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Hot wife seduces her boss…

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My wife has always gotten turned on more when she was able to expose herself to much older or much younger guys. And sometimes taking things farther.

My wife Lynn has been into exhibitionism since we first got married when we were both eighteen. It all got started when I took some nude pictures of her and for the first time in her life, she saw just how hot she was. And when she started to realize that people who were developing our pictures were seeing her naked or in sexy outfits she started to buy for our photo sessions. And that seemed to really turn her on.

It didn’t take long until we started going out of town so she could expose herself to strangers and see their reactions. As well as me showing her pictures to a couple of my friends which led to us having our first threesomes and eventually wife swapping and other things in the swinger lifestyle. But she seemed to be much more turned on when she could expose herself to guys who were much younger or much older than us. And if she could seduce them into sex it was all that much better.

When we were nineteen she was still in college but had gotten a job doing bookkeeping for a small business ran by a husband & wife who were in their late fourties. She came in at night after they were closed and had been told she could dress for comfort since no customers would be seeing her and they turned the AC off at night. The husband was a nice guy being very down to earth and laid back. But the only wat to describe the wife would be to say she was an uptight, snobbish, bitch. She came to the store every day but spent most of her time there trying to collect money for charities or talking to her rich friends. She wanted to be associated with the wives of Doctors & Lawyers and belong to the country club. And when she wasn’t social climbing she was doing everything she could to demasculate her husband.

She was usually gon by time Lynn got there but her husband would sometimes stay a while and work on little projects in the store. But Lynn started to realize he just wanted someone to talk too because almost every night his wife was at some kind of meeting in her quest to be with the social elete in our small city. Lynn had caught him checking her out a few times but he was always a gentleman. But it turned her on knowing he was checking her out and thinking what was probably going through his mind. Knowing what an ice queen his very plain looking wife was like. So she decided she wanted to show him a little bit of skin.

She had worn a pair of shorts that showed off her long sexy legs and a loose fitting low cut top. And underneath had on a bra that lifted her tits & pressed them together. When she saw him beside her she turned her chair and started looking for something in the bottom drawer, letting her top fall open so he could see down inside it. She heard him take a deep breath when he saw all of that clevage. And considering his wife was flat chested I’m sure he enjoyed the view. She put herself in position to let him see down her shirt a couple of times as well as bending over to pick things up letting him see her sexy ass and see up her shirt and see her big tits hanging down.

Over the next couple of weeks she did things like that and she noticed he was staying at the store more and more. Then she started wearing the loose tops. but without a bra to give him his first look at her bare tits. Then when she heard his wife was going out of town for a few days she decided to take things a little further. She wore a wrap around dress with a black bra & panties and a garter belt & stockings. When she saw him looking down inside the top of the low-cut dress as he was standing over her. She very casually asked if he liked her bra?

That really took him by surprise and as he fumbled looking for something to say she told him not to worry she wouldn’t dress like that if she didn’t want him to see her like that. At the same time she slid the bottom of the dress up just enough to show her stockings and where they attached to the garter belt. She asked if he liked outfits like that and if his wife wore things like that for him? He said he had only seen girls on TV wearing things like that but he liked them. Then said his wife wasn’t really into wearing anything sexy. The showed his first sign of coming out of his shell when he said but if she did she’d never look that good in it.

Lynn stood up and said well to be honest you haven’t seen that much of it and untied the belt and let it fall open. Both the bra and panties were made of a sheer material so you could see her fiery red bush and huge pink aureolas easily. She let the dress slide off her arms and tossed it on to her desk. She asked what he thought and he nervously began talking about how much he liked the outfit. She stopped him and said no I meant what do you think of my body? He nervously started telling her how sexy she looked and was getting bolder as he commented on her big tits, sexy legs and shaply ass.

She reached up and unhooked her front hook bra and took it off, then unsnapped the snap on each side of her panties and threw them onto the growing pile of her clothes. He was still a little nervous but wasn’t trying to stop her or look away. She took his hand and placed it on one of her firm tits and noticed he had a huge bulge in his pants and could hear him breathing deeply as his eyes moved over her firm 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body. Her long red hair flowing down and sparkling green eyes he seemed mezmarized. But he kept fondling her tits.

She put his other hand on her furry bush and soon he was sliding a finger in her pussy. As time went by he was getting bolder and bolder and without prompting leaned over and started sucking on her tits and fondling her firm ass. Then she started rubbing his hard cock through his pants. And was surprised when he straightened up and started to undo his pants. Once he had them off he said it was up to her but he’d never had his cock sucked and asked if she did that? She answered by getting on her knees and began licking up & down the shaft and sucking his balls. Then took it in her mouth taking more and more until his balls were slapping her chin. Here was the older man holding a hot nineteen year olds head and fucking her mouth. She gave him the first blowjob of his life and swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

She went into the bathroom still in only a garter belt & stockings and heels. And he was watching her the whole time. She came back with some paper towels and cleaned him up. The whole time he was talking about what a fantastic body she had and how much he’d loved the blowjob. Neither made any attempt to get dressed they just kept talking. Finally Lynn just out of the blue while looking straight in his eyes asked if he’d like to fuck her? Of course he said yes so Lynn went back to sucking his cock and rubbing it between her big tits until he was hard again. It surprised her when she leaned over the dress and he said he’d never done it that way and said his wife only wanted it to be straight missionary.

But once he started fucking her while reaching around fondling her big tits she could tell he was loving it. And she asked if he’d ever fucked a girl in the ass? He said no but he’d always wondered what it would be like so she promissed to let him find out sometime. He kept pounding that sweet young pussy until he had shot off again. They cleaned up and got dressed and he told her how much he’d enjoyed it and Lynn said she had too. But let him know it didn’t mean he could do that anytime he wanted. He said she didn’t have to worry that he’d never try anything unless she initiated it.

She continued to wear tops that showed off her tits & things like that and about a month later his wife was gone again and she dressed real sexy in another outfit. And after he’d had time to really check her out. She suddenly looked up and asked if he’d like to fuck her in the ass? He smiled ear to ear as Lynn did a sexy strip tease taking off her skirt, blouse, bra and panties leaving on only thigh high stockings & spiked heels. She got some lube and a condom out of her purse and instructed him on what to do. In no time he was pounding his cock in & out of her tight little ass. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and jerked the condom off and she started sucking it, letting him cum in her mouth.

She was turned on and hadn’t gotten off so she let him watch her getting herself off, taking three fingers in her wet pussy and pinching her nipples with the other hand. Once she’d gotten herself off she started licking & sucking the fingers that had been inside her and she could tell he wondered about that and came right out and said she loved how a girls pussy tasted and especially her own. And that seemed to really excite them. hey didn’t hook-up again for several months but she continued to expose herself to him and then they got together a couple of other times. But they ended up closing the business about a year later.

That wasn’t the only guy she worked for that she fucked but I’ll share that later. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my wife and her boss and feel free to contact me if you want at: [email protected]

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    Girls, hmu on snap @varunsodh2

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    Your just going to keep on writing bull shit stuff now.mr.fucking story writer now.its not like your getting payed for the shit.you fucking feel special now.people know your shit is made up.

    • like2watch1576

      No actually I am sharing actual experiences we had in over 20+ years in the swinger lifestyle starting back in the late 70’s. But my question to you is if you have a problem with what I write why do you waste your time reading it? My guess is you’ve never had any sexual experiences in your life except when you were home alone.

      You sound like a sour person who trys to build themself up by trying to put others down. But all I can say is if you don’t like it don’t read it. So shut your cockwasher.