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My brother shared his little secret with me. Literally. Pt 2

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So my niece and I had only had sex twice at this point. I don’t get upset with her often enough I guess and I haven’t made a move otherwise even though she had made advances. This time we were having a BBQ at my brothers. At one point I was kicking back watching everyone in the pool and having a beer. My niece had this two piece on and every time she got out of the pool, her bikini would ride up her ass. I pretended not to pay attention. My brother came behind me and said “Nice, right?” I acted stupid like I didn’t know what he meant. “She already told me everything bro. You didn’t think I’d know when she said her pussy was sore the next day? Don’t worry it’s all good.” We talked a little more and then we were interrupted. It got late, family and friends left. My wife took the kids home and his left to her sisters for the night. My niece showered, put on her nightgown and asked to get her headphones she left outside. All of a sudden my car alarm was going off. I ran out and she was coming back in apologizing because she kicked the ball towards the garage and it hit my car. Even though I felt it was on purpose, I still felt awkward about the whole situation especially with my brother there so I brushed it off. He made a deal about it and told her to go apologize to me.

So standing by the living room entrance with a beer in my hand, she gets on her knees like before and pulls my shorts down. My dick doesn’t take long to get hard. My brother was smiling at me and walked off. I sat back in a chair and let her do her thing. My brother came back and was holding something. He lifted her gown off, crouched down and pinched on her nipples with one hand and showed her this toy in his other. It was a really thin silicone plug. “And where is this little guy going to go?” She pulled my dick out of her mouth and looked up at him and said “In my asshole Daddy”. I always get surprised when she talks like that so I told him how I usually spank her for talking like that. He gave me the nod and I lifted her on my lap and gave her some light slaps. It’s obvious she likes it with her cute moans and oooo noises. He put lube on the toy and slid it between her butt cheeks until it was in. Wasn’t that big, like the size of a finger. He picked her back up and placed her in front of me and she went back to sucking. My brother gets his dick out which was weird, but given the circumstances I went with it. She took turns on us. Having a few drinks in me and her stopping to switch dicks, I knew it was going to take forever to cum and I wanted that pussy. I just didn’t know how to approach it in front of him. When she went back to his dick, I reached over her and rubbed her panties which were VERY wet, more than I’ve felt before. He asked me if she was wet through her panties. My expression said it all. “Okay sweetheart, lead us to your room.” I thought why her room, she has bunk beds and clutter everywhere. She grabbed my dick and his and walked to her room. I didn’t question it, I let my niece grab tight and lead the way.

She held on all the way to her room. Still having no idea why her room, I got in and sat there for a second with my hard dick. He went to his room and she pulled her panties down and climbed the ladder to her top bunk, the whole time my eyes glued to that plug and plump pussy. He came back with a vibrator and asked if I wanted to taste something sweet. He pointed at her open legs and I went over and had a taste. She had her cute little moans until the vibrator hit her clit. She got louder than ever. I moved my tongue in and out of her pussy and when I stopped to look at her she was playing with her nipples and like a little adult says “No don’t stop licking my pussy please”. My brother confirmed and said I’m not going to want to miss this, so I went back to tongueing the pussy in front of me. “Yes. Thank you Uncle. Eat my pussy. Oooo lick it good. Ooooo fuck lick my pussy”. I swear if you close your eyes, it was like eating a grown woman’s pussy the way she talked. She got increasingly louder and the second after he turned the speed up, she had an orgasm. Not one of those cute little ones I’m used to, no this was a really good one. As soon as she did, I felt her hole contract around my tongue and a warm liquid hit my lips. I tasted my lips while he turned the toy off. “Sweet, riiiiight? Told you. She loves this vibrator. Don’t ya sweetie?” And he kissed her pussy. I couldn’t get over it. I looked at the time, it was getting so late so I hurried things along. I agreed how she gushed and it was so sweet, but I had to ask why we did this in her room of all places. He patted me on the back and said “Hey sweetie, go clean of your chair so your Uncle can get comfortable.” She smiles and lit up all excited, climbed down her ladder and cleaned this chair off she had stuffed animals on.

She pushed the chair all the way up to the ladder and told me to sit. My brother told me to have fun and left the room for a minute. She hopped over my leg and started her climb up the ladder that was between my knees. She was on a few rungs up, pointed her ass in my face and lowered her body down while holding the ladder tight. I aimed my dick and she dropped down right on top of it. That sweet pussy getting wrapped around my dick. She hung off the bars and bounced. Her plugged ass and wet pussy drove me crazy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. He came back in and watched for a minute and asked her if she was ready for something bigger than the plug. She said yes and reached back and pulled it out with a little pop sound. She lifted back up and lowered back on my dick right in her little butt. She bounced much slower adjusting to the bigger thing in her. Her little squeals and moans made me throb. She took it like a champ and I had to just sit back and let her do me. Didn’t last long, he took her hands off the bars and put her back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tummy and moved my hips a little. He took the vibrator back on her clit. She moved her hips against mine and the more she got into it, the harder I bounced her on my lap. He goes “What do you have in your ass right now sweetie?” She says “A big dick”. He goes “Tell him how you like things in your ass.” She says “I like it in my ass hard”. I bounced her a little faster. “Oh ooo harder please”. I picked her up the full length of my shaft and back down over and over again. “HARDER. OOOO OH OH HARDERRR”. I grabbed onto her shoulders and really went hard. Like last time, he turned they toy on high and she squealed. Her asshole clamped down on my so hard it slowed me down. I felt little trickles of juices drip down my balls. He put back the toy and I asked her if her butt hurt. I could cum somewhere else. Before she had a chance to answer he was back in. “Dad wants to try something okay? Just let me know if you need to stop.” He stepped in and kissed her cheek, my dick still clamped inside of her.

He moved in and I seen his dick part her pussy lips. He pushed and pushed until it was in. She was holding on to me tight, but seemed absolutely fine. He asked if she was okay again and lifted her by her waist an inch and put her back down, then again a little further. Didn’t take long before he was lifting her the full length of our dicks and back down again. She was taking it better than even some porn I’ve seen. She grabbed for my hand and I held it for a bit then she put it on her pussy so I rubbed it. Her noises and dirty talk made it that much more exciting. “My holes are so full! Keep rubbing me Uncle. Oooo yeah that feels so good. They’re so big.” My brother said his arms were tired and we should flip her over. I told him no because I was going to cum soon. He was like, sooooo? I told him that it’s only been a couple times, but I assumed that wasn’t a good idea. He laughed at me like an asshole and focused on her. “Do you want Uncle to cum in your pussy?” She gave a nod. He said he was asking her a question. She said yes. He grabbed her pointy nipples and gave them a good tug and asked, yes what? “Yesss I want Uncle to cum in my pussy and you cum in my aaasssssssss Daddyyyyyy”.

She straddled me in the chair and I slipped on in. She wrapped her arms around me. “I love when you’re inside me Uncle. You make me feel so good.” She planted her lips on me. This was the first time we kissed like that. Another weird moment that I embraced. I had an ass cheek in each and bouncing her on my cock slow while we kissed. Small kisses, no tongue yet playful. “Bro thanks for stretching her ass! Wow. What a nice gape.” He stepped in and put some in. He asked if she was ok, then put the rest in. I didn’t move my dick much, he was doing all the work for me. I kissed on her neck and touched her body. When I ran my fingers up her ribs and touched her nipples, she went mmmm yes. I asked yes what. “Please touch them and play with them.” She was feeling it. Closed her eyes and made more cute noises. I told my brother to hurry up because I was about to fill that pussy. He went from medium speed to super fast. She grabbed on to me tighter. She didn’t scream or look like she was in pain. She had her mouth open and made little noises again. I’m going to cum in you, I told her. She kissed me and asked me to cum. It was probably the longest I’ve came. It lasted forever. I’m still dumping cum into her and he grabs her chest and pulls her against him. He told her he was about to. I’ve seen full grown women in porn that couldn’t take it in the ass half as hard as she was. Beg he said. “Please fill me like Uncle.” That wasn’t good enough for him, he pulled on her nipples. “Fuck my ass Daddy. Please cum in me. Please cum. Omg pleasseeee cum.” Her eyes rolled back some and I’m not sure if it was squirt or pee or something, but as he was finishing a bunch of liquid came out of her pussy. Drenched me really good whatever it was. We caught our breath and separated. She took a bath, we had another beer and I went home to the wife.

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    You should get her drunk or high. I want to see how that turns out

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      My daughter is 14

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      oh yea can i fuck her and you can watch

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