My Cousin And I cont

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My cousin and I rekindled a relationship from over 25 years ago

If you didn’t read my first story, this probably won’t make much sense to you FYI.

For the past few days I’ve been sitting alone in my apartment wondering and worrying about what would or wouldn’t happen between my cousin Astrid and I. Ever since we rekindled our teenage romance in the woods at a family reunion last weekend, I can’t stop thinking about her. Was she thinking the same?

I was trying to work up the courage to call her, thanks to the advice of some of the readers of my first story, when there was a knock on my door. A quick look thru the peephole and it’s Astrid! My heart started racing so fast I’m sure she heard it from the other side of the door. I couldn’t breathe. There was a second knock. I was so scared that I had forgot to open the door for her.

I wipe the accumulating sweat from my forehead, take a deep breath and open the door. I act surprised to see her, as if I didn’t look thru the peephole.

“Hey, can we talk?” She asks

She looked amazing standing there. She was wearing a sundress that revealed most of her long legs. She stands about 5’9” and if it weren’t for the slight weight gain she had since her divorce, she’d have the body of a runway model. She also had an accumulation of sweat on her but I figured it was from the heat wave going on outside. Her long blonde hair looked like it was done but got a bit frizzy in the humidity. She had a pair of black high heels on that made her appear even taller. She was almost as tall as I am.

“Of course, c’mon in.” I replied as I stood aside allowing her to enter.

As soon as I closed the door I thought about leaning in and kissing her but stopped myself in the event she was there to tell me we had made a mistake. Instead I offered her a beer and she accepted. I took it as a good sign that she accepted. It meant she was there to relax and not leaving anytime soon. Of course it could mean she was there to give me bad news and needed a bowl of loud mouth soup to get thru it.

We sat on the couch next to each other and nursed our beers in silence for a minute.

“So what’s up?” I finally asked breaking the silence.

“I told Brynn.” She blurted out.

Brynn is my younger sister. I know I said no one knew about Astrid and I as kids but that wasn’t entirely true. Brynn is 3 years younger than I am and caught Astrid and I a few times. Of course she was young enough that we could lie to her and tell her we were just playing doctor or wrestling. It worked for a while until Astrid and I were 15 and 12 year old Brynn wanted to play with us, if you get what I mean. Astrid and I took advantage of the situation at the time and had our way with Brynn in many occasions. The three of us have rarely spoken of those times and there’s never seemed to be any bad feelings about it. Brynn and I are fairly close and she’s really close with Astrid, so it didn’t surprise me that she told Brynn.

“And?…” I said back waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“She was mad. She knows she can’t stop us if we choose to continue this, but she urged me to stop it immediately.” Astrid explained.

We went back and forth about what each other wanted to do. It was clear we both wanted to carry on with it but we were both afraid to say it out loud. We both feared the other didn’t want it as much as the other.

“I remember the feelings I had for you Astrid. I hadn’t thought of it in years but it all came back to me the moment our lips met once again.” I finally said. “I love you. I have always loved you and I will always love you no matter what we choose to do.” I added.

Her eyes started welling up and she smiled. She wiped away the tears from her eyes, cleared her throat and said she loved me too.

“I love you too, but how could we ever get away with this at our age? How could we possibly hide it from everyone we know?” She asked me.

“We could start by not blabbing to Brynn.” I said with a bit of sarcasm. “The truth is we can’t. Everyone will find out. Everyone will know what we’ve done.” I added

We both wanted each other so bad but knew first cousins could never carry on a relationship in this world now. Everyone would find out and it could/would be socially damaging. Maybe if we were 2nd cousins we could get away with it but it just wasn’t possible.

I leaned in and kissed her unexpectedly. She kissed back. We kissed each other like I’ve never kissed someone before. There was so much passion behind it. I made my way down her cheek to her ear and then her neck. I nibbled gently just below her ear and she let out a quiet little moan. I put my hand on her thigh and started sliding it up her dress. My kisses made their way to her shoulder and I slid the strap of her dress off. Now my kisses were at her clavicle. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her dress strap had fallen to her elbow and her breast fell out. My mouth immediately made its way to her large nipple. Biting and sucking at the same time. I feel her hand grab hold of my dick and start rubbing. To make things easier I push her hand aside and unbutton my pants. She reaches in and pulls out my throbbing cock. She gets on her knees between my legs and starts licking my dick. A small string of pre cum stretches from my tip to her tongue.

She’s been sucking my cock now for a few minutes and I feel like I’m going to cum so I grab her wrist and pull her up. She pulls her panties down and kicks them off to the side. She pulls her dress up allowing me to see that hairy bush she has that oddly turns me on and she straddles me. My cock slides right up in there effortlessly. She pulls the other strap off her shoulder revealing her other breast and begins riding me. She also starts nibbling and sucking on my neck. Just like the last time I’m desperately trying not to cum until she does first. To my surprise, she almost immediately begins moaning and crying out in ecstasy.

“I’m cumming!” Squeaked out of her cracking voice.

Before I can tell her I’m doing the same she pressed her mouth against mine and plunged her tongue deep in my mouth. Both of us moaning and screaming into each other’s mouths. My hands pulling her hips as close to mine as I can get them. My dick spurting over and over again deep inside her.

When I was finally done she climbed off and collapsed next to me on my couch. I sat there trying to catch my breath and she gently toyed with her bush.

Once the fireworks were done we sat naked on the couch talking about things further. We agreed we loved each other but didn’t see a way to successfully continue this without being caught. We came to the conclusion that this manifested from each of our recent divorces and our loneliness. We also knew that with the pandemic and nobody really going out and doing stuff much anymore that we could probably carry on for a while. At least until one of us finds someone else.

The final decision has been made. My cousin is now also my girlfriend.. for now that is. As I type this her beautiful naked body is laying sound asleep beside me in my bed. Just before I started typing this we made love again. I can’t wait for her to wake up, so we can make love again.

I know this won’t be a long term cure for my loneliness as I’m sure she’ll have no problem finding someone new. She’s gorgeous. But at least for tonight I have a warm body beside me.

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