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Sisters surprise

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… I couldn’t hold myself anymore it was two hours since I stucked to my sister now and every breath was making to much moves…but let me tell you how all of this began before I continue.

It was 15 and my sister was 17 years old. I was very thin and weak at this time around and I started to work out later but as you can imagine my sister was much stronger than me. But she was also dead hot. She looked like the blonde pornstar “Helen F” and as you can imagine every time I was jerking off to the pictures of the porn start I was thinking about my sister. Sometimes I wished I could have just showed her the pictures and ask her if I can look up if she really looks like this. But yes that would have been very very pervert and awkward so I never did.
We were actually very kind to each other and often we were hanging out with each other and friends.
But this one day changed a lot…we were moving to a new place – same city but the other side. It would take up to 1 hours to drive there but we moved from a small flat to a big house and we also could still to to the same school since it was located in the middle of the city. It was perfect. We were all packing our stuff and loading our last stuff in a 40 tons truck. As you can imagine we were wearing our last and ugliest shit since we wanted to spare the good stuff for the rest of the week. There was no washing machine installed yet. I wore a leggings with a lot of holes and my sister an old short skirt. And so while we were moving our stuff me and my sister were climbing in the truck and giggling around when my father came near us. He had told us to not go inside of thf truck so we were panicing and pushed ourselves into a small, barely fitting closet and kept being silent….we were so scared that he would find us when we realized that he was closing the truck! We screamed but he had left for the driver seat already complety ignoring us. When we tried to escape quickly… And then it happened. The closed felt to the ground and trapped us inside the doors were on the ground so it was dark as night too. Both of us new it would take him at least 1 hour to get to our new home and free us… So we tried to relax but there was one thing… One… Big… Thing… Coming up. So my so i was lying on my sister and her ass was grinding on my hips. It took me 10 minutes of riding to get rock solid. And since I was wearing a leggings she totally could feel it. “brother I know it’s not your fault but please don’t cum” – yes that’s what she said to me… I was hard as fuck and trust me guys cuming was not the thing I wanted to do but a little dry humping of my sister’s ass was a way to horny thought. The vibration of the truck also helped a lot to keep the thought alive when we stopped… We were hoping to get freed but as it turns out it was a traffic jam. And there the problem began. My sister had to pee and so after another 30 minutes we agreed that she could just do it I actually had my penis semi erected at this moment but how could I know that warm piss would make me hard again. When I started to feel the moisture my dick was pumping blood into the tip in no time. But while he did this he caught a hole on the side of my Leggins and left the trousers. My dick was ai right in between her legs and was catching the whole warm beam of piss while pushing himself forewared to get space. When my sister started to moan and screamed “oh God nooo!!! Ughhh what have you done?” – my dick was splitting her legs appart and finally found a better place to expand… As it turned out my sister didn’t wore pants and so there was nothing that could have stopped my cock from probing her pussy. When he finally reached her opening well moistured by piss it just took one start of the motor and I went full inside….and there I catch up to the beginning. I was trapped like this for 2 hours know and I was holding back my load for already to long when I told my sister that I had to finish now….she, of course did not agreed but it was no use, I grabbed her strongly and thrusted 3 big times and then shot a big load of cum inside her. God that was amazing and relieving….my sisters cried the rest of the drive but in the end, wheny parents finally found us she didn’t said anything expected that she had to pee on me… We agreed to never talk about this again and it was seemingly fine between us even until today. She probably don’t Blame me for doing it.

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