Well What A Surprise The Sister-in-law Was

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The sister-in-law comes right out and says she wants me to fuck her and I agree after she sucks and swallows first.

My sister-in-law surprised me yesterday when I went over to borrow their sink reamer as she said NO problem provided I fuck her first. Very surprised I ask what this was all about and she answered – She had heard about my monster cock and wanted some of it. I ask what and where she had heard something as she said at Bunko one of the gals commented she heard I had a huge cock.

I said Well let’s see if what you heard is true and since I was already half hard from what she had already said, unzipped and pulled Big Boy out. She says – My God! since she has always been a snotty bitch toward me I told her – You can have all of it you can take – Just as soon as you finish sucking it off. She responds – WHAT? So I repeated I want you to suck me off first.

She just stands there looking at my cock and I am working it up to it’s full glory and she says – OK, but don’t cum in my mouth. I agree knowing fuli well I am going to cum in hr mouth and make her swallow. We go down into the basement which would give us some time in case someone came by. I strip off my slip-on shoes and pants and sit down in the easy chair. She gets in front of me on her knees and takes my cock in her mouth – only about 1/3 of it. I tell her to undo her blouse and bra so I can play with her tits and she does. She reminds me not to cum in her mouth and be sure and let her know before I shoot off – I say OK. She starts and its obvious she has sucked a lot of cock before and is pretty good. After about 8 minutes or so I feel it starting to build so I take a nipple in each hand between my forefinger and thumb.

I pinch a little hard and she stops sucking and I pinch again and tell her to get back on my cock unless she wants more pinching. She starts stroking with her mouth again. and I then tell her – I am getting ready and unless you want you nipples pinched hard, stay on it until I finish and I give her a sample. I ask DOes she understand and she shakes her head YES. In about another minute I let loose with a nice load and she stays on it till I tell her to stop. Then I tell her to swallow and give her a little pinch. It takes 2 swallows to get it all down and then I tell her Good Job and then say that’s they way she will do it from now on.

She does not say anything but gets up and I tell her to lay on the couch and drop her panties. She does and I fuck the hell out of her for about 15 minutes with her cumming off 3 times. She took the whole 9″ with no problem.

When I got off her I moved up to her head and told her to clean my cock up with her tongue and she licked it clean. After that I fucked her face and cunt all I wanted for years. She never complained about swallowing ever again after I told her if she wanted some of Big Boy, she had to suck and swallow first. She asked was it that way with everyone and I said YES, and it was. I got more blowjobs and fucking from the Bunko Club than you could every dream. Seems like half of them wanted to try Big Boy on for size.

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