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My Spies

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I saw it on Amazon, but you wouldn’t believe if something like that happened to me, in real life?

I thought that David Bautista was funny, in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but really I didn’t think about how it was like my life.

Okay, my daddy was in jail, for making some bad deals with the Russian Mob. Mommy, and me had to move, and even changed our names, because we got threatened, and then there was all this business with the President, and his shady deals.

I’m not even going to step into that minefield, but let’s just say that he’s powerful, connected, and ruthless. Also, he had this friend that died in prison, mysteriously, on charges of underage prostitution, and human trafficing, but I’m sure it was the ex-secratary of state, and first lady that pulled some strings to have him killed, make it look like suicide, and not the ex real-eastate tycoon with mob connections in Brooklyn who just happened to be the current CEO of the country, or anything. Oh yeah, and his personal lawyer, who’s still running a spy ring in Ukraine also happened to be the Mayor of New York when the World Trade center got knocked down by terrorists, but for some reason, nobody trusted the woman in the election.

Okay, well my daddy wasn’t really involved in any of that stuff. He just built buildings, and sub-contracted for real estate investors, then lost a lot of money on the housing market crash, and then he started gambling, doing odd jobs, and borrowing money from the wrong people to pay his debts…

I know, sexy right? So anyways, I was rolling my eyes at the stupid story, and expecially the way he treated the lady he got stuck with in the apartment. I didn’t really like the man he was playing, and if you ever seen a Romantic Comedy before, you already know where it’s going, but I won’t spoil the ending for you.

I turned it off, but while I was looking up, I noticed the new Smoke Alarm on the ceiling. Right in front of the kitchen door, the old one got busted from me taking out the batteries, whenever mommy burnt something, not because she’s a bad cook. She’s just got bad AADD. (That’s Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.) She just starts something in the oven, that has to bake for a long time, and then she gets bored, and goes to do something else. Until it starts burning, and the smoke alarm goes off to tell her it’s done.

Or at least it used to, until she climbed up on the step-stool to pull the battery enough times to wear out the contacts, so she had to call somebody to fix the system. Oh yeah, and the sprinklers we have in the apartment, while they’re at it, they sold her some sensors on the window to the fire escape, and the front door in case they try to break in when we’re not around…

Exactly like the CIA people did, when they put cameras, and bugs in their apartment, in the movie. Only this one didn’t have a light, it had a clear plastic spot, where a light could be, but I got the step-stool from besides the fridgerator, and set it up in the doorway, right under it.

Sure enough, there was way too much circuit board for just a smoke alarm. If anything, it looked like a pinhole camera, and I memorized the number, to look it up on the internet. “Swooo!”

STM32F4DIS-CAM is like $33.85 on Amazon, and that’s just the daughter board for a 1.3 Megapixel camera. I know, I sound precocious, but I’m the 12 year old daughter of a Millennial. So, I grew up with this stuff. They taught me internet searches in the 4th grade, on the laptop mom had to buy me for school.

I still had that, since it was out of date, but I put the cover back on the living room camera, and then I kept looking around the house, for more of them. then mom got home, we had dinner, went to bed, and I woke up with nitemares of mobsters, and spies watching us from the apartment upstairs.

You know what? I didn’t even think about it, but they showed her. The little mixed girl from the movie, I don’t even remember her name, because I couldn’t finish it. Also, I got distracted by checking the apartment for cameras, but they showed her, in her room, on camera.

So, I checked there next, and then the bathroom, because you know what? That little girl had to change to get ready for bed. This grown man was watching her sleep, and also naked, or at least in her underwear, but even though they didn’t show it, and I didn’t really think about it, now that I was searching my room for nannycams.

Oh yeah, and a friend of mine had a clock. One of those old school dial clocks, with the hands, and a camera to watch her dresser, and stuff. Her mommy bought it for the nursery, to watch them like a baby-monitor, and I guess that made you feel safe. Knowing your mommy was watching over you, but also you had to be good, because if you weren’t, they might see you.

It’s a whole nother thing to think that the US Marshals had a camera in your room, and might be watching every time you got undressed, or took a bath, and wore a towel in your room, then took it off to pick out clothes, naked.

I tore the whole room apart, I was obsessed, and all I could think about was Lainey. Sorry, that’s my friend, Elaine, with the security camera in her room, to watch her dresser? Yeah, well, she had it to make sure that nobody got into her jewelry box, but then she caught one of her brother’s friends going through her underwear drawer, and rubbing her panties in his crotch, to get hard, and play with himself.

Ew, it was gross, and funny at the same time, so we laughed, and begged her to show us, but we didn’t really get to see anything, because he was turned away. Okay, we could see him pull out the panties, and stick them in his pants. His elbow moving, but not his boner, or anything.

Which reminds me, isn’t childporn illegal? I mean, they had this big assembly, where they introduced a zero tolerance policy for Sexting when we got to middle school, and even put the law up on the wall with the projector to read it to us. We can even get arrested, and go to jail for sexting, if we send dirty pictures, because that’s technically childporn, even if you’re practically teenagers when you do it, and you can watch PG-13 movies in the theaters with brief nudity in them, if your mom, and dad say it’s okay, or watch even R rated ones on Amazon Prime, and that’s not even counting the internet.

Look, my point is that Generation X, and before that, people seemed to believe that kids were retarded, when it came to stuff about sex. Because they got told stories about storks, cabbage patches, birds, and bees, instead of the truth. Because we’re too young to understand the truth, they’d lie to you about it.

Well, I got my period, and training bras, and had to start shaving my legs, and stuff. Even before that, my mom well. How should I put this? You know they have male escorts, too. Right? Well, she had to go out to meet them, and sleep over at their house, then come back the next day, because we’re being watched by the US Marshals, and using prostitutes to get laid is a crime.

I asked my mom about it, and she told me the truth: She can’t date, because we’re in hiding from the mob, and she worries about bringing a man into this, but she can afford the occasional paydate, when she gets lonely, and horny.

So, then I finally got tired of tearing apart my room, and stopped before I ripped open the walls looking for fiberoptic cables. I went in Mommy’s room, and got out the card with the star logo on it, to call the Marshal’s Office.

“Hello, can I talk to Bart? I mean Agent Bartwell.” I’m not the only one that calls her Bart, because it’s funny, and she doesn’t laugh, because she gets that all the time, but she isn’t offended by it, neither. “Hey, it’s Milly.” That’s my new name, “Camilla Smith?”

“Oh, Hey, Milly. I know who you are, may I help you?” She’s always real polite, and also a women, so that’s why i picked her to call, and ask.

“Uhm, did you know about the cameras they put in our apartment?”

“I saw that you found it, yesterday.”

“The camera in the smoke detector over the kitchen door.” I nodded, and looked up from the couch.

“That’s the only one.”

“Good, because I was afraid that you might’ve put more in the bathroom, or my room, or mom’s room to watch her sleep, or changing, in her underwear, or. Me?”

“Not to worry, that’s the only one, though the landlines are also monitored, and if it’s a problem for you, this line is recorded as well.”

“On your end, or my end?” I looked at my smart phone, as if i could tell if it were wire-tapped, or whatever.

“On our end, it’s merely a precaution in case someone calls to threaten you, or your mother, sends emails that could be traced.”

“Or breaks in to get back at us for all the money my dad owes the mob.” I nodded.

“How you holding up?”

“Well, huh!” I thought about it. “It’s not just the move, and lying to everyone I meet, but ever since they closed school for the virus, and now it’s summer, so I haven’t really gotten a chance to make any friends. I miss my old ones back in Gravesend, and I think I’m getting stir crazy. I’m running out of movies I haven’t watched already, and;”

“I see you watched My Spy.”

“You’re following my Amazon, what I’m watching, on there?”

“No, I just checked, but is that maybe what’s got you feeling so paranoid?”

“It’s not paranoid when the mob is out to get my family, and the government is watching me in my living room.” I waved. “You know?”

“Well, it’s for your own safety.”

“I know, and thanks for telling me Dillon can’t see me in the bathroom, or my room.”

“Have you had problems with Marshal Dillon?”

“No, I. Never really even talked to him?” I flipped over the card, and held it up. “He’s just the first name I could remember, but any man. Really, um. You’re the only one that watches the video from the camera, right?”

“I’m sorry, no. I’m not even in charge of surveillance. I’m a tech, so my involvement ended when we set it up, until you called.”

“But you can see me, now?”

“I do have access to the system, for troubleshooting.”

“Well, what’s the frequency, or whatever. Would it be possible to get it on my phone, so I can see what the camera sees?”

“That’s a secure line, and it’s hard wired.”

“Oh, so that’s why the power company comes to check the meter in the alley every day.” I guessed.

“That’s right, it’s actually saved for 24 hours, so they have to pick up the data daily. For security reasons, the system can’t be hacked, because it’s not wireless, and it’s not connected to any other network.”

“Unless you know where the connection is, in the alley.”

“I suppose, but you’re pretty clever to figure this out yourself.”

“Huh!” I just said, “Thanks, bye.” And hung up, before I got mad at her for patronizing me, but honestly, you’d have to be pretty stupid not to notice the “Power Company” coming out to “Read the meter” every day, all a sudden.

It’s just because I’m young, grownups are all surprised when I’m not as stupid, and naive as they expect me to be. If they’re smart, they’d assume that everyone was clever, so they don’t underestimate anyone. You know, being in the business of fighting crime, and protecting witnesses, and stuff.

So then, I couldn’t help thinking about, what I was trying not to think about, this whole time. First of all, Milo getting into Lainie’s underwear drawer, and rubbing her panties on his hard dick.

“Hhuh!” So, I switched to the internet, and did a search for [site:XNXX watching] then clicked on that, and then I saw Voyeur in the Similar Searches. I kinda hoped that Marshal Bartwell would call back, and tell me she knows what I’m doing, just the thought of that made me feel all naughty, and dirty, but also.

“Huh!” Imagining a man, watching you sleep, or come in from the shower, taking it off to pick out clothes to wear, naked. That’s one thing, but knowing that the very next day, a man is going to come bye the alley, and download the whole conversation I just had with her. Oh yeah, and I waved at the camera, and all that other stuff, when I thought that she could see me live, but now.

Maybe for the second time in my whole life, I started feeling this horny. the first time was of course watching Milo on Lainey’s computer, even though he was 14, so if somebody wanted to, they could get her in trouble for recording a minor in a sexual performance. “HhuhHhuh!” I was hot, and my training bra was sweaty, but my undies were dry when i checked those first.

So, I took off my top, and my training bra. Started trying to dance secy, and topless. With my little, well I can’t even call them boobies yet, they’re little more than soft circles around my nipples, but they feel hot, and firm to my touch. Pinching them gently, and pulling them until the slip out, and pop back.

Just knowing that nobody can see me now, but somebody will see me tomorrow? Bart saw me finding the camera yesterday, so i tried to imagine, somebody. A man, the only man I could think of was Marshal Dillon, but he doesn’t look like Dave Bautista at all. In fact, Dave looks too much like a pro-wrestler, stuffed into a government suit than a spy, but he worked better as a badguy in that James bond movie.

“Oooh,” Daniel Craig. “Yeah.” Not James Bond, there’s no way he’d have time to watch old videos of 7th graders showing off for the camera. What with all the international women, most of them Models in real life. I know I can’t compete with them, but some office nerd, sitting behind a desk, and looking at me on the computer. Trying to look away, and feeling ashamed of himself, but unable to resist the sight of me. Wiggling my hips out of my pants, and turning to show my butt peeking out the top.

Turning to look over my shoulder, and feeling up my tummy. My ribs, my chest, and just brushing my nipple with my fingers, so it bounces like a pencil erasor. “Huh, you like that? You like what you see, Mr. Marshall? Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself, but don’t stop. Don’t look away, you want to see me? Don’t you, you dirty old man. Your superiors know how young you like them so young, huh? Huh!”

Now, I’m starting to leak out, enough to feel how damp my underwear is getting. “Hahahahah!” Laughing, and shucking them off to hold them up, proudly. Looking at the pointy oval, the damp spot, and showing it to the camera. “See how wet I get, now that i know you’re watching?” I sniffed it, and yeah it was gross, but at the same time, now I know what my sex feels like, when I’m horny.

I didn’t get the chance to before. No, I didn’t even want to, when I watched Lainie’s video, which reminded me. I went back to the sofa, and unlocked my phone. Swiped through the videos, feeling how wet, and swollen I was, and looking for.

I didn’t know what, something. It turned out most of them were like. Grownup porn starts, pretending to be brother, and sister. Watching each other play with themselves, or old ladies with fake boobs getting pounded by big black guys while their husbands watched, but that wasn’t working for me, so I [X]ed it out, and put it down.

The truth is, I never really played with myself, all this girls in the videos at least have Dildos to use while their brothers watched through the door, and now I was self conscious. A little embarrassed, so I grabbed my clothes, and took them back to my room, where there wasn’t a camera, or anything. to figure it out myself, too bad it was still wrecked, and the mattress was pulled off of my best, with the drawers out on the floor, and everything piled up from looking for cameras.

“Huh!” So, I rolled my eyes, and went in the bathroom, where I could lie down in the tub, and then take a shower to wash the sweat off, when I finally got my first orgasm, but it sure took a long long time…

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