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Fun with Sam and my uncle

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This story is about the time I got caught sneaking out and was disciplined by my uncle and his dog

hello I’m andrew i am a football player and definitely not gay. I’m 14 tan and a little short compared to most of the ppl at my school. I’ve been caught looking at asses and boobs since i was little like i said I’m the opposite of gay well at least i was until about a month ago. i go over to my cousins all the time and we sneak out and go see girls I’ve only ever gotten a blow job so I’m still a virgin. well about a month ago me and my cousin matt sneak out to go see his ex girlfriend and i just hung out with her little sister Clare who is 11 and barely getting boobs but I’d still fuck the living hell out of her. well anyway we head back and as soon as we reach my cousins house to sneak in through the window the lights turn on and my uncle walks out the side door and yells. where the hell have you been!. I’m in deep shit is all i can think i tried to tell him we thought my cousins dog sam had escaped but turns out it was a different dog so we started to head back. well he didn’t buy it. i knew something was up when he told matt to go to his room and me to fallow him. he took me to his room and told me to sit on the bed.
“I’m really disappointed in you”
“but sir you don’t-”
” quiet boy! I’m not finished”
” i don’t know if i should tell your parents or not, what would they do to you, what do you think i should do Andrew”
” just what ever you do don’t tell my parents please sir i beg you”
“welll boy i think i know what I’m gonna do to you… do as your told and I’ll think about keeping it a secret”
“yes sir”
“no from now on its daddy, yes daddy”

at his point I’m confused i don’t know what he’s thinking is he going to abuse me is he just playing what will he make me do.
“yes daddy” i say with a shakey voice

” that’s a good boy, noww you’re gonna play a little game tell me if this taste good or bad baby”

he unzipped his pants and pulls out his 9 inch penis almost fully erect and shoves it deep in my mouth.
“it tastes good daddy”
“oh you think so, i can make it taste better boy”
he turns me around and rips my shorts down and shoves it in my virgin ass. he starts fucking me i can feel his big balls slapping against me he’s really deep inside me i whimper in pain at first but i start to feel a bit of pleasure. is my uncle abusing me making me feel good? why am i hard? i start to move my hips to match each of his thrusts getting harder and harder.
“I’m cuming boy!”
“ohhh daddy breed me cum in me please please daddy i need it”
after he cums in my he throws me on my back and sticks it in my mouth
“how does it taste now”
“it tastes so good daddy”.
it feels guilty and disgusting to admit but the flavor of my ass and his cum turn me on
but he’s not done with me.
“come here sam!, you blame my poor dog now you have to make him feel better boy”
” wait daddy no i can’t that’s-”
Sam jumps onto me he’s a big dog which takes my breath away and as soon as he’s completely on top of me i feel is penis go deep deep inside of me i gasp for air again. sams penis has to be at least 12 inches i scream and cry but it feels so good to have his claws griping me and him thrusting with so much force and made me his bitch that night i feel his dick start to get even thicker and before i know it he’s stuck inside of me and we both cum only he cums so much inside of me i can feel it. after about 30 minutes he plops out of me and the cum leaks out onto the bed and all over me daddy doesn’t say one word he just makes out with me for about 20 minutes. and we covered up and went to sleep. matt doesn’t know and neither do my parents every time i go over a run straight to my uncles room to have a little fun.

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    Good story

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    Anyone who has seen my number, please don’t text or call me. I don’t want anyone texting or calling me anymore