and periodic muffled screams. Every one of them plunged in and hammered her full force without the least warmup or warning.

When the mastiff—which was perhaps the fifth dog to mount her from behind—jumped up onto her back, the dog’s blindly thrusting cock found not her pussy but the tight, elastic ring of her asshole. The big dog’s cockhead had been leaking precum, which provided just enough lubrication for the animal to force its long, thick member into Kat’s unwilling anus.

The girl screamed around the cock-knot that was currently filling her mouth, but she was just as helpless to stop this new violation as any of the previous ones. The mastiff fucked her asshole hard and fast, and the pain of it, combined with this fresh humiliation, made hot tears slide down Kat’s cheeks.

And then a sting of fear cut through her anguish when Kat realized that this was not as bad as it was going to get. Just as the dog raping her mouth pulled its cock free and left her coughing its thick cum up onto the pavement, the mastiff shoved its knot into her asshole.

She screamed loud and long, the sound echoing off the brick and concrete walls that lined the alley. But she didn’t even get to finish screaming before another dog, the Malamute, jumped up in front of her, planted its front paws on her shoulders, and took advantage of her open-mouth to shove its cock in, choking off her scream.

Soon after that, it ended. The dogs pulled their cocks from her sore, violated holes, released their jaw-holds on her, and ran off in a pack.

Kat, having been on all fours throughout the ordeal, collapsed onto the pavement, heedless of the cold even though she was naked, her clothing lying in shreds around her. Blood oozed languidly from the teeth-scratches on her neck and wrists, and from the claw-scratches on her back and ass. Copious amounts of dog semen flowed from her raped pussy and asshole, and feeble coughing brought up more from her mouth. She was no longer a virgin in any sense.

It occurred to her that she could just lie there until the cold claimed her. Perhaps that would be preferable to living with the memory of this.

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