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A friend in need…

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One night I’d gone out to a bar to try and cheer up a friend going through a divorce and things heated up.

I had a friend named Eddie I’d known most of my life and he’d caught his wife cheating on him. After giving her a choice of ending the affair or the marriage she’d left and soon filed for divorce. He was pretty broken up, not so much of losing his wife but that she’d be getting custody of their small son. So one night he’d asked if I’d go with him to a bar for beers and hopefully him finding a girl.

It turned out he got only more depressed because every girl he approached was either there with someone, waiting on someone or married. The whole night he been talking about how horny he was and how he hadn’t been with a girl since his seperation with his wife over a year before. It was getting close to last call and he suggested we pick up some beer and go to my house and watch a porn video. While he went to the bathroom I decided to give my wife a quick call because sometimes when I’d go out she’d put on one of her sexy outfits to surprise me. Since we’d never talked about doing anything with Eddie I didn’t want to go in and him see her naked.

So I let her know what was up and told her it wouldn’t be cool to let him see her in something revealing and getting him worked up and not doing something. She agreed and said she’d probably just go to bed. So when he came out we left and went to the store and got some beer and headed to my house. When we got to the house I took the beer to the kitchen and Eddie was going to the den downstairs to wait on me. When I got to the steps Eddie was just standing there at the foot of the steps frozen in place.

When I got to the bottom of the steps I saw what had caught his attention. Lynn was laid out on the couch and was pretending to be asleep. She was wearing a red see-through housecoat that was wide open. And underneath all she had on was a red garter belt and sheer stockings and a pair of spiked heels. I could tell she’d fixed her hair and make-up. Her long red hair was pulled back so it was easy to see she’d put on dark eye liner & red lip-stick. She’d also painted her nails bright red.

The way she was laying you had a perfect view of her sexy 34D-24-35 body and bushy red pussy. He whispered that he quessed he should go, but I knew if after my call she was laying there like that she’d wanted him to see her like that. So I told him he should stay since he’d already seen everything. So we went over to the couch and I gently shook her and she pretended to be waking up. She acted shocked to see Eddie there but since she was laying on her housecoat she couldn’t close it until she got up. And even then you could see right through it.

She pretended to be embarrased but was standing there in front of a lamp so he could see right through the sheer housecoat. She saw both of us holding a beer and asked if there was more? Then went upstairs to get one and as she was leaving the room said she was going to put some clothes on. But I told her we’d already seen everything there was to see. She surprised Eddie when she said she wasn’t going to sit in front of us half naked and us fully dressed, so either she put something on or we had to take something off. I looked over at Eddie and started to pull off my shirt, so he did the same.

When Lynn got back we were sitting there in our underwear and it blew Eddies mind when she took off the housecoat claiming it was making her itch and leaving her in just the garter, stockings, and heels. She’d had a porn movie going but suggested we start it over from the beginning. While she’d been gone Eddie couldn’t say enough about how hot my wife was and especially her big tits and nice round ass. His ex-wife was pretty but though being very tall and athletic looking her body was flat as could be both front & back.

We watched the movie with Eddie and I on either end of the couch and Lynn curled up in my big recliner where we could easily see her while watching the movie. We had all gone through our first beer in about twenty minutes and Lynn offered to go up and get three more. She had timed it perfect since it had just gotten to a point where there was a girl being serviced by two guys. And as she left to go upstairs she said I bet she’s loving that. I pretended to be surprised and she said, what can either of you say you haven’t ever thought about being with two girls?

While she was gone he went back to saying how hot Lynn was and how lucky I was to have a wife who was so open minded. When she got back she sat our beers down on the end tables and in the process her tits were hanging inches away from Eddies face and gave him an up close look at her huge aureolas that covered the end of her big tits and her rock hard nipples that were poking out like a couple of .45 bullets. As she went to turn toward the chair I gently took her wrist and pulled her toward the couch and took her beer and sat it aside. She didn’t resist but pretended to be surprised and curious as to what I had in mind.

I had her sit down between us and wasted no time in running my hands over her body. Then while rubbing her pussy I started sucking on one of her tits. She asked if we should really be doing this in front of someone? So I reminded her of what she’d said about how she had thought about being with two guys at once. At this point I noticed Eddies eyes light up. So I looked at him and said you wouldn’t tell anyone would you? Of course he said he wouldn’t. At that I pulled my underwear off and Lynn started stroking my hard cock. As she reached over and rubbed Eddies through his underwear causing him to quickly take them off. I started sucking on one of her tits and Eddie wasted no time in taking the other one in his mouth.

He started out obviously nervous but soon gained his nerves and was exploring every inch of her sexy body. Before long she was on her knees taking turns sucking us off. Then had us stand up so she could take both in her mouth at once, run her tonge over the hard shafts and suck & lick our balls. Then she looked up and said she needed some dick inside her. And I looked at Eddie and said company first. she had him fuck her from behind while she kept sucking my cock. We were so turned on at that point neither of us lasted very long and I shot a load in her mouth and Eddie in her pussy. We drank our beers down pretty quick and Lynn got us three more and turned up the AC because we were all burning up. While she was gone Eddie told me his wife had never sucked his cock but was always wanting him to eat her pussy.

We cooled off a little and after a while Lynn asked if we wanted to see what she’d been doing earlier? And pulled her ten inch viberator from behing a cusion on the couch. She leaned back and started fucking herself with the viberator in one hand while she fondled her big tits with the other. She started pumping it in & out faster and deeper, then began moaning and finally had an orgasm. Eddie and I were rock hard again and after her sucking us some more she had me fuck her while she sucked Eddie off. As she knew we were about to cum she told us to shoot off on her tits. Which is almost as much of a turn on to her as being fucked.

So she sits up on her knees as we jerk off and coat her big tits with hot cum. She licks us both clean, then starts lifting her tits and licking off all she could reach and wiping the rest up on her fingers and sucking it off. We sat around naked as if it were perfectly natural for about an hour then Eddie left. But that was far from the last time we had a threesome with Eddie. And even though he moved about 45 miles away we stayed in touch and he came back every other weekend to see his son and stayed at his mothers. After his son would go to sleep he’d come over and about a third of the time we’d have a threesome.

We had other experiences over the years with him and still keep in touch. During those years he got married again and over time we eased his wife into playing strip poker a few times and eventually swapping partners a couple of times. Which during the seventies and eighties there was a lot more of that going on than most people would imagine. But things were much different back then. And I sometimes wish we could go back in time to those days.

I’d love to hear from others who were into threesomes, wife swapping, exhibitionism etc back in the day. And happy to correspond or answer questions from anyone at : [email protected] I know a couple of people don’t like my experiences or think they arent true. But I assure you they are and now that I’m older it’s a way to kind of relive them. And I find it funny they chose to bash me when I share an experience about group sex or exhibitionism. But seem to be fine with stories about women fucking dogs or sucking their cocks. But some people just like to hate I guess.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    This is a wonderful wonderful story. Your wife sounds absolutely delightful.
    Yes, the 70’s and the 80’s rocked with high sexuality, wife swapping, sex parties, having friends over to pleasurize ones wife. That all happened a lot. Glory Holes were in a lots of locations. It all started in the mid 60’s. Hippy Culture, Free Love, etc. AIDS stopped all that. Government stepped in, closed the glory holes and campaigned against sex sharing. But, people are naturally sexual. Women now crave sex and are proud of it. A new wave of sexuality is spreading across the world. Thank god!

  • Reply Bob ID:fx7wlf6ib

    Thanks for the great story. I can’t even imagine watching someone fucking my wife. It would be a big turn on seeing her orgasm and taking his sperm. Me fucking her sperm filled pussy would be amazing.

    • like2watch1576 ID:1idzqf7g20k

      Glad you enjoyed hearing about our experience. I have to admit it always turned me on seeing my wife sucking another guy off or them fucking her. And when it was several guys at once it was fantastic. But also really loved swapping with another couple. Watching my wife fucking another guy, while I’m right beside them in the same bed fucking the guys wife.

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Bob, it has been 4 years since you wrote this. By now you have hopefully experienced this many times. Most men, with their best friends flirtatios help, can coax a wife into doing this for him.
      Think about your friends, watch them, listen to them, seriously don’t many of them think your wife is hot? The most interested of them probably would be willing to seduce your wife (slowly over time) with your eager help. If a husband wants this to happen, He probably can make it happen with a good friends help. Choose carefully though. A married friend is best.