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The two cousins

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I start push and my cock slide in inside her pussy it was so warm and wet also cousin love it

I with my cousin we are secret lovers i am 8 and her 7 until now we were only for kisses and rubing our bodies abone each other with our clothes until today where we return of the beach we were so hot that we agree to have a little special time together so we go to her bedroom she lock the door so not someone of our parents get inside and catch us we take out our clothes remain i with my black speedo and her with red top and blue down swimsuit and we start kissing each other.
Then she say me how sexy i am with this black speedo the same you i aswere with this swimsuit and while we continue kissing she fell me in her baby bed and she comes above me kiss me and rub her body above my but the most was in my special area doing me had a erection this wasnt the first time and like other times she like it but this she had other plans she stop rub and kiss and she aske me if i want to take her cherry this was always my dream but i was scare maybe left her pregnant she yell and aswere i am too little for have baby so i agree and with one move i was now above her i put down my speedo she put in one side her swimsuit and i laying down to her she had open her legs so my cock was rubing in her entrance she please me to put him inside her.
I start push and my cock slide in inside her pussy it was so warm and wet also cousin love it until i feel my cock find something to stop it then cosin put her legs in my ass and put power until this thing that stop my cock broke and my cock continue slide in cousin doing a face of pain i aske her if she is okey she aswere yes very simple this was my cherry lets continue fuck me and i start again slide in out my cock inside her with her legs above my ass put me more presure i was in seven paradise doing me moan the same her and after some push and moans i feel a huge explode and cousin start scream with me and i fell above her my cock above still inside her we were i dont know how many time we were in this position because i hear my dad aske why door is locked and that food is ready we aswere now we come so we change clothes cousin say that she love it to do it again sure i aswere.

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    I’d love to meet the two of you and show you some things crazyforgirls @Wickr

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    Learn English motherfucker 🖕🏿