I wanted a reckless and wild experience

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Sex with Brandy was great but I wanted more

Before I settled down I wanted to do something reckless and weird just to say I did it and enjoyed it! for a couple of years I have been enjoying a hell of a sex life with my dog! But I wanted more, I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and I didn’t fancy getting pregnant either!

My Alsatian Brandy was wonderful and loyal and a fantastic lover but I just craved something more, but without the risk, and with the help of my job I came up with something.
I worked at a kennel which bred Siberian Husky’s (I won’t say which one!) I had been watching some video’s with swingers and it started me thinking! A swinging party for dogs! with only one bitch, me!
The very thought of it literally blew my mind wondering what that would be like, it took a couple of weeks to get used to Brandy’s cock
inside me and when I did he made me cum and cum, but to have more than one!

I theoretically started planning it in my head when I was at work! I can use this and that and this room, but I would have to wait until the owners went on holiday before anything could really happen as they gave me the keys to look after and feed the dogs, sure enough 4 months later they were off to enjoy themselves! well if there was going to be time it was going to be during the 2 weeks they were away, I would be on my own and everyone was informed that needed to be that they were away.

First thing to work out was where? the grooming room was large and clean and I could let in as many as I wanted really, so that was worked out, next thing was what to use for me, there was an old leather foot stool no one used! I got it out and bent over it and it seemed the perfect height, for me and them! So I took it over there as it was light to carry.

I had it all worked out except for when, it was very rare for people to turn up when they were away and never on a Sunday so that would be the day I thought, the very thought of it made me extremely wet and Brandy took full advantage of it! The only thing I planned to wear was a denim jacket as their claws can be quite sharp and didn’t want to be scratched to bits!

So the big day arrived! Going in today made me feel a little apprehensive with what I had planned but it was going to be now or never, the dogs were well used to me and were well behaved so there shouldn’t be any problems.
I picked out 6 of the most well behaved and we all went over to the room, they must have thought I was going to brush them as they knew what this room was used for!
I sat down on bench and removed my jeans and knickers, and to my surprise they were already wet! I was going to go into the loo and make myself wet but since I was already there wasn’t much point, my scent must have made an immediate impression as 3 of them picked up on it straight away, shoving their noses between my legs trying to lick my pussy!
I wasted no time, I put out the foot stool and putting a blanket on the floor to kneel on I bent over it, in no time at all I felt a warm tongue licking my pussy pushing it’s way inside my lips, then all of a sudden he jumped up, as he humped away I felt his cock searching for it’s target, he found what he was looking for as he rammed his cock inside me! One thing for sure is I got the height right! This stool was perfect for the job.

He started out fast then slowed down, his cock grew inside me filling me up, then a familiar feeling, his knot pressing against me, as he pushed forward I pushed back and it slid inside me, his cock seemed bigger than Brandy’s for some reason, I had started cumming almost straight away dripping my juices on the floor! His cock started ejaculating inside me, and just like Brandy’s, it was hot, he waited till he was finished then dismounted me with a gush of cum!
I remained where I was and within a few seconds, another tongue licking me then he jumped up, this time his cock found it’s mark, being all soaked with cum his cock slid inside me with no resistance, as he expanded inside me his knot slid in much better locking us together, his huge cock squirted his cum really deep inside me as our juices mixed, then as before, 10 or so minutes later he softened and popped out with another gush of cum!

My pussy felt like it was wide open dripping with doggy cum, there was no licking first with the third, he mounted me straight away! His cock finding me straight away, the sensation of all this action rubbing on my clit was over powering as I came almost constantly, I was so wet and slippery I barely felt his knot go inside me but I knew it was there, I was panting almost uncontrollably as my pussy throbbed in
orgasm all by itself, I had never cum so much! this time he stayed in me longer, a good twenty minutes or so it seemed, making sure he
emptied himself before getting off me.

By this time I was getting a little cramp but it wasn’t over yet as the next one decided it was his turn, jumping up and shoving his cock inside me, as before he grew big and slid his knot in me, I was still cumming as I pushed back as my pussy gripped his cock while I came again, 15 or so minutes later after he emptied himself, he got off me.

Jesus I thought what a day, as I tried to get up and stretch but I was pushed back down again! The fifth one had got on me, even if I wanted to stop it I couldn’t, by this time my pussy and clit were so sensitive I was throbbing down there, this big guy took his time, he kept me there long than the others before getting off me, I stayed there while a couple of others entered me again getting there cocks in me but losing
interest, they had obviously shot their loads before!

I waited a couple of minutes then I got up, I thought god almighty I’m drenched and dizzy! My pussy ached like hell and was super
sensitive! I just had to sit down for a few minutes! I had them all but one I think! knotted five times in a row, the amount of cum was
prohibitive and to think all of that had been inside me! After a few minutes I got dressed and returned them to their kennels, went back and cleaned up the mess putting everything back as it was before having a shower, getting home that night though I still let Brandy have sex with me! after all why should he be left out!
I was lucky enough to repeat it a few month later when they took another break, this time though I only took 3 of them!
I left soon afterwards for a better job with better pay, met someone and settled down, but what fun I had while I was there, I still have Brandy though when I want extra! and I do often.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    Damn love that was hot and definitely know how to make a beautiful meal. Love you!.

    • Anon

      Lol’s, Well the husky’s didn’t complain! I’m pleased that CH has revealed who I am if indeed he does know who I am though.

    • Cumgulper

      Sometimes it is nice to have secrets; not that we are ashamed, but sometimes it can jeopardize our lives and our love ones,but if discovered so be it.

  • Reply CH

    Jesus Christ I know who this is! in case I’m right I’ll keep it to myself as you have choose to be anon! I had no idea you were into such things but it sounds like you had a high old time of it, loved reading about it

    • Cumgulper

      Yes, please do keep it to yourself. We all have some secrets.

  • Reply C

    Jesus Christ I know who this is! in case I’m right I’ll keep it to myself as you have choose to be anon! I had no idea you were into such things but it sounds like you had a high old time of it, loved reading about it

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    Hello my dear. I’m just wondering, and this is just a choice, would you like to enroll in my class? If so then please send your email. I hope it’s alright with you.

    • anon

      Thanks but no thanks, that was a once in lifetime experience for me doing that, I’ve had my wild time.

    • The Pussy Gaper

      Understandable. It wasn’t a beastiality class but instead is a pussy stretching class. Anyway I hope you have a good day and if you want to reconsider then just let me know. In other words I want to say thank you.