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Grandchildren’s Visit – 4

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More people get involved and an orgy breaks out.

Tommy started coming around every day after that. I wasn’t surprised but I wasn’t sure what his parents were thinking. It just so happens that as I was thinking about it, the doorbell rang and upon opening the door, there stood Tommy’s parents. I was a little hesitant and worried but they introduced themselves with smiles and I invited them in.
Tommy’s father, Gary, was not very tall and had a good athletic look. His mother , Jean, was also not very big but she had some interesting assets. She was very busty with large nipples that were sticking out against her blouse. I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra almost right away and when she sat down, her skirt rode up her legs, showing off a lot of leg and thigh. To say the least, she was very sexy looking and she knew how to flaunt it.
After some small talk, they got right to the point. Gary mentioned that they realized Tommy’s was spending a lot of time over here and they wanted to know why. I told them about my grandchildren’s visit and they seemed satisfied. I offered to take them out to the pool and show them around. They followed me outside and there, they found out why Tommy’s was spending so much time over here.
He was on his knees with Jill underneath him sucking his cock while Ben had his cock buried inside Tommy’s ass. They didn’t notice us and we watched the three of them fuck and suck for a few minutes. After that, Gary cleared his voice and the three kids stopped what they were doing. Ben pulled his cock out of Tommy’s ass and Jill, scrabbled out from underneath him. They all had very guilty looks on their faces. I started to say something but stopped when Gary started walking over to the three kids.
As he walked over to them, he was undoing his pants. At first, I thought he was going to use his belt on them but he pulled his pants right down and off. Next came his shirt. By the time he got to the three kids, he was totally naked and his cock was hard. He stopped in front of the three and without a word, offered his cock to them. It didn’t take long before his cock was inside a mouth and his balls were being washed by hot tongues.

I watched them for an instant then looked at Jean. She had moved over to one of the lounges and had her skirt up over her hips, her fingers deep inside her cunt. At the sight of Jean finger fucking herself, my cock started to twitch. I moved towards her and upon undoing my pants and pulling my now hard cock out, stopped in front of her. She got the message and took me into her mouth, sliding back and forth, taking me deep. I could hear the four behind me but I didn’t care as Jean was very good at sucking and she had me totally immersed in what she was doing.
As she sucked me, she undid her blouse and let her breasts free. She had nice nipples and large aerioles. I let her suck me for a few more minutes, then pulled out of her mouth and leaned over her. My lips found hers and my tongue searched deep inside her. She responded by massaging my balls and rubbing her hand back and forth on my cock. I wanted more and told her to stop and take off her clothes. As she did, I stripped and when we were totally naked, I pulled her out of the chair and led her over to the other four.
By this time, Gary was deep inside Ben’s ass while Tommy was fucking Jill. I motioned for Jean to lay down and I got on top of her, opening her legs up and found her soaking wet cunt. I aimed my cock at her hole and was soon deep inside the hottest cunt I had ever been in. She humped herself against my thrusts and wrapped her legs around my hips, holding me deep inside her.
As I fucked her, I looked over and Gary now was deep inside his son’s ass while Ben was sucking Tommy’s cock and Jill had Ben’s inside her mouth. It was quite a spectical and everyone was enjoying themselves in an orgy of sex and sucking that didn’t seem to want to stop.

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