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Grandchildren’s Visit – 1

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12 year old grandchildren come to visit and things start to happen.

My 12 year old grandchildren came to visit me for a month. I picked them up at the airport and when we got to the car, I suggested that they take their coats off as it was very warm and my air wasn’t working very well in the car. Ben is slim and when he took his coat off, I couldn’t help but notice he had a firm bum and the shorts he was wearing really showed it off. Jill was slim too but when she took her coat off, I just about choked. For a 12 year old, her breasts were quite well developed and her nipples were sticking out through her blouse. It was obvious that she didn’t have a bra on and her ass was firm. Her shorts were very short and pulled tight in her crotch and I swore I could see a little bit of hair sticking out.
I nervously hustled them into the car and started driving. Checking the rear view mirror, I noticed Ben had his hand on Jill’s thigh, high up on her thigh. Jill had spread her legs apart and now I was sure I could see hair sticking out from her shorts. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road all the way home but we made it. I showed them their room which was right next to mine. We spent the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other before dinner. After dinner, I noticed their eyes were drooping a little and they were yawning quite often. I shuffled them off to bed and settled down with a book.
I went to bed early as we had planned a big day the next day. I had just nestled down when Jill appeared at the side of my bed. Asking her what was wrong, she said she couldn’t sleep and was a little scared in a new surrounding. We talked for a minute then I flipped the covers off and took her back to her room. Now, I live alone and sleep in the nude but I didn’t think about it at the time until I noticed Jill looking at me funny when I tucked her back into bed. I looked down and realized I was naked and my cock was inches from her face. I turned and made an excuse, returning to my bed quickly.
Ben appeared shortly after that and again, naked, I took him back to bed but this time I didn’t hurry out of their room like I did before. I stood looking down at the two of them while they eyed my naked cock and balls. I slowly turned and walked out of their room, letting them see my ass and bare cheeks. By the time I got back into bed, I was hard.

The next thing I knew, both of them were at my bed side again. I muttered something and reluctantly flipped the covers off, telling them to get into bed with me. I put one on each side of me and didn’t realize they were as naked as me when they snuggled up against me. My heart fluttered a bit when I felt two naked bodies pressing against mine. I rolled over on my side with my back to Ben and put my arm over Jill. She nestled right into me and my hand ended up on her breast, her nipple hard and sticking out. I could feel Ben behind me, pushing his little cock against my cheeks as he started to rub it against me. As I tweaked Jill’s nipple between my fingers, I felt Ben pulling my cheeks apart. I was going to stop him but it felt so good, I decided to let him continue. I wasn’t sure where this was going but I decided to wait and see.
Jill covered my hand and pressed it harder against her breast. Ben now had rubbed his cock up and down on my cheeks and had opened them up so he could get at my crack. I felt his cock harden against me as he continued to rub it up and down my crack, stopping once or twice against my hole, pushing it a little extra when he did. Jill, in the meantime, had taked my hand and moved it down to her crotch. She parted her legs and I found my finger resting against a very wet cunt opening.
I slid my finger slowly into her as she moaned. Then I felt Ben’s tongue on me, licking up and down my crack. He held my cheeks apart as far as they would go and pressed his tongue against my hole until the tip entered me. This was a new feeling for me and I must say, it was very exotic. I pushed back against his tongue and it entered me further until I could feel his face against my hole. He started to slide his tongue in and out of me slowly at first then picked up speed until his face was slapping against my skin.
Jill had moved her closest leg over mine and this opened up her cunt even more. My finger was thrusting in and out of her quickly now in time with Ben’s tongue in my ass. I added another finger then another until I had four fingers fucking Jill’s little soaking wet cunt. I didn’t want this to stop but I suddenly realized what we were doing and slowly pulled my fingers out of Jill and pushed Ben away from my ass. Telling them that maybe we should wait and that this wasn’t right. I told them we had better get some sleep as we had plans for tomorrow. They reluctantly agreed and we settled down for the rest of the night.

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