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I Caught The Wife With My Best Friend

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Got home 1 day early and caught the wife fucking the single neighbor.

I went out of town working as usual and was planning on being home late Friday but got finished on Thursday and decided to come on home getting there later at night. We I got to the house around 11 PM, I noticed a light still on in the family room that led to the garage driveway out back. no other lights on and since bedtime is usually around 10 PM for the wife I thought that was odd. So not to wake her I was very quiet going into the house and when I got to the hallway, could hear some moaning from her going on. My first thought she was ill and then it dawned on my stupid ass she was getting fucked.

I quietly went down the hallway in the dark and stopped at the closed bedroom door. She was getting ready to cum from the grunts and moans she was making. I very carefully and slowly opened the door about 6 inches and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see she was getting fucked dog fashion – her favorite way. My first thought was to bust in but my cock was reacting in a different manner – it was starting to throb.

I thought what the hell since I had not doing anything with it for 4 days, un-zipped my pants and took it out and started stroking on it. I could not tell who was fucking her but he was doing a good job. About that time he tells her he is about to cum and I recognize the voice – the neighbor who was single. She immediately turns around and takes his cock in her mouth and strokes on it with her hand as he shoots off in her mouth. The bitch raised hell with me for shooting off in her mouth.

Then it became clearer to me as I got a look at his cock, it was huge where I only had 7″. When she finished draining it dry the bitch swallow his cum which she never would for me.

Then they lay down side by side and she is stroking his cock as they kiss. Pretty soon he is hard again and this time she spreads her legs and he lays between them and starts fucking her this way. My cock is throbbing and about 3 strokes and I shoot off in my hand. I quietly stand there and watch him fuck her, bringing her off and then he cums in her cunt and they kiss. He rolls off and tells her how good it was and she tells him she loved it and looked forward to next time.

I quietly pull the door shut but don’t let it latch and quietly go back down to the living room and hide behind the couch. In a few minutes she and he walk down the hallyway and he goes out the back door. She stops and pees and gets back in bed. I go down to the bedroom and turn on the light . She quickly sits up and asks what am I doing home. I tell her I came home early so I could watch you suck and fuck Larry. She is dumb struck as she has been caught red-handed.

I take off my clothes and tell her to get on my cock with her mouth and not to cum off it until she has sucked it dry and swallowed. She says no and I slap her hard and tell her Ii am not asking, I am telling her to do it. I have never raised my hand or voice to her before so she is very frighten. But she does what I say and when I do cum I hold the bitchs head down on my cock until I am completely drained and then I make her swallow it. I tell her she must like the taste as that’s the 2nd load I have watched her swallow to night.

She starts crying and I tell her to shut up and get on her knees – she does and I put my cock at her asshole and shove it in. She screams and begs me to quit. It just turns me on and I start hard stroking in her ass and ask her, Don’t you let Larry fuck you in the ass to -he fucks you everywhere else. She says NO – it hurts. I tell her she will get use to it because thats all I am fucking in the future, her mouth and ass. Larry can have her big cunt. This is really turning me own and pretty quick, I shoot off in her ass for the first time ever.

Then I want to know just how long Larry has been fucking her and she said 3 different times. Well next time I just may join you 2 so I can fuck your ass as he fuck your cunt. And I may let some of my other friends fuck you slutty cunt, mouth and ass – so how about that. Monday she filed for divorce, since I had fucked her mouth and ass on Saturday and Sunday. I made the bitch swallow my cum everytime and it was twice on both days. On Monday she moved out and filed for divorce.

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    bitch got the ass rape she deserved!

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    Their all fucking sluts, you just have to catch them like you did.

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    Who cares go to her home and fuck her again

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    are you looking for others ladies to have your way?

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    At least you got her ass before she moved out