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Grandchildren’s Visit – 6

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Even the older neighbours get involved in the fun.

The final two weeks of their visit were busy ones. They wanted to see the sites but were more interested in meeting more people to fuck and suck. My ass was very used to Ben’s cock inside it as he was with mine. Jill knew how to get the two of us going and she relished in her role. Gary and Jean joined us many times for sessions that lasted to the wee hours of the morning, mostly on weekends. Tommy practically lived here as he was in and out of the pool, in and out of Jill and Ben too.
Even the neighbours got into the act. One day I noticed they were standing on the deck watching the kids. They were older but still active. As I watched, they slowly stripped, right there on their deck and the man bent the woman over a chair and proceeded to fuck her robustly. I loved watching them as he was very well endowed and she seemed to love being plowed with such a large cock.
Her breasts would sway with his thrusts and I could hear them moaning and groaning as they fucked. I watched them until he came inside her, sending, I’m sure, torrents of hot juicy come deep inside her cunt. They tried different positions but always he was behind her, fucking her from the rear. I’m not sure, but I think she took it up the ass too but I really couldn’t see from my vantage position.
That afternoon, the doorbell rang and who was at the door but the older couple from next door. I invited them in and soon they were out by the pool, stripping and
offering themselves to me and the kids. It didn’t take long for the two boys to take the older woman and have her on her back with a hard cock inside her cunt and another inside her mouth. Her husband was watching this and rubbing his long, thick cock. I walked over to him and took him in my hand. He smiled and let me take over rubbing his big cock.
I pulled him over to one of the lounges and bent over, pulling my ass cheeks apart. He moved swiftly between my legs and plunged his big cock into me, making me grunt a little at its entrance. He certainly knew what to do as it wasn’t to long before he was plowing my ass the way he had plowed his wife’s cunt on their deck. As he fucked me, I could hear the two boys and the woman. She was moaning softly while the boys were grunting and groaning as they fucked her.

When the cock inside me came, it came with a thunderous explosion of hot come that filled my canal quickly and ran out the sides around his big cock. Jill had been watching us and when she saw the come leaking out of me, immediately, was on her knees, licking and sucking the come off me. He slid out of me and when he did, Jill took him in her mouth, tasting the two of us and cleaning off his cock.
The boys, in the meantime, had switched positions and were still fucking the woman both in her cunt and her mouth. It was a fantastic site, watching the three of them going at it and watching Jill cleaning off a big cock.
They stayed for several hours but it was time for Ben and Jill to leave so we packed up and headed for the airport. It was sad in a way but still stimulating, knowing they were happy and well adjusted and above all, enjoyed sex, in whatever form it took. Kissing them goodbye at the airport, I relished their taste and knew I would have to have them visit again and again.

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    Did Tommy keep coming over after they left?