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Incest with my two cousins

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As early as 5 i remember hiding under the bed with my cousin to let him touch me and I touch him

As early as 5 I remember hiding under the bed to kiss and touch teach other. I honestly don’t know who opened us to being like that but I loved it. My cousin is a year older than me so I always looked up to him. We lived together. Went to school together and even lived together. Me and him always messed with each other. I love sucking on him and he loved licking me. We used to get caught but I really don’t ever remember getting in trouble for it. I think our parents just let it go as “their just kids”.

The house we all lived in had 6 bed rooms and a finish basement. Me and him always shared a room. We had bunk beds. I slept on top and him at the bottom. Our room was in the way back of the house away from the others. It was the biggest room with the biggest sky window. I had one side and he had the other. We also had a our own bathroom. One time out family was away and our grandma was downstairs in the guest bedroom while me and my cousin where in our room. I was 10 he was 11. I was taking a shower when he came in and told me to suck him. I got on my knees and told him I love him and he would stick a finger in my ass. It always hurt but I liked it. We would take our parents porn and do what we seen. But never actually fucked yet. He made me gag on him at such a young age. He would make me suck on his moms massive dildo. I loved when we would lay on the floor and he would rub his dick on my little pussy. We always knew our grandma would try and catch us in the act so we would do it when she was sleeping which was all day.

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