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Second time with my 10 year old cousin

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this time i fuck my little cousin in the ass

Hi I’m Marian male 15. In the last story I tolled you how I fucked my 10-year-old female cousin. Today I tell you part two.

In the last story a user @BIG told me I should fuck my little cousin in the ass, so I thought that isn’t a bad idea. So I went to her house and asked her parents if we can play in the wood, so they said yes. I and my cousin went in the woods because I built there a tree house with my sis a long time ago. We climbed up and sat there. I asked her if she wants to play the same game as last time. She said that she hoped that I ask her. We pulled our clothes off and sat there. At first, we kissed us and I played with her little pussy, and she grabbed my dick with her tiny hands. First I gave her a pill that she don’t get pregnant and started to push my dick hard in her little pussy. She moaned very loud and said it didn’t hurt like last time. I smiled and kissed her and started to fuck her really fast. After ten minutes I come into her pussy, and she squirted 2 times on my dick and in my mouth. I pulled my dick out, and she asked if we can do it twice, so I said yes but this time I said I try something different. I laid my dick on her asshole and stared to push. She asked why I try to put my dick in there, so I said that it will feel great. So pushed harder and my dick slipped in because he was full of cum and pussy juice. She said it feels awesome, so I started to go in and out. She moaned loud, so I rubbed her pussy and fingered her hard. After two minutes she came hard right in my face and ten more minutes I shot a big load in her ass. I pulled out and made a photo how the cum is dripping out of her ass and pussy.

She asked me what I did with my fingers, so I told her I rubbed her pussy, and that she can do it also by her self but only when she is alone. We pulled our clothes on and went back home.

I hope you liked this story and many thanks to @BIG for the great idea.

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    I wish i had a younger brother pr sister to try this with. Do you think you could tell me more? If not that is understandable

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      Email me on hangout [email protected] I’m Linda I’ll tell you anything you want to know

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      Hi Aspenmarie55 yes i can tell you more write me on hangout
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