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The Birthday Present

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Candi gets her with on her 10th birthday.

Hello. My name is Candi and I am 14 this year. My story is about 4 years ago on my 10th birthday.
My sisters, Mandi, Randi & Sandi, and I grew up with sex and we love it. When we’re not sleeping, eating, homeschooling, or doing chores; we’re having sex (with or without daddy). We are identical quadruplets (how rare is that eh?). Our mother struggled to get us all out and died the next day.
Anyway, I was always the one who wanted to experiment with different things and putting anything I could in my holes. I was also the first to seduce Daddy into popping my cherry. I won’t go into the gory details of how dirty I can be here.
As our 10th birthday approached, I kept telling Daddy that I wanted to be fucked by 100 men in all three holes on my birthday. He said I couldn’t handle it, and kept saying I could and it’s all I wanted.
Daddy was jealous because he wanted to keep me and my sisters to himself. I told him that my sisters would always remain faithful to him, but I just had to experience other men. I said it would give him some great videos to sell.
Daddy finally gave in and invited his best customers to come to our birthday party (for a fee). This 1st 100 to respond got to come. He set up some large tents on the property for the men and a place outside for the “main event”. It was a long platform just wide enough for me to lay across and support me from the base of my neck to the top of my ass. I was to lay there on a cushion at one end of the platform with my ass raised on a pillow. I didn’t want any cum leaking out until all the men had added their contributions. There was edible lubrication there to use as needed.
The men began to arrive 2 days before our birthday and my sisters and I were kept in the house away from them. They all had to leave their clothes at the front gate because clothing isn’t allowed on our property. At least the early birds got to get used to being naked in front of each other.
Finally, the day came. I was a little nervous but very excited. My pussy was wet from the moment I woke up. My sisters and I washed each other in the shower and they douched my pussy and asshole. Then we put in our best ponytail butt plugs and brushed each other’s hair.
The men were already lining up when I took my position on the platform in the midmorning. My sisters also got on the platform. They were going to do an erotic show for the men as they went around the flatform for phase two of the program to get them hard again. It was made very clear that the men were not to touch my sisters. The men would start at my head for a blowjob and/or skull fucking, filling my tummy with 100 loads of cum. That way, they would last longer while fucking my pussy. With my head hanging off the edge of the platform, my view of the whole thing would be upside down.
I laid down on my back tilting my head back. I had never seen so many dicks in one place even in nudist videos. Some were circumcised, but most weren’t. They were all hard in anticipation of getting inside of me.
The first one stuck his dick in my mouth and I went to town on it. I knew I couldn’t suck them all off, so I’d suck a little and then let them fuck my throat. I told each one to pull back and cum in my mouth so I could taste it before swallowing. God, I love the taste of cum!
The first few were held back from fucking my pussy until the line around the other end of the platform filled in. That gave the first ones plenty of time to “recharge” while watching my sisters have sex with each other.
At last, I felt the first man positioning my legs and sliding his cock deep into my pussy. At the same time, I was being skull fucked by another man. I was in heaven.
After about 30 fuckings or so, my pussy was getting rather sore. Daddy added some kind of pain reliever to the lube that made my pussy kinda numb. My sisters were cheering me on, and that helped too.
It took a whole two hours to get all the men sucked off. The last one was a huge, very black man from Africa. He introduced himself as Sam (short for Samira). His dick was enormous. I could barely get the head into my mouth. Skull fucking was out of the question. He had made sure he was at the end of the line so he wouldn’t “ruin me” for everybody else. He was kinda shy and soft-spoken. Using my hands and mouth, I got his load into my mouth, then stomach. Hmm. More yummy cummy for my tummy!
When he made it around to my pussy, my sisters came to help and make sure we were both well lubed. Thankfully, he treated me like a virgin. The head of his giant cock stretched the entrance of my pussy more than it had ever been before. He took it slow so that he wouldn’t tear open the skin between my pussy and asshole. He slowly worked it in. It hurt, but a good sexy kind of pain. He finally got it all the way to my cervix, then started going faster. He fucked my immature yet well-stretched pussy fast and hard for a long time. It was impossible for that big cock to miss my g-spot, and came twice while he fucked my pussy. The second time was just before he unloaded his load deep inside me.
After fucking my pussy, the men were directed to a buffet to eat. Soon, they started lining up again in the same order as before for phase 4. I had gotten on my knees and let all the cum in my pussy leak out into a good-sized bowl. My sisters were allowed to touch the men this time and stood on the ground fondling their cocks and bodies to get them hard again. Anyone who couldn’t get hard yet had to go to the back of the line but in front of Sam.
Randi popped out my butt plug and lubed up my asshole after giving it a good tongue fucking. She then lubed up the first man and he entered my asshole. Sandi lay under me to lick my pussy for stimulation while I was getting fucked in the ass, and I ate her out.
With each man, I would rock back and forth meeting their trust and squeezing my anus when rocking forward.
99 men later, Sam was back. Well lubed, he entered my raw asshole gently like he had my pussy. There was a little tearing of my sphincter, but nothing serious. Again, there was some pain, but it was worth it. Just watching the video Daddy took when the large man pulled his massive dick out and seeing how wide my asshole was, still makes me horny. This time, there was no cervix in the way and he was able to shove the entire long length of his massive black dick into my body.
When he was done, I let all the cum leak out of my asshole into the bowl. Then, with everyone gathered around to watch, I lapped up all the cum in the bowl like a dog. Now I had 300 loads of cum in my tummy. Yummy! Before I was finished Randi started licking out my asshole and got the little bit of blood, cum and lube cleaned up. After I had swallowed the last of the cum in the bowl, Mandi french kissed me for a taste. Afterward, we blew out the candles on our cake and everybody ate cake and ice cream. My sisters each got double-ended dildos with adjustable attachments as presents.
My sisters were just as excited as me at seeing and handling so many dicks. That was the best birthday for all 4 of us girls, but especially for me.
The men stayed for another 3 days and I stayed in the tents with them getting all 3 holes fucked (often at the same time). It was great.
Sam offered to stay as my own personal sex slave for free. It took a lot of persuading, but Daddy finally gave in with the understanding that he was to never touch my sisters (although they can touch him. Just no sucking or fucking). Sam is still here filling my holes full of cum whenever I want.. I’ve grown quite a bit, so I can take in more of him now then I could when I was 10. For my 11th birthday, he made me a riding crop out of Kangaroo hide. Then a whip for my 12th birthday. Oh, the fun never ends!
Last year I gave birth to our little creamy baby boy. His head was just a tad bigger than Sam’s cockhead, so it was pretty easy except for the cramping. My sisters can fist me in the front or back. God, I love that. In fact, the other day, I was lounging on the couch sucking on Mandi’s toes, and she got half of her other foot inside my pussy. I was so turned on! We tried to get the whole thing in, but her fucking heal just wouldn’t go in. We’ll just have to keep trying…
Daddy lets Sam fuck all of us girls now and he is still fucking us too. We’re too old for his taste and he’s eager for us to give him little baby girls to play with. He doesn’t care if they are his or Sam’s, white or creamy, just so long as they are young with hairless bodies. We’re all looking forward to having more babies and “playing” with them too.

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    I was 13 when I started having sex. It was with my moms bf. He had me put on the sexy clothes I got for my birthday. His friend was video taping the whole thing. Each time I came out of my room with less and less on

    My mom’s bf would adjust things on me, accidentally touching my pussy.
    Soon he talked me to be naked and he started licking me. Soon he worked his penis in me. It hurt and I screamed for him to stop but he didn’t. After awhile it wasn’t bad felt better when he came in me.
    Found out he was selling copies of the tape

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