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Grandchildren’s Visit – 5

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A trip to the beach turned out to be very exciting.

By the time Gary and Jean left, she had been fucked and sucked by all of us. Gary had taken his first cock up his ass, Tommy’s and Ben’s and he had fucked me. They were spent and happy, assuring us they would be back.
A couple of days later, I took the two kids to the beach. Jill insisted on wearing a very skimpy bikini that didn’t cover her at all. Ben wore very short shorts and no shirt. I warned them about getting too much sun but they didn’t seem to care.
When we arrived, they picked out a spot near the water and spread our towels out. No sooner had we settled down when Jill’s top came off. A few minutes later, she took her bottom off too. Ben took his shorts off and had on a very low cut speedo. They settled down and watched the people go by and play in the water.
We were far enough away from the main part of the beach that there weren’t as many people around so I let the kids enjoy the sun. Many times when people walked by, they looked and looked at the three of us, especially at Jill and Ben. Jill was enjoying seeing the people ogle her and Ben was happy to watch them too.
Finally, a woman came over and stood in front of Jill. She had on a thong and a very skimpy top that covered nothing, her breasts spilling out the sides and you could see her nipples sticking out. She stood looking for a few minutes then got down on her knees close to Jill. She reached out and ran her hand up and down Jill’s legs then her thigh. Jill moaned a little and laid back, spreading her legs, letting the woman caress her. Soon, the woman moved Jill’s legs further apart and dove between them, licking and sucking her cunt and clit. Jill was sqirming and moaning loudly while Ben and I watched.
I looked up and there was a man standing watching the two women. I noticed his cock was very hard and sticking out in his suit. I caught his eye and motioned him to come closer which he did, stopping right in front of Ben. He looked down at Ben who reached out and started to fondle the man’s hard cock. Slowly, the suit came off and a beautiful hard cock sprang out. Ben got up on his knees and had the man’scock in his mouth in a flash, licking and sucking on it like never before. I raised my hips and lowered my suit, my hard cock sprang out in the open. The man noticed it and moved so he could suck me while Ben was sucking him.

I watched his head bob up and down my shaft for a minute than looked over at the two women. Jill was sitting on the woman’s face and I could see her tongue lapping at Jill’s cunt. Jill was caressing her tits while the woman ate her then they switched, the woman getting on top of Jill and mashing her soaking wet cunt down on Jill’s mouth.
In the mean time, the man came in Ben’s mouth while he continued to suck my cock. When his cock popped out of Ben’s mouth, he quickly took his suit off and letting my cock go, turned around and sat on me, his ass taking my cock in one fell swoop. Soon, he was bouncing up and down on me while Ben tried to suck his swaying cock. It looked a little funny, watching Ben trying to catch the guy’s cock as it bounced up and down.
When I came inside the stranger’s ass, I exploded, sending hot strands of come deep into his body while Ben got a mouthful of hot come. He stayed on top of me for quite a while until I softened to the point where my cock would no longer stay inside him. When I did pop out of him, he turned around and found my mouth, his tongue delving deep inside me, searching and exploring. Ben had moved up and was sucking my come out of the guys ass while we were kissing and tonguing.
We relaxed then the stranger got Ben on his back and spreading Ben’s legs wide apart, stuffed his cock into Ben’s ass with a hard thrust. Ben grunted at the intrusion but accepted the cock and was soon getting fucked with long strong thrusts that when the stranger thrust into Ben, their skin slapped loudly together. In the meantime, Jill had gotten off the woman and was watching Ben getting fucked. The woman was still on her back, her legs apart, her cunt glistening and inviting.
I quickly moved over and getting between her legs, I plunged my now hard again cock deep inside her cunt, She groaned a little when I entered her and soon raised her legs over my shoulders, opening up her cunt even more to me. I fucked her hard while she talked dirty to me telling me to fuck her, that she wanted my come deep inside her cunt and that she wanted her ass fucked too. I came and plunging a final time into her, I started to fill her cunt with my cream. She held on to me tightly as I came and held me deep inside her with her hands around my ass, pulling me against her as hard as she could.
The man and woman eventually left and we packed up to go home. As we were driving home, Jill was sucking Ben’s cock in the back seat. As we were on a highway, we passed several trucks and some of them honked their horns at us after seeing Jill and Ben. Jill had not gotten dressed so was still naked and I think this added to her enjoyment. Again, we were spent and got to bed early, expecting another day of fun to come.

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