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Raped the neighbor woman

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Knew the neighbor lady was alone and i wanted to fuck something and she was it.

I was feeling horney and needing to fuck something as the wife was away to a funeral and was not due back for another 4 days. The neighbor woman was alone as her husband worked overseas so I decided she was it. It was 11Am and her kids were in school and she was washing off the patio. I went thru the connecting gate and asked how she was doing. She was kinda of dumpy with a fair size pair of tits and not too bad looking. She said OK – how abut me ands I answered about the same. I then asked if everything was going OK and she said the dishwasher quit working. I had help her husband repair it before so I said – Let me look at it. I knew once I got in the house – she was fucked.

We went into the kitchen that connected to the family room and I tried turning it on and it tried to pump the water out but just hummed. I figured something was caught in it and that was what the problem turned out to be and I cleared the jam. She said how about coffee and I replied How about June (her name). She said WHat do I mean and I answered I am going to fuck you. And with that grabbed her and threw her down on the couch with her fighting me hard. I am a big guy and caught both her hands in mind and started stripping her shorts and panties off. It was a struggle but finally got them off and laid on top of her.

I worked my 9″ cock out of my pants and the big guy was ready for action. Was not easy getting her legs split open but did so and got the head of my cock at her pussy lips. She was fighting for all she was worth but I was able to slip my cock in a ways. It was a loose pussy and not all that wet. I just kept on pushing with her fighting and I finally got it all in. Then I slowly started stroking in it. Like a switch turned off she relaxed her legs and I knew it was fuck time. The fucking cunt went crazy and started humping like a mad woman, telling me she had never had a cock in her this big.

I asked did she have a lot of different cocks in her and she did not answer but was taking it all. I fucked on for about 15 minutes and I could tell she was cumming off so I really pounded her and she came. A couple of minutes later i did and then just laid there.

It was not all that good of pussy so I thought what the heck, try out her mouth. So I got up and sat back on the couch and told her to get between my legs and suck some cock. She said NO! I said YES and forced her down on her knees and then told her to get my cock in her mouth – She Said NO.

I grabbed her blouse and tore it open and then push her bra up and out of the way so her tits were exposed. I pinched a nipple with each hand and she scream – That hurts. I told Yes it does and it will continue until she gets my cock in her mouth and I pinched hard. She screamed but then put her mouth on my cock and started sucking – she was very good at it. I commented how good she was and she stopped sucking long enough to say That’s all you men want. I figured out right then her husband did not mess around with her big pussy but just had her suck him off and I said so.

She answered – You are a real smart Bastard aren’t you. I told her that in the future I would always fuck her before she sucked my cock and she told me there was not going to be a next time. About this time I was getting ready to unload in her mouth and did so. I was surprised but she just kept going and sucked me dry and then reached over for kleenex to spit it in.

And then ask – Was I satisfied and could she get up. I told her NO as I was going to fuck her again and that’s what I did. After it was over she told me – DON’T come over her again. I said why not as it’s the biggest cock you have ever had and I made you cum three times. No answer, Just a -DON”T come back. I never did but she never said anything and we moved 3 years later.

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    Wtf did i just read, it just literally disgusting and people like you shouldn’t exist

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    Fake bull shit.